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Best Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio Zodiac Sign | What is the Scorpio Birth Stone?



Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio

People born under Scorpio are diligent beings with a touch of a creative mindset. Ruled by Pluto, which represents mystery, rebirth, and death, a Scorpio is an emotional warehouse within themselves. They might appear so, but they have a lot of emotions within them. But overall, they are a determined person and have a lot of passion. So, everything they do they put all their mind into it.

Therefore, Scorpio is a powerhouse of great characteristics and with its lucky gemstone, the natives can have more from their capabilities. Having a lucky gemstone on is like carrying an energized luck enhancer in your life. Therefore, wearing lucky gemstones is important. This article will take you through the lucky gemstone for Scorpio and its benefits in detail. Let’s move on with it.

Scorpio Lucky Gemstone

The lucky gemstone for Scorpio is the majestic Amethyst. This purple-colored stone has a magnificent appearance, with a sense of mystery to it. This stone holds certain powers and energy that can help Scorpios in their life and probably make it easier for them in various ways.

Scorpio Moon sign lucky Gemstone

If you have Scorpio as your Moon Sign, then the lucky gemstone for you is Red Coral. The Red Coral or Moonga with its beautiful red color brings benefits to a Scorpio Moon Sign’s life.

Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Scorpio

Now that we have mentioned the lucky gemstone for Scorpio and Scorpio Moon, let’s move on to the benefits of wearing the stone.

Benefits of wearing Amethyst

Amethyst has a lot of effects on the personality of the Scorpio natives. This stone adds inspiration and a sense of belonging to the wearer’s life. The fine qualities and characteristics associated with Scorpio can be further developed by wearing this stone.

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This stone is also capable of eradicating bad habits from the native’s life. Any kind of habit which harms you can be controlled and stopped with this stone. It also increases the willpower and positivity of the native, hence, helping them make their life better.

It can also bring prosperity to the wearer’s life. Amethyst will make you popular as well and get rid of any kind of argument or disagreement going on in your life. If any relationship problems are going on in your life, then Amethyst has energies to fix your relationships.

Additionally, amethyst can bring health benefits as well. This stone is capable of increasing and developing the immunity system of the body. It also makes blood flow better keeps diseases away from the native and cures insomnia as well. It is capable of keeping your mind fresh as well as it removes agitation, fear, and anxiety.

Finally amethyst helps in the native’s career as well. This stone can help the natives get over any kind of hindrances that come in their way of success by giving them the required motivation and passion.

Benefits of wearing Red Coral

Red Coral is a powerful stone and it comes with a lot of benefits. This stone is capable of removing laziness from the native’s life and making them passionate, and energetic, and improving their leadership qualities. It will also boost the confidence of the natives and assist them in fulfilling their goals.

It also provides a lot of health benefits. This stone can induce the healing of diseases such as headaches, measles, piles, fever, and boils. Red Coral even protects the wearer against accidents and cuts.

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This stone is capable of keeping the mind fresh and sane. It removes all kinds of anger and agitation from the native’s mind. It fills the wearer’s life with positivity.

Red Coral can fix relationship and marital problems as well. This stone can increase the bond between spouses, therefore, getting rid of any kind of problems or disputes going on between them.

When to wear and How to wear

Knowing when and how to wear a lucky gemstone comes as a crucial aspect. If the wearer doesn’t wear it correctly, then the gemstone will not show its energy and therefore won’t prove to be a benefit in the native’s life.

When to wear and how to wear Amethyst

  • You should get an amethyst that is free of any kind of scratch. The amethyst must be shining and clean.
  • Before wearing you must place the amethyst on a metal bowl with Ganga jaal, raw cow milk, honey, ghee, and tulsi leaves.
  • You must mount the Amethyst on silver.  You should wear the stone on Saturdays and it should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.
  • Also, chant the mantra ‘Om Praam Preem Proum Sah Shanye Namah’ 108 times.

When to wear and how to wear Red Coral or Moonga

  • Red coral must be of 3 carats and you should mount it on gold or silver.
  • You need to wear the stone on Tuesdays during the morning between 5 to 9 AM.
  • Before wearing it, you must purify it every time by dipping it in ganga jaal or raw cow milk three times.
  • You must wear this stone on the ring finger.
  • You must also chant the mantra ‘Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah’ 108 times while wearing Red Coral.
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Therefore, Red Coral for Scorpio Moons and Amethyst for Scorpio natives are the lucky gemstones, and wearing these stones aid them in a lot of ways. From health benefits to peace of mind to attraction of wealth, wearing them is highly beneficial. But one must remember to wear it correctly, there are ways mentioned how one must wear it. Following it will make the effects of the stones better.