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Disease Prediction Though Vedic Astrology | How do you know your health in astrology? PART 1



Disease Prediction Though Vedic Astrology

In todays day and age, diseases and illnesses are very common and we see a lot of people suffering from several kinds of diseases. Disease is a form of “Kast” or struggle that a person faces in his lifetime. It brings suffering into a person’s life and many times, it can lead to death. There are many things associated with disease and illness in Vedic Astrology.

The kind of diseases a person will be prone to.

Will a person suffer from a very serious illness?

What planets and houses are responsible for bringing certain illnesses into our lives?

All of these questions will be answered in today in this article. Through the use of Medical astrology, we can use the ancient knowledge from the Vedic scriptures to find out the causes of illnesses, or which planets cause bad illnesses in a person’s life.

Lets first analyze the houses in Vedic Astrology and Which Body Parts does each house represent in our horoscope.

Houses and Body Parts in Vedic Astrology

Lets first read and understand what each houses in Vedic Astrology represents in terms of Diseases and our body.

  • 1st House The 1st house represents our entire body in general. Our overall immune system and body strength. While, it also specifically represents our head, face, facial bones, brain and face complexion.
  • 2nd house – The 2nd house in Vedic Astrology is regarded as the house of speech and voice. Therefore, it governs our mouth region, our right eyes, teeth, throat, larynx, neck and neck bones.
  • 3rd house – The 3rd house represents our lungs, blood and breath. It also represents our hands, right ear and shoulders. It is the house that also represents our hard work in life, thus, indicating hands and labor work.
  • 4th house – The 4th house represents our chest, breast, gastric and digestive system. It also represents our stomach and ribs. It also represents our heart.
  • 5th house – The 5th house represents our heart, mind and our Spinal Cord.
  • 6th house – The Sixth house governs with our Kidneys, Intestines, diseases, stomach and bowels.
  • 7th house – Navel Cavity, Waist and it also represents our skin and lumbar region.
  • 8th house – Long term and incurable diseases are represented by the 8th house. While, our urinary and sexual organs, pelvic bones, anus and bladder are also governed by the 8th house.
  • 9th house – It represents our nerves, thighs, hips and arterial system.
  • 10th house – It represents our knees, hams, joints and bones.
  • 11th house – Blood circulation, Left ear, legs and ankles.
  • 12th house – Death, Left eye, feet and toes and Lymphatic system.

Planets, Body Parts and Diseases in Vedic Astrology

Every planet in Vedic Astrology affects certain areas of our body. For example, Sun has a direct connection with our bones hence, Sun brings bone diseases if Sun is associated with the 6th or 8th house. While, Moon is the planet that is known to give cold and cough related diseases.

Sun – Sun is the heart of our solar system. It is known to called as the king of all planets. Sun represents our right eye in males and left eye in females. Thus, whenever Sun is weak in the birth or is afflicted, the native suffers from eye related problems in his lifetime. While, the Sun also represents our heart, Blood circulation and Bones.

Moon – Moon in Vedic Astrology is called “Chandrama” and it is said that Chandra emerged from the sea of milk at the time of sea churning by Asuras and Devas. Moon represents the left eye in make and right eye in females, while it also represents breasts, stomach, ovaries, synovial fluid, bladder, and it brings cold and cough related diseases to the person. While, Pneumonia and Uterus related problems is also seen by reading the Moon in one’s birth chart.

Mercury – Mercury is known to be as the Prince, and at its core, it represents intelligence or so called “Bhudi”. Mercury represents the nerves, lungs, speech, voice, mouth, tongue, hands and Epilepsy.

Venus – Venus in Vedic Astrology is known to be the Guru of Creativity and Creative Knowledge. Venus represents the reproductive organs, throat, neck, cheeks, skin and venereal diseases.

Jupiter – Jupiter is known as the Guru of all Knowledge in Vedic Astrology. It is the main Karaka of wealth and it brings good fortune and good health in the lives of the natives. Diseases associated with Jupiter include that of obesity, diseases of stomach, chest, nerves, indigestion, cholera and the body parts that Jupiter represents are chest, nerves, navel, nose, veins, lungs tongue, arms, and hair.

Mars – Mars is the Warrior of the Solar system. It represents Blood, bone marrow, energy, genitals, female organs and the diseases related to head, wounds, soreness, leprosy, blood pressure, tumors, bone fracture, rectal diseases and loss of energy.

Saturn – Saturn is the slowest moving planet and it is known to be the Planet of Justice. It represents legs, muscles, limbs, teeth, joints, chronic diseases, tuberculosis, and long term diseases like cancer and others.

Rahu – Rahu is known to be called the Shadow planet and is represented by a person having only head but no body. Rahu is often seen to give the same results as Saturn, but it often gives negative results. Rahu also represents long term diseases like Cancer, poisoning, cataract, diseases in feet, ulcers and leprosy.

Ketu – Ketu is the other half of Rahu that is called the Head less planet. It represents our feet, stomach and it often brings diseases related to nervous system, spinal cord, hypertensions, allergies and many times, when diseases are brought by Ketu, the doctor is not able to diagnose the disease properly.

How to Diagnose Diseases Through Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is one of the most astonishing and brilliant science, because the entire life cycle of a person is ingrained in the Birth chart. Our ancient Rishis weren’t just regular humans who studied astrology, in fact many ancient Vedic astrologers were highly renowned scientists and scholars. One aspect of life where Astrology finds big relevance is Medicine and Medical Science.

You see, the entire solar system is divided into 5 elements, namely wind, water, earth, sky and fire and each planet is associated with a certain element. We as humans are influenced by these elements and these planets influence us positively or negatively. Our Ancient Rishis found that some planets like Moon, which represents the water element, when it gets weak in the birth chart, causes the person to suffer from cold related diseases. Similarly, planets like Sun causes bones, heart and eye related problems.

Have you ever wondered why, people who suffer from cold related diseases should not drink milk during the night? Because Moon is the planet that not only represents Milk but it also brings cold related diseases to the native.

And why people who suffer from bone related diseases should often stay in the Sun?

Many of the remedies in Vedic Astrology are actually very scientific in nature. From these, it is said that, when a person suffers from a particular disease, it is important to check the main planet that is the Karaka for the body part or the disease.

From the points above, you now know, which planet represents which body parts and diseases.

In order to find out the root core of the disease through the birth chart, one has the check the following things.

  1. The House that represents the disease and the body part.
  2. The planet which is the main significator of the body part and the disease.
  3. Position and condition of the significator of the body part in the birth chart.
  4. Position and condition of the house associated with the body part or disease.
  5. Nakshatra the planet is sitting in.
  6. Dasha and Antar Dasha of the planet.

Many people get confused that the 6th house which is the main Karak house for diseases is the reason why people get diseases in their life. The answer is that, it is not always the case as the 6th house is regarded as the house of problems and diseases and sure, whenever, the 6th house and the 6th house lord makes a connection with any of the planets or houses, there is a high chance for the person to suffer from the disease related to that house.

However, many times, one should not just check the 6th house or the 8th house, but they should also check the house related to the disease and the planet associated with the disease.

For example, many people today suffer from heart related problems and we often hear people facing heart problems after reaching the age of 60 to 70. However, today, due to the current lifestyle of people, even youths at the age between 20 to 30 are suffering from heart related diseases. Today, the fast food market and unhealthy food habits and addictions are some of the reasons why people suffer from heart disease.

In Astrology, it is important to check the house that is related to the disease. As for Heart related problems, the 4th house is the house that represents our heart. It is the home of our body and the lifeline. When our heart is weak, death is not far away either.

Whenever, we check the birth chart, we may find that the 4th house is in a strong condition, yet the person suffers from heart related diseases. When we finally analyze and read the planets, we find that the main significator the problem which is Sun is debilitated in the birth chart and is aspected by planets like Rahu and Saturn, which so happens to be the lord of the 6th house. This is a very probable indication that, the native will not only suffer from heart disease but also eye related diseases as well, hence, the native wears glasses.

Sun brings in three types of diseases to a person. One is heart and this is very common. If you ever find someone, having an afflicted Sun, then the native will suffer from heart related problems. Apart from heart, Sun also brings in diseases related to Bones and eye related problems.

However, Sun alone may not be the reason for bringing a single disease. In order for you to fully determine the heart problem, you’ll have to look at Moon, Jupiter and Mars.

Jupiter is also one of the planets that can bring in heart problems, however, it does so, because Jupiter represents the Fat in our body. You may have seen people who have Jupiter in the 1st house or strong Jupiter aspecting the 1st house, such people normally have more fat in their body, than the normal person. They have the tendency to more gain weight.

However, when such type of Jupiter gets afflicted by planets like Rahu and Ketu or becomes weak, then the native can have the problem of obesity or excess fat in the body that directly puts the native in danger for heart related diseases.

Similarly, Mars represents Blood and also the muscles in our body. Often times, you may have seen people having strong or “Ucha” Mars in their birth chart. Such natives usually have strong muscular body and less fat. While, when Mars is weak in the birth chart, natives can suffer from blood related diseases.

Moon is related to water in Vedic Astrology and as we know, Moon represents all the cold borne diseases. However, Moon also represents our mind and whenever, Moon makes a connection with the 12th house, it is seen that such natives face problems with sleep or insomnia.

Similarly, Mars and Sun are of fire element planets. They are heat and warmth. However, whenever, Sun or Mars damages the 8th house or creates a relation with the 8th house, such natives face the problem of piles. As we know, the 8th house is the house that represents the sexual organs and also the Anus and Rectum. While, Mars is seen to more prominently cause such disease, because Sun warmth that afflicted can burn, but Mars is instant fire or heat burns even more severely.

Coming to diabetes, the main significator of this disease is Venus. As all the things that are sweet in life is represented by Venus. From the luxurious comforts, jewelry and even in food, sweets are represented by the planet Venus. People who suffer from Diabetes will either have an afflicted Venus or afflicted Venus making a relation with the 2nd house. As the 2nd house is the house of addiction and even Sugar can be very addictive.

Medical Astrology is a huge topic, therefore, I have decided to separate the topics in different parts. In the part 2 of Diseases through astrology, we will discuss even further about Diabetes, and many other diseases in great details.

So, stay tuned for part 2. Till then, have a great one!.

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