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Know about wearing a lucky stone from Astrology 



Gemstones have away held a particular place in the hearts of Indians. 

Gemstones held higher grounds in the field of astrology because of their natural healing properties. They can attract such energies from a planet that it makes significant changes on your financial fronts, domestic fronts, and romantic fronts Emerald is helpful to flourish the business.

Every gemstone holds certain discrete properties and they are suitable for various personalities. Proportion, weight, color, hardness, texture, and clarity of the stone plays a significant role. 

Your birthdate defines your horoscope and the position of planets in your horoscope gives us the right knowledge of which gemstone will be most suitable for you and this is the reason people prefer wearing gemstones by date of birth.

For example, Ruby makes Sun very powerful in your zodiac and it increases your chances of getting an authoritative position on career fronts. 

It is important to identify whether the gemstone you intend to use will have serious impacts as per your horoscope. Otherwise, in the case of contradiction, it may lead to disaster rather than any good. So, if you decide to wear a gemstone, speak with an expert astrologer beforehand because they will suggest you right gemstone by date of birth. 

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Wear Gemstone According to Zodiac Signs 

Do you want the gemstone suggestions for your zodiac sign? If your name is Cancer or Leo or Virgo, here is some useful information about which gemstone you should wear. 


Aries sign people are known for their lively personalities. The perfect gemstone for them is red coral. To reduce the negative effects of Mars, it is advised to wear it on the ring finger on Tuesday. The metal used in this is either copper or silver. 


Taurus sign people are emotional. They react emotionally to each and every situation and that acts as a hindrance for them. To reduce the inauspicious effect of Venus, it is advised to wear a diamond on the middle finger on Friday. The metal used in the ring is gold. 


These people are creative as well as attractive in personality. Panna (Emerald) is a suitable gemstone for them to reduce the ill effects of Mercury. Wednesday is the appropriate day to wear Emerald on the little finger. The metal used in the ring is gold. 


People with the Cancer zodiac are advised to wear Moti (pearl) to avoid the effects of the Moon. Wearing pearls calms their mind and helps in avoiding unnecessary stress. The suitable day to wear pearl is on Monday on the little finger. The ring used should be silver. 


Leo people are very generous. Leo signs people should wear ruby (ruby) to reduce the effect of Surya (Sun). A ring made of silver metal should be worn on the ring finger on Sunday. 


It is advisable to wear an emerald on your little finger to reduce the negative vibrations emanating from Mercury. Wednesday is the best day to wear it and the ring should be of gold metal. 

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Gemstone diamond reduces the effect of Venus. It is suggested to wear a diamond ring made of gold metal for prosperity in health and wealth. The best day to wear a diamond is Friday and the finger to wear it is the middle finger. 


According to astrology, red coral is the right gemstone for Scorpio people to reduce the negative effects coming from Mars. The best day to wear a ring made of silver metal is on the ring finger on Tuesday 


Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) reduces the effect of Jupiter and it helps in enhancing the financial status of the wearer. The ring is to be made of gold only. It should be worn on Thursday on the index finger. 


To reduce the negative effect of Saturn, people of the Capricorn zodiac should use Sapphire. A silver ring should be worn on the middle finger and the best day to wear it is Saturday. 


Neelam (Sapphire) helps in reducing the negative vibes coming from Shani. Wearing Sapphire on the middle finger increases self-confidence and improves health and financial crisis. The metal used to make the ring should be silver and Saturday should be the best day to wear the ring. 


Yellow Sapphire is a suitable stone to reduce the influence of Jupiter to attract prosperity in business and positivity in health/mental fitness. The right day to wear a ring made of gold is Thursday on the index finger. 


Consult your best astrologer if you want an accurate report of your lucky gemstone. They can help with personal predictions and gemstone recommendations.