How To Know If you will be Successful In The Stock Market? | Yogas for Success in Stock Market

During ancient times, especially during the Vedic Period, there was no such thing as the stock market or the “Wall Street”. However, there was one thing that was very prevalent during ancient times and that was the barter system. During this time, money wasn’t introduced, while people used goods as an exchange of products. The problem was the value of Gold, Silver, and other important metals were very hard to estimate. This problem was solved by money being introduced and a new civilization was born.

Even during the Vedic times, people used to find lots of gold, silver, and many other rare metals underground, in oceans, wrecked ships, and many other places. After seeing this, our ancient rishis and the writers of the Vedic Scriptures added that there must be something that makes a person lucky enough to be able to possess huge amounts of gold or actually find gold.

This luck in finding wealth and assets in one’s life is seen from the 8th house. Because the 8th house is the house of hidden things including hidden wealth. The 8th house in a birth chart is also the house of sudden events and sudden wealth. People who have a strong connection with the 8th house will definitely, at least once in their lifetime experience an event where they are given the opportunity to possess a lot of wealth.

The question isWe are talking about the Stock Market and what has 8th anything to do with the stock market?

The answer is right in the question itself, Yes, the 8th house which is the house of sudden events may make the person become lucky in the stock market. Such people, if they invest in the stock market, there is a high chance that they will gain a lot of money, however, there is also a high chance that they will lose a lot of money in the stock market. Because the 8th house is very unpredictable.

And that’s the answer to our question about the stock market. That is unpredictability. Because the Stock market is also unpredictable, however, with knowledge and experience, one can gain actually do well in the stock market. That brings us to the 5th house that represents knowledge, education, and children. It is also known as the house of the stock market, speculation, trading, and foreign currency. But WHY?. Why not 8th house or 2nd house or 11th house.

Lets find out!

The 5th house for stock market trading and investing.

To understand why the 5th house is related to the stock market, you have to first understand these houses shown in the chart above.

Please bear with me as this article is going to seem very complicated but everything will make sense as you keep reading!.

As you can see from the chart, there are two wealth houses, 2nd house, and 11th house. Now the 2nd house is the house of accumulated wealth or how much wealth a person can collect in his lifetime. While the 11th house is the amount of wealth or income a person can earn on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A person may have 100 billion dollars, but in reality, he may not have the ability to even earn a single dollar. This is the difference between the 2nd house being strong or the 11th house being strong. If the 11th house is strong, the person will be brilliant in earning money but if his 2nd house is weak, he will not be able to save any money.

Next we have the 5th house representing share market, speculation and currency while the 8th house represents sudden events that happen in our life and also hidden knowledge.

The 4th house represents our property, home and peace while the 6th house represents debt and 12th house shows us our losses.

So from here we know:

  • 1st house – Self
  • 2nd house – Accumulated wealth
  • 4th house – Property, peace and comforts.
  • 5th house – Stock Market, Speculation, Currency
  • 6th house – Debt and wealth of the people.
  • 8th house – Sudden Events, Hidden Knowledge
  • 9th house – fate, fortune
  • 10th house – Karma, Career, Effort, Hardwork
  • 11th house: House of Gains
  • 12th house – Losses
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However, if you change the positions of the house in a way that the 8th house becomes the 1st house, what result will you get.

Here, I will just change the numbers keeping 8 in the 1st house and following the rest of the chart.

Now as you can see, there is a big shocking change in the chart. Just by keeping the 8th house as the first one, you can see that now, the houses have completely changed their meanings.

Don’t be intimidated as Vedic Astrology is way more deeper than this!. Here, we are just breaking down the 8th house!.

We all know that 8th house plays a very important role in lottery, sudden gains in wealth, sudden losses, and hidden knowledge. If we dig deeper into the 8th house and after changing the placement of houses making the 8th house the first house.

  • 9th house becomes the 2nd housethe house of wealth or house of accumulated wealth.
  • 11th house becomes 4th housethe house of property, comforts, and peace.
  • 5th house becomes the 10th house – house of Karma, Self Efforts, career, and Hardwork.
  • 6th house becomes the 11th housethe house of daily gains.

Here what we are interested in is looking at the relationship between 8th house and 5th house, 11th house, 2nd house, 9th house with 8th house.

The 1st house represents the self, the person’s vitality, and his ability to spend energy. If you notice, the 1st house becomes the 6th house that represents debt. Here who is the one that is going the put in the effort, it is the person itself as he has to spend his energy, time, and money into the stock market. Here, the debt is self-efforts and energy.

Next, if you notice, the 6th house now becomes the 11th house of wealth. As we know the 6th house is the house of debt and also the wealth of the people. This means that from where are we gaining the money, from the people!. As in the stock market, one person gains the money while the other one loses. The person can only gain in the stock market if someone loses.

Next, the 12th house before was the house of losses, it now becomes the house of the share market and currency. This tells us that in order to gain in the stock market, one has to incur some expenses or spend his money in the form of investment.

If you notice, previously, the 5th house represented the Stock Market. However, after changing the positions, the 5th house now became the 10th house of Karma, Self-efforts, Career, and Hardwork. If you remember, the 9th house becomes the 2nd house.

This means that in order for the person to gain wealth from the stock market, the person has to do Karma or put in the required self-effort into research, experience, and knowledge to really gain from the stock market. Because the 10th house is the house of Karma.

This is the reason why the yogas for Stock Market, Speculation, Lottery is seen from the 5th house and 8th house as both are equally related to each other.

Important planets that are responsible for success in the Stock market.

Jupiter – Jupiter Governs our wealth, our prosperity and overall financial condition. If Jupiter is strong in our birth chart, there will high chances of us getting success in whatever we do in our life. Especially, if Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house, Jupiter here will provide us the required intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to succeed in our life, our business or job.

Mercury – Mercury is one of the most important planets when it comes to business as it is the main significator of intelligence, business intelligence, administration, management and speculation.

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Moon – Moon is another main that is also the significator of wealth. Especially, when it comes to trading and stock market, Moon is equally important as a strong Moon means control over our emotions and a strong mental capacity. Because Moon represents anything that is liquid in nature and that which goes up and down. People who succeed in Stock market are those who have good control over their emotions, and those who have the required self-control to hold their investments and the capacity to seeing better profits in the future.

Rahu – Rahu is the main significator of Stock market, trading and sudden wealth in life. If Rahu is strong in the birth chart, you can expect to see great luck in the Stock market. Especially, If Rahu in the 11th house, Rahu here gives excellent luck in terms of lottery, stock market and speculation.

Important Yogas for success in Stock market.

  • Most notable combination for Stock market is Rahu in the 11th house. Rahu as we know is the main planet that represents the Stock Market and gives luck in terms of lottery and speculation. Rahu in the 11th house is one of the best position for getting success in Stock Market. So, check your birth chart as well as Moon chart and if you find that Rahu is making a connection with the 11th house, this is a strong position for Stock Market.
  • 11th house lord in its own sign position and in its own house, along with the 12th house lord. If the 11th house lord is in its own sign in the 11th house itself along with the 12th house lord, this is a strong position for investing and the stock market. This position is seen in the birth chart of Warren Buffet, where his 12th house lord is positioned in the 11th house with the 11th house. Here, the 12th house is actually the house of investments as investments is also a form of expenditure. Here we can clearly see that, the individual will earn his wealth through investments by spending his money on investing.
  • Saturn in the 2nd house is a great position for investments and the stock market. This is a great yoga for long-term investment. Saturn in the 2nd house makes the native earn his wealth through long-term investments. If you have this position, the longer you hold your wealth, the bigger it becomes as here Saturn makes things very slow but also it makes sure that your investments are worth it.
  • Gaj Kesari Yoga in the 11th house with the 2nd house or 2nd house lord is strongly positioned in the birth chart. This is a great yoga for stock market investments. Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed when Moon and Jupiter are together and if they are together in the 11th house, there is no doubt, the person will become really wealthy in his lifetime. If the person desires to grow his wealth through the stock market, he may do so and become really wealthy.
  • If the 2nd house lord and 11th house lord creates a Parivartan Yoga where planets of two houses exchange their signs, A Maha Dhan Yoga is formed blessing the native with immense wealth in his lifetime. Such a native earns his wealth through several means, along with Stock Market investments.
  • The 5th house lord positioned in the 11th house and the 11th house lord positioned in the 5th house also create a powerful yoga for stock market. This placement makes the native have great luck in share market, lottery and speculation.
  • If the 2nd house lord is placed in the 8th house and the 8th house lord is strongly positioned in the 11th house or 2nd house, this is also a great yoga for share market, especially the native gains luck in suddenly gaining wealth in his lifetime. However, the native may have to struggle in his life during the beginning times. Such a native, the more strict he becomes with money, the bigger his money gets.
  • If the 2nd house and the 11th house lord are positioned in Kendra (1,4,7,10) or Trines (1,5,9) with the aspect of the 9th house lord. Such a native gets immense luck with wealth as well as share market.
  • If Moon is strongly positioned in the birth chart, especially in signs that are of earth element like Taurus, such a native can try and invest in the stock market.
  • Ketu placed in the 11th house creates a good yoga for stock market, lottery and speculation. However, such a native could be Devoid of children or may face troubles regarding childbirth.
  • If the 2nd house, 11th house, 5th house and 9th house lords are placed in Kendra (1,4,7,10) or Trikonas (1,5,9), with the aspect of benefit planets like Mercury, Moon, Jupiter or Venus, this is a very strong position for getting success in the stock market.
  • If Jupiter and Rahu are placed in Kendra (1,4,7,10) or Trines(1,5,9) with the aspect or conjunction of benefic planets or the lord of the 9th house or 11th house, a very strong position for getting huge success in the stock market.
  • Always remember, Moon weak in the birth chart, the native should never invest in the stock market. Even if, there are strong yogas for stock market investments. This is because Moon governs our minds and if our mind is weak, losses can indicate disappointments, while gains can lead the person to greed which in turn leads to more losses.
  • If the 1st house lord is in the 5th house, and the 5th house lord is making a connection with the 11th house or the 2nd house, this is a prominent yoga for stock market trading. It gets even stronger if the 9th house lord aspects the 5th house or 11th house.
  • Chandra Mangal Yoga in the 11th house, 5th house or 2nd house is a great positon for Share Market Trading, especially of Moon and Mars are the lords of the either 2nd house, 5th house or 11th house.
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So, these were the planetary combinations of yogas of getting success in the stock market. However, one thing to remember is that, there is no perfect birth chart. It could be that, you may have 2 – 3 yogas from above mentioned combinations while your 1st house lord may be positioned in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th house.

The key planet and the key house to remember here is the 1st house, 5th house, 9th house and the planet Moon. The 1st house has to be strong and while if the 9th house is weak, it indicates success after struggle. While Moon being weak foretells that the person should never invest in stock market even if they have the yoga for it.

The problem is when Moon is weak, the person is vulnerable to becoming attacked by negative emotions. If a person with a weak Moon has the yoga for Stock market. He could make millions and yet lose millions again. This is because of the emotion of greed as people with weak Moon, can quickly become greedy or disappointed.

Stock market is such a career that, one needs to have a perfectly balanced emotional state. One needs to use his logic and intelligence to make money while having complete control over his emotions. Because today, the person can gain Rs. 1 Lakh. But if the market is going bullish and 3 months later, if he can make thrice the amount of 1 Lakh, he needs the control his emotions to reap the rewards of patience. A person with weak Moon, its hard for such people to do that.

While, the 9th house represents our luck and if the 9th house is weak, it will be hard for the person to gain success. It just means, it may take time for the person to get results. While, 5th house has to be strong and it needs to be related with the 11th house or 2nd house.