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Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Tips



Everyone wants the best for their vitality and health. While the bedroom is the space where you spend at least six hours to revitalize yourself for the day, it is important you turn it into a space that harnesses nothing but positive energy that aids in increasing your vitality. Using Feng Shui, the art of amplifying energies using natural sources such as Qi, can help you improve your vitality when used in the right way. Let’s see what Qi is in that reference and how you can use it to Feng Shui in your bedroom to amplify your health and overall quality of life. 

What Is Qi?

Qi is a natural phenomenon governing all life forms, including life and all the energies surrounding it. Qi comes under two polarities termed as Sheng Qi (the positive polarity) and the Sha Qi (the negative polarity). The term is the main component of Feng Shui, which we will explain in this article. As Qi is a natural entity, there is no way to create it. So, in order to use it to your advantage, you must be able to find where and how you can use this natural force.

Where and How to Find And Use Qi?

The first thing to do is to acknowledge its presence all around you. For example, any corner in the entrance of your home from where all the light accumulates coming from outside will be the harnessing source of the “Qi” you are looking for. Making this area illuminated, spacious, and hygienic should be your priority for harnessing the power of Qi.

On the contrary, there are some ways that might manifest Sha Qi or the negative polarity of Qi. These include, for example, having a stove on an open counter rather than positioned against a wall. Other signs to look out for are to keep the fire and water sources as far from each other as they could be to avoid negativities in the house.

The Feng Shui of Bedroom Where Qi Resides

Your bedroom is the ultimate source of your health and vitality as you use this space to rest and sleep. These yin activities you do each day are the deciding factors of your overall vitality and, therefore, must not be taken for granted. Space, where you sleep, is thus important to consider in this matter. Your bed positioning serves as the most prominent source for radiating Qi. It depends on where the bed is placed that would harness positive or negative polarities of the natural phenomenon.

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For example, if your bed is placed facing your bedroom door, it will account for a clash in Qi, which results in a disturbed sleeping pattern that will disturb your vitality in the end.

Bedroom Size And Layout Tips

Modern Luxury Bedroom

Your Bedroom should be of Medium Size

If your bedroom is too large, it increases the chance for different polarities to interact, thus creating a clash. Moreover, even if you find the right Qi to manifest in your bedroom, the increased dimension will dull the overall impact of the positive polarity, resulting in limiting the benefits you could incur otherwise.

Avoid a Bedroom that’s accommodated with Balconies

For optimizing Qi and avoiding negative polarities, it is essential you don’t have a balcony extending from your bedroom. It can come in the way of harnessing the actual natural force from coming directly from the outside to the inside.

The Bedroom Should Be Accommodating to Light

The bedroom should get bright in the daylight and be dim at night, so it is in accordance with the external nature of our day and night systems. This really helps your bedroom get rejuvinated by the nature’s natural energy flow everyday and by doing this, you work accoring to the peroids and patterns of mother nature thus postive and balanced energy will start flow all around your room.

The Master Bedroom must not be very small

Try making the master bedroom a size larger than the rest of the bedrooms because, as a fact, this is the reason why it is called the master bedroom. Most often, this bedroom is under use by the owners of the house, so it is important to consider maximum Qi in there as a way to harness maximum positive energy. It is also common to have a couple in such bedrooms, so there is a need to manifest extra positive energy that nourishes both individuals.

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Make Your Bed accessible from both sides

Whenever you place or position your bed in your bedroom, make sure that the main bed is accessible from both the sides and there is enough space on the left and right sides. This creates space for optimal energy flow in your bedroom and it will not block energy centers in your bedroom.

How should your bed be positioned in your room?

The Bed should not face the entrance door directly

As highlighted, doing so will result in clashing polarities, which will ultimately decrease your ability to get an undisturbed sleep at night.

The Bed should not face the Kitchen

As the kitchen contains the fire element, the contrasting polarity can come in the way of the peaceful environment of the bedroom, thus disturbing your overall vitality and health.

Bed Should be Facing the Sun

As the external light entering and converging to the inner portion – your bedroom – is one of the major spots for positive Qi, you should try making your bed facing that point. A good position will be to place your bed facing your room window, so you can get to see the sunlight converging into the bedroom right in front of your bed to improve overall vitality.

What is Bad Feng Shui for Bedroom?

Never transform a Bathroom into a Bedroom

The structural originality of the bathroom manifest polarities clashing with the natural energies of some space as deep and vital as a bedroom. Switching these places with an intent to transform can cause a major negative shift in energies.

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The Bed should not be reflected on the Mirror

The sunlight should be the only welcomed light source in the bedroom that directly converges in front of your bed. Any other source such as a light getting reflected from a mirror and falling to your bed will intervene in the natural process of Qi harness and disturb your sleep.

There must be less Electrical Appliances in your Bedroom

Don’t fill your space for sleeping with an unneeded electric appliance. Such equipment becomes an obstacle in harnessing the Qi energy coming from natural resources, therefore disturbing your overall vitality.

Bedroom Feng Shui For Your Health, Vitality, And Mood

Sleep is a yin activity, and therefore, your bedroom is one of the most important places in your home for your health, vitality, and mood. Using ways to Feng Shui your bedroom through the help of positive Qi energy can help you harness the best results you need for better overall quality of life.

Some of the takeaways for a better Qi manifestation in your bedroom include:

  1. Position your bed against a wall for a well-supported and restful sleep.
  2. Avoid positioning your bed in front of the door, as it will create a clash with the Qi.
  3. Don’t place your bed against a wall containing windows.
  4. Open your windows to let in light from time to time.


The implications that positive Qi has on our health, vitality, and overall quality of lifestyle are tremendous and can’t be controlled. However, the key to remember in improving the Feng Shui through optimizing positive Qi is to consider using the natural environment as a way to welcome the positive energy in your bedroom. There is no need to buy expensive stuff to welcome the auspicious Qi. Just focus on creating a better space with minimum Qi clash using techniques such as repositioning furniture, opening windows, creating room for the air and light to come in, and taking care of hygiene in the room.