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Best Lucky Gemstone for Virgo Zodiac Sign | What is the Virgo Birth Stone?



Lucky Gemstone for Virgo

Virgo comes as the intelligent, analytical, and careful person out of the 12 zodiacs. Whatever these people do, they do it by analyzing and calculating everything so that everything goes smoothly. They don’t listen to anyone and do things their own way. Well, those are fabulous qualities to have, and with lucky gemstones, they can be strengthened.

Every zodiac sign has its assigned lucky gemstone or birthstone. Wearing gemstones can help ease your life tremendously. It can help with health and personality and brings positivity to your life. In this article, we will take you through the lucky gemstone of Virgo and see in detail the benefits that it brings to its wearer.

Virgo Lucky Gemstone

Blue, as the deep sea can get, the lucky gemstone for Virgo, is Blue Sapphire. This deep blue-colored stone can benefit Virgo-borns by leaps and bounds. It mostly has positive effects on the personality of the Virgo-borns. Their qualities of being analytical and insightful are greatly strengthened by wearing this stone.

Virgo Moon sign lucky Gemstone

If you are born with Virgo as your Moon sign, then there is one lucky gemstone for you as well. For Virgo Moon signs the lucky gemstone is Emerald. Wearing an emerald is best for them as they will bring fortune, luck, and development in a lot of fields of their life.

Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Virgo

A lucky gemstone brings about a lot of benefits for its wearer. As for Virgo, wearing the lucky gemstone has a lot of benefits. From enhancing capabilities to providing solace in terms of health, the lucky gemstone for Virgo can make the life of its wearer better. Let’s see what the benefits of wearing lucky gemstones for Virgo are.

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Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire for Virgo

As you already know that Virgos are blessed with being careful, analytical, and intelligent. Wearing Blue Sapphire will make these qualities of them stronger and better. Therefore, it will help them move forward in their life more efficiently and make better decisions.

It also has health benefits. As this stone carries healing abilities, upon wearing it will make the health of the wearer better than ever. Health issues such as fever, tumors, burns, inflammation, and difficulty in hearing can be healed by wearing blue sapphire.

It will also provide the wearer with a clear and calm mind. Any kind of agitation or tension will be eradicated by it. Hence, it improves the focus of the person on their goal.

Negativity will be at arm’s length by wearing this stone. It will bring forth success, opportunities, and reputation to the wearer.

Benefits of wearing emerald for Virgo Moons

With an emerald, Virgo Moons will have increased chances of fame and prosperity in their life. They have a lot of chances of gaining wealth from the business, communication, and sales field.

As with intelligence, an emerald will bless the Virgo Moon borns with it. With Emerald, they can make better decisions in their life and increase their efficiency in their professional life. It will also improve their communication skills, therefore, their professional life will go smoothly and soundly.

Along with intelligence, it can benefit hugely in fields of creativity. Their creative ability will be enhanced and keep coming up with better ideas.

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Moreover, an emerald will help to bring ease of mind. They will have happiness and peace and have less of an agitated mind.

When to wear and How to wear

Wearing a lucky gemstone is important to make sure its benefits take effect. There are ways and methods that you should follow while wearing your lucky gemstone. For now, let’s see when to wear and how to wear lucky gemstones for Virgo.

When to Wear and How to Wear Blue Sapphire

  • When wearing blue sapphire you must mount it on silver or white gold.
  • You should wear it on the middle finger. Men must wear it on the right hand and women can wear it on either the right or left hand.
  • Wearing blue sapphire on Saturday is auspicious and it should be worn during sunrise and sunset. To be precise, between 5 to 9 AM and 5 to 7 PM.
  • You should also purify the gem with Ganga jaal in a copper bowl. After that, you must cover it with a black cloth with a Shani yantra on it.
  • You must also chant the mantra ‘Aum Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum’ 108 times while wearing the blue sapphire.

When to Wear and How to Wear Emerald

  • You must get an emerald of about 1.5 carats and then purify it by dipping it in ganga jaal or pure cow milk by dipping it three times.
  • Mounting it on gold, silver, ashadhatu or panchdhatu is the best.
  • You must wear it on Wednesdays and purify it every time you wear it. The best time to wear it is during sunrise and sunset, i.e. between 5 to 9 AM and 5 to 7 PM.
  • You should wear it on your little finger on the right hand for men and women on the right or left hand.
  • Remember to chant the mantra ‘Om Aim Bum BuddhayeNamah’ 108 times while wearing an emerald.
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So, lucky gems are extremely beneficial and one should wear their lucky gemstone. The lucky gemstone for Virgo blesses them with a lot of benefits. It can make their health better and bring fortune upon them. Although, you must follow the rules while wearing lucky gemstones to make sure that its benefits come to your life.