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Best Lucky Gemstone for Leo Zodiac Sign | What is the Leo Birth Stone?



Lucky Gemstone for Leo

Illustrated by the mighty lion, those born under the Leo zodiac are people befitting with the characteristics of a lion. These people have a knack for leadership and a flamboyant personality. They are not afraid of leading a crowd and are majestic people. Leo-borns can sometimes exhibit arrogance and might brag about their abilities.

So, such a zodiac with a great personality has its birthstone or lucky gemstone. Wearing the lucky gemstone will enhance already great skills of Leo and can bring fortune into their life. In this article, we will take you through the lucky gemstone for the Leo zodiac sign and see its benefits and how you can make them effective.

Leo Lucky Gemstone

People who are born under the Leo zodiac sign can wear Peridot for luck in their life. Peridot is the lucky gemstone for the Leo Zodiac sign. This olive-colored stone can strengthen the strong personality of Leo-borns increasing their capabilities. It is highly befitting for the Leo born with a number of benefits and increases their intelligence.

Leo Moon sign lucky Gemstone

There is a lucky gemstone for individuals who are born with Leo as the Moon sign. For the ones born with Leo as their Moon Sign, their lucky gemstone is Ruby. Representing the sun, the gemstone Ruby possesses energies to strengthen the Leo Moon sign and bestow benefits in their life.

Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Leo

Lucky gemstones have the energy and power to make the life of the wearer easier. As every zodiac sign has its lucky gemstones or birthstone, it is highly beneficial to wear them. For Leo it is Peridot and for Leo Moon Sign it is Ruby. Let’s see what their benefits are:

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Benefits of wearing Peridot for Leo

As the birthstone of Leo, Peridot can give them the assistance they need in life.

Peridot is capable of keeping the negative things out of the wearer’s life. Negativity will have no influence over their life in any kind of circumstance.

This stone will attract positivity in the wearer’s life. It will ensure that positive energy engulfs the wearer at all times. It will also help you to realize and feel the positive side of all things.

Wearing a peridot provides health benefits as well. The cure for any kind of sickness related to the lungs, intestines, spleen, lymph, and breasts is fastened by this stone. It will also protect your eyes, life, stomach, and thyroid against diseases. It also helps the wearer a lot if they are suffering from sinus or asthma.

Peridot can help with easing your mind and strengthen the wearer as well. This stone will keep the mind calm and get rid of anger, anxiety, jealousy, and fear. Therefore, it helps with making the life of the wearer smooth and helps them take good decisions.

Benefits of wearing Ruby for Leo Moon Sign

For Leo Moons wearing a Ruby is lucky and beneficial. It brings about a plethora of benefits for them and makes their life easier.

Ruby highly enhances leadership and makes it better overall. So, if the wearer is in any kind of leadership position, wearing a Ruby enhance their skills and helps them with self-control.

It also enables the wearer to work hard and it their all in every task they do. Wearing Ruby enhances and develops the ability to work hard. This leads the wearer to become successful in life.

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Wearing ruby will raise your self-confidence and eradicate any fear that you have. Therefore, gives you the courage to face any kind of situation and circumstance in life. It also can make you popular.

It also keeps negativity away from your life and brings about fortune in your life.

When to wear and How to wear

Now that you know the lucky gemstone for Leo, it is necessary that you know the right way to wear it. Wearing it properly is important as it is the only way by which you can get the benefits of the lucky gemstone.

When to Wear and How to Wear Peridot

  • You must wear the Peridot on Wednesdays and chant the mantra “Om sah shanicharaye namah” while wearing it.
  • You should wear peridot which is more than 5 carats and mount it on gold or silver.
  • Make sure that the Peridot is free from any impurities, or scratches. The peridot should be clear and transparent.
  • You should wear a peridot on the little finger or ring finger of your working hand.

When to Wear and How to Wear Ruby

  • You should wear a ruby of 2 carats and make sure the ruby is original.
  • You must mount Ruby on gold, copper, panchdhatu, or ashtadhatu.
  • You must purify the ruby with raw cow milk or ganga jaal every time before you wear it.
  • You should wear Ruby on Sundays in the morning between 5 to 9 AM.
  • You must wear the stone on the ring finger. For men, it is the right hand, and for women, it is either left or right.
  • While wearing Ruby you should chant the mantra ‘Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Suryaya Namah’ 108 times.
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Therefore, wearing Peridot and Ruby is highly beneficial for the Leo-borns. It provides a lot of benefits for them and one should wear it. But before wearing make sure that you are aware of the ways you should wear them. Wearing it the right way will bring the benefits of the lucky gemstone.