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Best Lucky Gemstone for Libra Zodiac Sign | What is the Libra Birth Stone?



Lucky Gemstone for Libra

The 7th zodiac sign, Libra is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born between the 22nd of September and to 23rd of October are regarded as libra borns and they are fascinating people. These people are honest to their bones and this is one of their strongest traits. They also prefer peace over chaos and are agreeable people as well. Along with peace, they have a strong belief in justice and they practice it with all their capabilities.

With a lucky gemstone, the strong qualities of a Libra born are made even stronger. In this article, we will discuss the lucky gemstone or birthstone for the Libra zodiac sign. We will go into detail and see its benefits and how one must wear it.

Libra Lucky Gemstone

For the righteous libra borns, their lucky gemstone is Opal. To be precise, an Opal with a golden and orange hue. Opal is a beautiful stone etched with a beautiful mixture of colors. With Opal, Libra natives will have a lot of benefits as the energy it possesses makes their life easy.

Libra Moon sign lucky Gemstone

Now let’s move on to Libra Moon sign. If you are a Libra Moon sign, then your lucky gemstone is a diamond. A diamond can attract fortune and prosperity in the wearer’s life. So if you are a Libra Moon sign get yourself a diamond.

Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Libra

A gem is not a lucky gemstone for no reason. A lucky gemstone is capable of bringing benefits to its wearer’s life. Every zodiac sign has one and wearing it will bring a series of fortunate events in your life. Now let’s see the benefits of wearing lucky gemstones for Libra.

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Benefits of wearing Opal for Libra

With the capabilities of making the life of a Libra born better and more tranquil, wearing an opal is a must for a Libra. For every obstacle and task that a libra born will go through, wearing an opal will make it easier to get through them. Moreover, it will also bring peace to the wearer’s life as they will strengthen relations with their close ones.

Opal brings forth health benefits for Libra as well. Wearing this stone will make digestion better, solar plexus will become developed, and make sexual health better as well.

This stone will also remedy a flaw or a problem with Libra borns. Libras tend to be indecisive most of the time and this is not helpful all the time in their life. Therefore to lessen this tendency or simply remove it, wearing Opal is the best remedy.

Lastly, an Opal will put out all the negativity in the native’s life. It will bring and attract positivity into their life. This stone will also develop a positive mindset in the wearer’s life.

Benefits of wearing Diamond for Libra Moons

A diamond comes as the lucky gemstone for the ones born with Libra as Moon Sign. Diamonds will attract fortune, luxury, peace, and happiness in their life. It is capable of helping with an agitated mind and bringing peace to the wearer’s life.

It also brings stability to the professional life of the wearer. It helps them get through problems and has a better reputation. With diamonds, they will be able to face challenges easily and solve them the same.

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It also improves the overall health of the wearer. A diamond improves strength and helps in fighting health issues. It will also remove negativity from the native’s life, helping in every aspect of life.

When to wear and How to wear

Along with the benefits, lucky gemstones come with certain requirements while wearing them. By wearing it the right way, you can gain its benefits better. Let’s move on to how you should wear the lucky gemstone for Libra.

When to wear and how to wear Opal

  • Opal should be mounted on White Gold, Silver, or Yellow Gold, whether it be a ring or pendant.
  • You must also keep the bottom side of the stone open and not cover it.
  • The time you should wear Opal on Fridays during sunrise and sunset. You must wear it between 5 to 9 AM and 5 to 7 PM.
  • Do not forget to purify the Opal by dipping it in raw milk or Ganga jaal every time before you wear it.
  • You must wear Opal on the Index finger, right hand for men, and right or left hand for women.
  • While wearing it, chant the mantra ‘Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraaye Namah’ 108 times.

When to wear and how to Wear Diamond

  • Make sure the diamond is pure and real while purchasing it. Don’t wear a diamond less than one carat.
  • You must mount the diamond on gold, or silver.
  • You should also chant the mantra ‘Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraaye Namah’ 108 times while you wear it.
  • You must wear the diamond on your middle finger.
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Therefore, a diamond is for the Libra Moons and Opal is for the Libra borns. These lucky gemstones for Libra have energies that can enhance their quality of life. These stones help remedy their flaws and bring positivity to their life. The lucky gemstone will help them in every step they take in their life and has a positive effect on their health as well.