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What is Vastu And Its Importance?



What is Vastu and its importance

Are you planning to move into a new home at a new place or are you thinking of building a new home for your family, where your loved ones get to experience beautiful moments together, and you live peacefully and prosperously?

Have you ever heard of Vastu Shastra? This ancient science of architecture is just what you need to ensure a happy living. So, what is Vastu? And why is it so important? You need not worry, since we have covered this important aspect for you! If you are, we have just the thing for you.

What is Vastu?

Commonly known as Vastu Shastra, the term Vastu derives from a divine spirit, the ‘Vastu Purush’ and is an ancient science developed many years ago by Hindu saints, who brought together various rules determining how buildings, shrines, and temples were to be built, and surprisingly this ancient science has survived over centuries and is still practiced today!

In literal terms, Vastu means ‘Home’ or ‘Dwelling,’ and this fundamental portion of Indian architecture has roots in ancient Indian philosophy, geology, geography, and maths. This discipline believes that if constructed in harmony with the natural resources like the sun, wind, water, and topography, only then can man’s created environment be integrated into the universe and yield positive energy. This science of architecture puts down rules to ensure that buildings are constructed such that they are in tune with the environment and basic cosmic principles.

Its primary rules are regarding the direction and elements of nature, with specific rules for each direction. There are eight basic directions which each stand for a basic principle in life, and harnessing the right energy for each of these is what can really benefit you!

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However, an essential concept here is the 5 elements of nature, which are to be considered when making a home. Essentially known as ‘Panchabhootas,’ there are 5 elements which the entire world is made of include:

1. Air (Vaayu)

The atmosphere consists of essential gases such as Oxygen and Carbon dioxide, and a man’s physical comfort is dependent upon the right air pressure, humidity, temperature, and airflow.

2. Water (Jala)

This is represented here as rainwater, river water, and seawater.

3. Fire (Agni)

It represents not only heat and light but also seasons, energy, lighting, and different times of the day. It is believed that passion and strength in humans are related to light and heating.

4. Earth (Bhumi)

Its magnetic and gravitational field has a massive influence on many things in the world and even your prosperity at home.

5. Space (Aakash)

It engulfs the earth, solar system, and the entire galaxy and includes forces such as waves, gravity, and heat. It is believed to shelter the rest of the elements.

Why is it Important?

Over the years, people have increasingly used Vastu and seem to value this phenomenon a lot. It has been observed that people living in a building where if not all, but most principles of Vastu have been followed do not feel the need to leave their homes and offices. It is not necessary that one experiences only material or physical benefits, but this satisfaction may also take on a more spiritual or emotional form.

There are several benefits of following the principles of Vastu, and we have summarised the various advantages one can enjoy:

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Pain and loss are an indispensable part of life and cannot be completely avoided. The intensity, however, can be abated. Vastu has proven to provide individuals with the necessary mental support during trying times and also can help provide solace by achieving natural harmony around you when all else seems to be feeling.


To many of you, Vastu is just a science related to building stronger homes. No, it is an art that influences everything around you. It is related to the building of stronger homes, and one can definitely learn a lot about inner strength too. After all, a healthy soul is only possible when the space around you is healthy and nurturing.

Efficient Space Usage

Being an art of architecture, Vastu can also help one make good use of their space. Its principles can help one dictate where exactly their rooms should be positioned so as to maximize their interaction with the basic elements of nature around them and harmonize the environment around them.

Effective Interior Planning

Vastu will benefit you by ensuring your home is a part of the universal equilibrium and give the home you worked so hard on a beautiful outlay. Vastu principles believe that homes should have abundant plants, good lighting (natural), soft colors, and decorative sculptures or paintings. Sounds nice, right? Trust us, implementing Vastu principles will really give your home or building that aesthetic touch you’ve wanted for so long.

Relation building with Others

Vastu can definitely help you form healthy and rewarding relations around you. Being based on principles of natural harmony, it promotes peace around you and can nurture you towards having cooperative people sharing your space with you.

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A Healthy Mind and Soul

By encapsulating the five fundamental elements of nature and ensuring a clean and calm surroundings for you can really prove advantageous for your mental health. It can promote a content environment and a stress-free mind. For example, Vastu principles suggest that the curtains in your home should be of soft, pastel colors like baby pink and blue, which have proven to make one feel tranquil and prevent mood swings. Similarly, it encourages light-colored walls to ward off any negative energy around you. It, therefore, structures your surroundings such that you nurture spiritually and mentally with an active, healthier mind.

Final Word

Therefore, it can be concluded that correct and maximum implementation of Vastu can help you utilize your space effectively, ensure a healthy interaction with environmental elements around you, and nurture self-peace by keeping negative energies away. So why not choose the best for yourself? Try implementing Vastu Shastra when decorating that room or that office, and see the impact yourself!