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Best Lucky Gemstone for Aries Zodiac Sign | What Is an Aries Birth Stone?



Best Lucky Gemstone for Aries Zodiac Sign | What Is an Aries Birth Stone?

Aries, the first zodiac sign, comes with Mars as its ruling planet, and people born under it are known to be adventurous. Those who are born with Aries as their zodiac sign can be regarded as the frontrunners of everything. They are brave, energetic, and hardworking people that despise backing out from responsibilities. In addition to it, they are friendly people and love lending a helping hand to others.

But have you ever wondered how you could enhance all these qualities of Aries? Well, the answer is to wear the lucky gemstone. With gemstones, the person wearing them will become healed and it will bring fortune to the person. For Aries, the lucky gemstone is a Diamond. The people with the Aries zodiac sign can wear diamonds to bring luck to their life and take away bad things from their life.

It is extremely beneficial to be wearing the lucky gemstone all the time. For even if you have a lot of luck going on in your or you are simply going on through bad times, the gemstone will intensify or bring more luck to your life no matter the circumstance.

In this article, you will find a detailed guide for Aries’s lucky gemstone or birthstone. We will take you through the benefits of wearing it and guide you on how to wear it. So, let’s dive right in.

Aries Lucky Gemstone

As already mentioned, the lucky gemstone for people born with Aries as zodiac sign is “Diamond”.

Aries Moon sign lucky Gemstone

For people with Aries as Moon Sign, the Red Coral(Moonga) is the lucky gemstone.

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Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Aries

Benefits of wearing diamond for Aries

For the lucky stone for Aries which is the Diamond, wearing it will bring in a lot of benefits.

The very first benefit that comes with wearing diamonds for Aries people is health benefits. Wearing a diamond is extremely good for bringing down or removing stress from your life and reduces anxiety by leaps and bounds. It is also extremely good for the ones who cannot control their anger and will keep them calm. Moreover, eye problems and kidney problems are away from your life by wearing diamonds.

Another benefit is that all negativity and evil energy will be away from Aries’ life by wearing a diamond. Therefore any kind of evil things such as bad occurrences, negative people, and negative energy from you. The gemstone will protect you from all those things.

Lastly, diamond is highly beneficial for the professional life of Aries people as well. You will be able to make a good decisions in your work and use the best of your mind. Chances will come up that your salary might be raised and better job opportunities as well.

Therefore, a horde of good luck will come for Aries people by wearing diamonds.

Benefits of wearing Red Coral for Aries Moon Sign

Red Coral benefits people with the Aries Moon Sign a lot regarding their health. Two of the most common issues that are resolved are headaches and migraines. In addition, if Red Coral is worn, all issues with the lower back, kidney, bone marrow, and jaw are resolved.

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It brings luck regarding marital life as well. Manglik Dosh or an unfavorable pairing of any planet with Mars may be to blame for this. Your marriage may be delayed or postponed if Mars is in your marriage house and producing unfavorable consequences. Red Coral can be the answer to all of these issues.

When to wear and How to wear

By simply wearing a diamond will not bring you the said luck and benefits. There are ways and methods in which you should wear them for if you wear them incorrectly, you will not gain their benefits.

For Diamond

For the Aries lucky gemstone Diamond, you will have to wear a stone that weighs bigger than half a carat. A one-carat diamond is the right one.

Also, you will have to wear the diamond in gold, platinum, or silver metals only. If it’s any other metal than the mentioned, the benefits might not come along in your life.

Moreover, you need to chant the mantra “Om Shum Shukraye Namaha” while you wear the diamond and you should do it 108 times. The best day you can wear diamonds is Fridays.

Following these ensure that the diamond you wear will bring the best fortune and benefits in your life.

For Red Coral

As Red Coral is the lucky gemstone for the Aries Moon Sign, there are methods you should follow to make sure it provides you with fortune and benefits.

Make sure the Red Coral you wear is the Italian Red Coral as it is considered to be the best. If you cannot get your hands on it, then you can go for Japanese Red Coral.

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You should wear the Red Coral in gold or panchdhatu. Silver will also work but gold and panchdhatu are highly recommended. Also, you should wear it if the effect of Mars is weak in your horoscope. You must also wear it if Mars and Saturn are in the same house and this will influence the fortunate effects of Mars.

Wearing it on Tuesdays during the morning, specifically between 5 to 9 am is best. Moreover, you should wear it on the ring finger and if you are a man then on the right hand. Also, you should purify it by dipping it three times in Cow milk or Ganga Jal.

It is best if you chant the mantra “Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah” 108 times while wearing Red Coral. You can also wear it as a pendant.


As per astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with a particular gemstone that is believed to bring good luck, positive energy, and enhance personality traits. For Aries people, it is a Diamond and for Aries Moon Sign it is Red Coral. Wearing those stones brings luck regarding the health and professional life of the person. But you need to follow the steps to wearing it to get the best benefits of the luck gemstones.