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Best Lucky Gemstone for Pisces Zodiac Sign | What is the Pisces Birth Stone?



Lucky Gemstone for Pisces

Symbolized by two fishes, Pisces is the last zodiac sign out of the twelve. They are a dual and water sign and are ruled by the planet Jupiter. These people are highly emotional and compassionate towards others. They are also blessed with a creative minds and can use their imagination to great lengths. They are jolly people and work for others’ happiness as well. They have other talents and incline to religion as well. Although sometimes others can take advantage of their compassionate nature and this can be troublesome for them.

But Pisces have their lucky gemstone or birthstone to keep the troubles away from their life. Moreover, their lucky gemstone can provide them with a myriad of other benefits as well. Lucky gemstones have the power to enhance the life of the wearer without bringing any harm, but a person must wear the right birthstone.

In this article, we plunge into the depths of the benefits of lucky gemstones for Pisces. So if you are a Pisces move on to see what benefits lie for you.

Pisces Lucky Gemstone

Every zodiac sign dawns with its lucky gemstone. Similarly, for Pisces their lucky gemstone is Aquamarine. This is also the stone of the planet Jupiter and by wearing this the positive energy and powers of Jupiter flood into the life of Pisces.

Pisces Moon sign lucky Gemstone

For people who have Pisces as their Moon sign, they too have a lucky gemstone. For the Pisces Moon sign their lucky gemstone is Yellow Sapphire. Wearing the Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone can bring about fortunate luck in the life of the Pisces Moon sign people.

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Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Pisces

A lucky gemstone comes with various kinds of benefits for the wearers. The native can lessen the troubles in their life by wearing their lucky gemstone. So for Pisces, wearing Aquamarine is extremely beneficial, and wearing one is highly recommended. Now let’s look into the benefits of wearing lucky gemstones for Pisces.

Benefits of wearing Aquamarine for Pisces

First and foremost, wearing Aquamarine can fill the life of Pisces people with luck and easiness. It will bring about their hidden talents for solving problems, therefore their professional life will go smoothly. So, the native will get promoted and can start earning more and more. That being said, it also attracts wealth in their life and will receive assistance from their friends and colleagues at work.

This stone will remove their cowardly nature and fill them with willpower. All their fear will be removed from their life and they will become fearless. With this gemstone, Pisces people will get the required courage to face challenges.

It will also bring the native out of their comfort zone and give them the strength to take risks. Their confidence level will rise and with this, they can take upon demanding challenges. All this leads them to a life of success.

If you are a Pisces and a student, you must wear Aquamarine. Wearing Aquamarine is highly beneficial for students as it helps them with their education as Jupiter is associated with academics. It will help the students believe in themselves and increase their concentration. It will also help them pass exams and get into good universities.

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Aquamarine is capable of attracting and inculcating peace in the life of the Pisces people. It is capable of keeping their mind at peace and providing them with emotional stability. It will also help them reach their inner spirituality. This stone will enhance their compassionate nature and can fill their life with happiness.

When to wear and How to wear

To feel the beneficial effects of the lucky gemstone one must wear it the right way. While wearing their lucky gemstone, Pisces people need to follow a procedure that will energize the stone and then the benefits of the stone will take effect in their life. As Aquamarine can provide Pisces natives with various benefits, they must follow the procedure.

When to Wear and How to Wear Aquamarine

  • When buying Aquamarine, you must get a high-carat one. A general rule while buying Aquamarine is to get one that is about 1/10 of the wearer’s weight.
  • The stone must be clear and free of scratches and dirt.
  • You must mount Aquamarine on silver or platinum metal.
  • The stone should touch the skin with its bottom tip so remember that when you make a ring of it.
  • You must wear the stone on Saturday and the perfect time is during the morning between 5 to 7 AM.
  • Purify the stone with Ganga Jaal every time before you wear it.
  • While wearing the stone you must chant the Sahni Beej mantra 108 times.

When to Wear and How to Wear Yellow Sapphire

  • Make sure you get a Yellow Sapphire of 2 carats.
  • You should wear Yellow Sapphire on Thursdays during the morning from 5 to 9 AM.
  • The middle finger is the right finger where you should wear the Yellow Sapphire.
  • You should mount the stone on Gold.
  • You must make the ring in such a way that the stone touches the skin.
  • The stone must be purified with Ganga Jaal every time you wear it.
  • The mantra “Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah” 108 times every time you wear it.
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Well, Pisces are compassionate beings with a creative minds. They mostly do well in their lives and treat others with care. They are also emotional and understand others as well. By wearing their lucky gemstone Aquamarine, they can enhance their skills. Gemstone brings a lot of benefits career-wise and develops their personality as well. They will be more confident in themselves and can have the courage to take risks in life.