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Vastu Tips For Temple At Home



Vastu Tips For Temple

ॐ गंगणपतये नमो नम:

Home is where the heart is, and our hearts are fixed in the remembrance of our Lord. We owe all our health, wealth, and prosperity to God, and it’s due to their blessings that we have all the good things in life. Therefore, it is important to pray to God regularly, and that can be done easily by having your very own temple in your house.

Almost everyone has a temple in their house, big or small. The size doesn’t matter as long as you have made the temple in the right direction and position. According to Vastu Shastra, the accurate positioning and direction of the temple and the placement of the sculptures can have a positive impact on your income, relationships, and health. 

Tips for the Best Temple Construction at Your Home

The following tips will guide you on where to build your in-house temple to reap the maximum benefits of the Lord’s blessings:

1. Temple Should Be Built In The Ishan Corner of The House (North-East)

Vastu Tips For Temple
Vastu Tips For Temple

As per Vastu Shastra expert Ajay Dwivedi, the temple should be built in the Ishan corner of the house. Jupiter is the ruler of the north-eastern direction, that is also another name for the Ishan corner. Ishan means God, and Jupiter’s direction is also the direction of our Lord, which is why it is recommended to place a temple in this direction.

Furthermore, the inclination of the earth is still just in the north-east direction and travels with the beginning position of the north-east. This particular area is very auspicious as it draws all the positive energy towards it. The temple’s location in this part of the building would also draw the energy of the whole house at that one point and then pass it on, which makes it an ideal spot for a temple.

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2. The Centre of the House

Vastu Tips For Temple

Since we are talking about the best directions, placing your temple in the middle of your house would also be highly beneficial. The center of the house is also known as the Brahmasthan. This specific area is also very helpful as it attracts health and wealth for all the family members to enjoy.

3. Elevated Floor Level

Vastu Tips For Temple

We worship our Gods, and we bow down to them. Since the Lord is all-seeing and the ruler of the entire universe, it is important for us to place him in a slightly raised position. This means that the house temple’s room should be higher compared to the entire house, and the floor level should be elevated. It is important for us to show our respect by keeping them at a higher level.

4. The Best Room for the Temple

Vastu Tips For Temple

We understand that not everyone has the space to designate an entire room for the temple, but if you want to make your temple a multi-purpose room, then as per Vastu Shastra, you must ensure that the room is not a bedroom, nor should it have an attached washroom in it as it can have negative impacts. 

5. Placement of the Worshipping Idols

Vastu Tips For Temple

The idols or ‘murtis’ the Lord must always be placed in the East or in the North direction as this is the ideal position for harnessing positive energy, according to Vastu Shastra.

6. Construction of the Temple

Vastu Tips For Temple

The temple is the most sacred place in your house, so you should try your best to make sure that it stands out and stays neat and clean. The temple must be made with good materials such as wood or marble. The temple should also have a limited number of idols since too many idols of one God will overcrowd the space. Furthermore, if you are using a picture of God or Goddess, then make sure that the picture is clear and it is not damaged.

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Final Words

As humans, we owe everything we own and possess to the mercy of God. Without their blessings, we would be nowhere. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the location and position of your house temple to ensure that the Lord stays in the best place of our house, to harness greater positive energy. Any effort you make towards this venture will benefit you a lot.