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Meaning of Owl Coming To Your House Or Seeing One| Owl Symbolism in Vedic Astrology



Meaning of Owl coming to your house

Owls are given a lot of importance in Indian culture because it is the vehicle of Maa Lakshmi. The owl is not considered a fool in any scripture. The Linga Purana states that Naradamuni had preached to receive music education from Mansarovarvasi Uluk( Owl).

In the Valmiki Ramayana, an owl is explained to be clever in place of a fool. When Lord Shri Ram was not succeeding in killing Ravana, at that time, Ravana’s brother Vibhishan comes to Ram. Then Sugriv warns Lord Rama to stay away from the enemy’s uluk-cleverness. ( Owl’s cleverness)

Relation Between Lakshmi and Owl

Owl has been represented as Vehicle of Wealth’s Goddess Lakshmi.

How Owl became Lakshmi Vehicle

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, Once all the gods and goddesses were assigning their vehicles. When Goddess Laxmi’s turn came, she started thinking about which animal she should choose as her vehicle. While Lakshmi was thinking about choosing her vehicle, all animals and birds started fighting among themselves to become the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Then Lakshmi silenced them and told them every year on the day of Kartik Amavasya, I come to visit the earth. So, That day I will make one of you my vehicle.

On the day of Kartik Amavasya, all animals and birds waited for Lakshmi for the whole day. But Goddess Lakshmi came At night. That time only Owl saw Goddess Lakshmi with his sharp eyes in the darkness and reached near her at a rapid speed and started praying to her that you should accept me as your vehicle.

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Goddess Laxmi looked around and did not see any animal or bird there, so she gladly accepted owl as her vehicle.

Some popular beliefs about owl

– In the morning, seeing the owl sitting on the tree in the east direction or listening to his voice brings money. The person unexpectedly becomes wealthy.

– If the owl sits on the bunk at night, someone is going to get married soon in that family.

– If a pregnant woman sees the owl while going for delivery, she will give birth to twin children.

– If the owl passes by touching a serious patient while flying, it means that the patient will be cured very shortly.

– According to prognostication, if an owl sits on the roof of any house and speaks, then there will die someone in that house.

– It is believed that If an owl reaches in one’s kitchen, then the homeowner will never be short of food.

– Seeing an owl crying, is understood to be losing money of that person.

– In many places in India, it is also told that if owls are constantly crying for three days then there will be a robbery or theft near that place.

– For many people, it is extremely good to hear the sound the owl left or right side. According to them, it is good if an owl speaks on the left side. But speaking in the right is an ominous sign.

Owls are worshiped in Haridwar

It is told that the night of Deepawali is a bad night for owls.  According to myths, an owl is either considered to be inauspicious, so some people sacrifice(kill) owl on the day of the Deepawali.

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Apart from this, but the Owl is worshiped in Haridwar.

Gangasabha President Ram Kumar Mishra explained that Goddess Lakshmi will never please with the devotees if they do not worship the owl.

He added that owls are worshipped for the achievement of wealth and owl is not unfortunate for anyone. Mishra told that the ritual of owl’s worship by the descendants of the Gautam tribe in Haridwar for a long time back.  He also said that the people of the Gautam tribe consider seeing owls as auspicious.

Gangsabha speaker said that it is not recommended to worship the owl hostage. One should worship an owl if he meets randomly or you can worship the owl’s wood made symbol.


After having a detailed discussion on the importance of owl in Vedic mythology, I just want to say that the good and bad effects of an owl on people differ accordingly. Some think an Owl good and some relate it from misfortune. But, according to me, all these beliefs are not enough logical to be believed in this of technology. So now the ball is your coat. You can choose which side will you choose or you are neutral.