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Palmistry: Thumb and Other Features



Palmistry Thumb

The Thumb in Palmistry is known as the window on understanding the workings of the brain. As our Thumb has a direct co-relation with the development of our brain. While, the thumb represents one’s willpower, thinking capability, ability to love and judge. There are basically three parts to the thumb, the top most part of the thumb represents our determination, the mid portion represents our thinking ability and the last part represents our love and capability to love and maintain relationships.

The Thumb is also known to be associated with our past lives and our spiritual self. The core aspect of human that Thumb represents is his will. Therefore, Thumb reading is one of the most important aspects of Palmistry. To determine the psychological trait and thinking ability of a person, the Thumb is the first thing that the astrologer should read.


The Thumb can be positioned “High” or “Low” on the palm. When it is “High”, it means that the Thumb is positioned higher and near to the base of the Index or First Finger. While “Low” means when the Thumb is positioned lower down near the Base of the Palm.

When the Thumb is high, it indicates the person’s want for adaptability and miserliness while if it is set low, it indicates intelligence and the person may be liberal in spending his money.

However, when the Thumb is too high, it means that the persons lacks a lot of intelligence and brain power. When the thumb makes an obtuse angle that is an angle that is larger than 90 degrees, this represents a person with independent spirit, aggressive, not easily controlled. If the Thumb is small and makes an acute angle, this represents a person lacking in independence.



A short thumb is not considered to be good as it denotes a person who lacks reasoning power. Such people have emotions ruling their mind and logic due to which, many times in life, they dependent upon others for their decisions.

A person with a long thumb indicates a person having good reasoning power and he properly executes his ideas. Such people are known to have good intelligence and they are viewed in the society as intellectuals. But if the Thumb is too long, his logic and reasoning ability will overshadow his feelings and emotions. He will make decisions based on only logic itself.

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A Thumb which is short but also has smooth fingers indicates the persons involvement in arts and fine arts. If they are square or spatulate, it shows that the person may be more practical in life, hence he may be highly involved in the fields of business, science or similar professions.


A Thumb that is firm and stiff represents a person who is stubborn and want of adaptability. It also represents an unruly character. Such people are economical, persevering and they take action and choose to work hard.

While a flexible thumb represents lack of perseverance and firmness. Such people can be lavish spenders but are extremely flexible in nature. They can be materialistic and also have the ability to earn and acquire wealth in life.


If the Thumb is long and broad, such type of people have great levels of temper. A short and broad Thumb indicates a person who is stubborn. While a slender Thumb represents a person with artistic tastes. If the Thumb is flat, it shows a person who has a nervous temperament.


The first phalange of the thumb is basically the nail phalange. If the first phalange is very short, it denotes that such a person is very weak-willed and will want of proper reasoning faculty. If the first phalange is long, it denotes normal willpower and reasoning faculty. If it is squared and of normal size, it represents a person who is clever in legal matters and is respected for his acts of justice. But if it is very long, it is not considered good and it denotes a person with strong willpower but a very uneven and angry temper that he could indulge in activities of murder and becomes anti-social.

A spatulate thumb gives an inclination to command but if it is shorter than the normal size, the person will not be able to do so as he lacks will power. A very heavy and clubby first phalange represents a person with violence and murderous tendency.


A long second phalange denotes that the person will be clever, careful, and will take the lead in various social activities. The second phalange denotes logic, thinking, and reasoning capabilities. If the second phalange is thinner in the middle, the person will be diplomatic and very intelligent. A slender second phalange indicates nervousness that indirectly affects the reasoning capabilities of the person. If it is clumsy, the person will lack reasoning power. A flat or short phalange curtails the power of reasoning.

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Nails are very important part of Thumb reading as just by reading the nails, we can determine the health status of the native, his personality and also his emotional state. The color of the nails and the moons formed on it tells a lot about a person.

Short and heavy Nails: The person having short nails typically has a tendency to find fault with others. He is narrow-minded, weak-willed and is full of wicked tendencies.

Fluted Nails: Fluted Nails are basically nails having vertical lines on top of it. It generally denotes that the person has a nervous disorder.

Black spots on the Nails: This indicates impurities in blood and is generally not considered good. It can also be that the person may be suffering from some kind of diseases like typhoid, fever and smallpox…etc. If the black spot doesn’t go away, it represents misfortune in the life of the person.

White spots on the Nails: This indicates nervous troubles and loss of vitality. However, if suddenly one finds a white spot on his nail, it indicates profits in business, finding love in life and success in life.

Narrow Nails: Narrow nails generally indicate a psychic person. It indicates that the person may have a delicate constitution.

Broad Nails: Natives having broad nails have good muscular strength and indicates a good constitution. However, they may easily become angry.

Small Nails: This indicates heart trouble or the person may likely face a heart problem in the future.

Pink color: Nails that are pink in color indicate wealth and prosperity. The person is blessed with good fortune and is good at making and earning money in life.

Brittle Nails: The person may suffer from nervous disease or liver trouble. Many times, when a person gets sick, the nails of his thumb can become brittle.

Red Color Nails: If the color of the nail is more than average color of pink, it may indicate that the person has good inner vitality, courage and strength. However, if the nail is red or close to the color of red, it indicates a person who is suffering from high blood pressure.

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Rounded Nails: People with rounded nails are firm with their actions and decisions. They are quite adaptable and have the ability to be quick witted.

Different Types of Thumb in Palmistry

Long Thumb

A person having a long thumb is intelligent and has good reasoning power. They are self-willed and self-dependent and do not rely on other for survival. They are the intellectuals of the society and they often sue their logic and intelligence to move forward in the journey of life.

Short Thumb

A short thumb is not considered good in palmistry as it denotes a person who lacks reasoning power and intelligence. They are people who have their emotions rule their mind and often believe in their emotions, sometimes completely ignoring their logic and reasoning faculty. Because of this, they are often dependent upon other for making decisions in life.

Hard Thumb

A person having a hard thumb are obstinate and alert. They are wanting in emtions in their lives and they mostly work on the strength of intelligence.

Flexible Thumb

A flexible thumb shows a person with the great ability to adapt to different life situations. They are normally open minded and have the capability to think outside the box. They are also very good hearted and honest people.

Obtuse-angled thumb

This type of Thumb is the thumb of an artist or musicians. Such people are very calm and thoughtful and they possess a great deal of self-control. They are gentle and very sweet people.

Right-angled thumb 

Such people with Right Angled Thumb are very optimistic about life. They are believers of hard work while at times, they can be a little short-tempered which usually doesn’t last long. They have a very strong sense of justice within them.

Acute- Angled Thumb 

People with such kind of Thumb are usually frustrated throughout their life. They can indulge themselves in lavish spending habits and bad habits. They are categorized as people of evil qualities and they mostly get attracted to bad things, evil spirits and the super natural. They can have a hard time completing work and often face the problem of procrastination.