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Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics and Personal Nature



Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra (4th of 27 nakshatras, 10 ° 00 ′ – 23 ° 20 ′ Taurus). Rohini’s symbol is a cart, and her deity is the god Brahma, the creator. Since Brahma rules the creation and the beginnings of things, especially the material universe, Rohini rules over crops and plantings, germination, and growth.

Since Rohini’s cart is pulled by oxen, cattle and vehicles also fall under the control of this nakshatra. Being very strongly oriented towards everything related to growth, it is implicitly associated with growth, ascent, or with everything that is raised to a great height, as well as with all types of advancement and development.

Rohini quietly but confidently avoids obstacles and clears her way from all obstacles, but her attachment to the material plane still leaves a loophole for vulgarity.

“The Moon in Rohini is observed among those who are truthful, not stingy, cleanliness, sweet-tongued, firm in character, good-looking outwardly” (Varahamihira). 

In one ancient Indian myth, Rohini – the reddish star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus – is presented as the beloved wife of the Moon among his 27 nakshatra wives. The reasons for this favor are her beauty, charm and education, knowledge in painting and music, sophistication in the art of love.

The word “Rohini” etymologically goes back to the Sanskrit term meaning red, which symbolizes passion and sensuality and is the color of its main star. All properties and objects attributed to the feminine principle, including bodily beauty, love, novels, perfumes, perfumes, fragrances, are associated with Rohini.

When the Moon or Venus are located in this nakshatra, their influence increases, even if they are affected in some way. While the ascendant or Moon in Rohini often indicates a critical personality, with a picky disposition, poor health, and attraction to the opposite sex, people in whose charts the Moon or Venus are in Rohini along with Lagna often have an irresistible charm, beauty, and attractiveness, and aptitude for the arts.

The most famous example of such a situation is Lord Krishna, about whom it is known that he was born with the rising Taurus and with the Moon in the 1st house in Rohini. The position of the Moon in Rohini in the Lagna fully reflects the charming character of Krishna, who skillfully plays the flute and conquered all hearts with his beauty and charm.

Similar results can occur when if the Moon or Venus is well located in Rohini, which rules the Lagna. We can extend this principle of interpretation of the horoscope to relatives. If the Moon and/or Venus are in the 4th house in Rohini, then the native may have a charming, fashionable, and/or bohemian mother.

The one who has the Moon, being the lord of the 7th house, is located in Rohini in the 5th house, may have a spouse with similar traits, etc.

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Physiology and diseases:  legs, calves, ankles, forehead.

Professions, people, and places of residence:  worthy, capable individuals. Agriculture and related industries. Those who grow, produce, process raw materials for food. Herbalists. The industry of fashion, beauty, pleasure, and leisure. Automotive and oil industry. Bars, restaurants, and hotels. Fish and other seafood sellers. Marine and shipbuilding industries.

It is about what will be better if the ascendant and the benevolent female planet are in this nakshatra together, and not separately. That is, the Lagna is in Rohini.

Rohini (Skt.: रोहिणी) is represented in the sky by a cluster of stars next to a very bright pale pink star in the constellation Taurus. This star is known in modern astronomy as Aldebaran.

The name of the nakshatra is translated as “reddish” or “growing”.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics.

Zodiac: 10 ° 00 ′ – 23 ° 20 ′ Taurus Ruling

Planet: Moon

Symbol: chariot, ox-cart

Deity: Brahma (Creator of the universe)

Varna/caste: sudras

Purpose: moksha

Origin: human

Temper: immobile (dhruva)

Guna: rajas

Gender: female

Quality: constancy

Ayurvedic constitution: Kapha

Element: earth

Direction: northwest, southeast, south

Body parts: forehead, ankles, legs, calves

Animal: snake

Sounds: oh wa, vi, wu

Enemy: Swati

“Rohini has a snow-white body and a snakehead. Decorated with garlands of flowers, she rides a goose, holding a rosary and a pot in her hands.”

Rohini Nakshatra Key Concept.

Striving for growth, determination of the social position of oneself, and others.

  • The Vedic seers considered Rohini a conductor of cosmic energy, using which one can achieve the fulfillment of any desires since Rohini acts outside the rational logical mind.
  • Rohini is a very fertile nakshatra that supports any growth. It has to do with creating what is needed for civilized life. In its highest manifestation, Rohini is interested in using only natural materials, in the lowest, it condones the production of everything artificial. The developed Rohini personalities are true environmentalists, the less developed ones promote harmful products, which happens, for example, in the cosmetics industry.
  • Those born under the Rohini Nakshatra are distinguished by large clear eyes, a thick lower lip, and a smiling face, an expressive voice, and gestures. They are calm, stable, down-to-earth, and balanced. Their firmness and determination are often perceived as stubbornness. They speak fluently, have noble, seductive manners, and inspire confidence in others. They can use their charm in order to resolve matters in their favor.
  • Rohini helps to materialize thoughts and desires, which makes her artistic. Rohini is a true patron of the arts, so the level of understanding by society of art at any given time is determined by the level at which Rohini works. Today, when artistic standards have declined and taken on openly nasty forms, it is easy to see that Rohini acts through its base aspect for the majority of the world’s population.
  • Rohini personalities are incredibly persistent and purposeful, they calm down only when the desired is achieved. Family values ​​tend to mean a lot to them, and they provide support to those who are in their close circle of friends. Those who do not belong to this circle will not be able to hold Rohini’s attention for a long time.
  • Despite the immobility of their nature, they love to flit among people when it comes to social and collective interactions. In its lowest form, Rohini makes people cold-blooded and suave opportunists who deftly seek favor and financial support from others.
  • Usually, Rohini personalities are very conservative, but at the same time, they are open to new influences. The conservative part of their nature is clearly manifested in relation to the safety of their body. Those who are under the strong influence of Rohini, as a rule, carefully monitor their health and live to a ripe old age. Young Rohini may show rejection of the growing up process and fear of death.
  • Rohini is one of the more pleasure-oriented nakshatras – she believes in trying everything in life.
  • Rohini patronizes gaining experience through spiritual mentors. Through this nakshatra, a person realizes the fruits of his actions.
  • Rohini is considered a balanced nakshatra. Those involved in any production activity understand the importance of balance to achieve what you want. Rohini is methodical and balanced. However, in her negative aspect, she makes her go through life with as little adventure as possible, can be ultra-conservative, reluctant to accept something new that can enrich her wisdom and experience. The positive aspect of Rohini is that she knows how to stay on the intended path of life without any extra effort.
  • And since Rohini means growth, a high level of pleasure, attractiveness, and the acquisition of wealth can manifest in this nakshatra. There will be excellent fertility, good health, honesty. At times, stubbornness and themes of seduction by worldly pleasures arise.
  • The moon in Rohini gives truthfulness, lack of desire for someone else’s property, cleanliness, sweet speech, firm looks and good looks” (Varahamihira).
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General characteristics of people born under the influence of Rohini

Rohini Men

Small stature, beautiful physique, despite the tendency to be overweight, a bewitching look – this is the Rohini man.

They have a sense of justice, a desire to defend the truth, they are trusting and noble. For the sake of love, they are capable of sacrifice. Often they are guided not by the mind, but by the heart, live one day, and change goals under the influence of emotions. Being angry, they lose touch with reality. This can be one of the reasons for hectic family life.

They can achieve high social status due to their success in business and social activities.

Usually, Rohini men have a cold relationship with their father and strong affection for the mother and her relatives.

Problems with the genitourinary and circulatory systems are possible.

Rohini Women

Rohini women are distinguished by their beauty, which is characterized by an unusually white complexion and expressive eyes.

Kind-hearted, well-mannered, practical, they know how to choose clothes with taste. The imbalance of character is manifested in a combination of irascibility and secrecy. They can be successful in the food industry or in the hotel industry.

Rohini women are usually good housewives, happy wives, and mothers. All that can disrupt family relationships is their stubbornness. Magha men are more suitable for them as partners.

In general, they are in good health. Common colds of the throat and chest, there may be swelling, irregular menstruation.

Rohini Nakshatra Professions

All professions related to the cultivation and processing of food, agriculture. Botanist, connoisseur, and collector of medicinal herbs. Creative worker, musician, entertainment, fashion, and beauty industry. Doctor-sexologist. Jeweler, the seller of precious stones. Interior decorator. Banker, financier. All professions related to tourism, automotive and oil and gas industries, transport, textile and shipbuilding industries, aquatic products, and various fluids.

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Places associated with the Rohini Nakshatra

Farms, gardens, plantations, places where herbs grow. Bus stops, railway stations, warehouses. Ponds and pools. Banks and financial institutions. Places for trade, bars, restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts. Creative studios. Deposits of precious stones. All places related to the above professions.

Auspicious activities under the Rohini Nakshatra.

Any endeavors that require a stable result are very favorable. Start of construction. Agricultural work such as planting and sowing. Trade and financial affairs. Wedding, sex, romance activities.

Healing and self-improvement, nature exploration, travel. Putting things in order on the material plane. Buying clothes, jewelry, cars, etc.

Adverse activities under the Rohini Nakshatra.

Only those activities that are associated with death, destruction, and annihilation.

Diseases associated with the Rohini Nakshatra.

Associated with a violation of diet, colds, coughs, irregular periods, throat problems, sexually transmitted diseases.

General remarks regarding the Rohini Nakshatra.

Those who were born under Rohini are not advised to enter into personal and business relationships with people born in Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Swati, Mula, and Purvaphalguni, as well as to start any important business when the Moon passes these nakshatras. The lord of Rohini is the Moon, followed by the periods of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, etc.