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Mars In The 10th House For Aries Ascendant



Aries Ascendant are known to be the “Warriors” of the Zodiac Tree because in them, they are the ones who have the fiery and fierce qualities of the planet Mars.

The sign, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is fire. While Aries itself is a fire sign, this just means that Aries ascendants can be one of the most assertive and aggressive people. They are very straightforward and they don’t talk in different directions.

Being Aries means being very impulsive, and if Mars is weak in one’s birth chart, one can become very aggressive in nature.

They always have a strong desire to lead in life and one of the most important traits of Aries Ascendants is that they have the qualities of a solider. They are born with all the qualities of Mars and in fact if you read just the numbers written in the birth chart of an Aries Ascendant, you can clearly see that the person is a soldier. How?.

If you think about a soldier, a soldier once he is appointed to go and fight in the war, he has to sacrifice his family, marriage, and most important himself.

If you look at the chart of an Aries Ascendant, the 1st house is ruled by Mars therefore Mars here will give all the qualities of courage, bravery, energy, strength and vigor to the native. The native can really compete well in life and face his fears because here Mars also makes the native fears.

However, for Aries ascendants, the 8th house is also ruled by Mars, which is the house of death, struggles and misery. This just means that even though Mars here makes the native extremely strong, Mars becomes the reason for the person’s death and struggle in life.

If you look even more closely and apply the similarities of a solider and Aries zodiac sign, you will find that Mars get’s weak in the Cancer Zodiac sign.

If you look at the 4th house for Aries, it is ruled by Cancer, and 4th house represents Home and family. Just like a solider who has to leave his home in order to fight for his nation. Even for Aries ascendants, Mars get weak in the 4th house and many times, Aries people leave their home in order to work.

Similarly, the 8th house represents death and that is the reason why Aries Ascendants are also very vulnerable to accidents and many incidents. Moreover, they also have to struggle in life and face many difficulties.

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The importance of Mars for Aries Ascendants.

The planet Mars is one of the most important planet for Aries ascendants because firstly it is the lord of the 1st house. However, for Aries people, Mars is also the ruler of 8th house and this can create some problems for people who have Mars badly placed in the horoscope.

Mars represents hard work, strength, vitality, energy and bravery in Vedic Astrology. And there is no doubt, Aries ascendants possess all the core qualities of the planet Mars.

Mars also represents land, real estate, property, building materials and cooking and medicine, therefore some of the best careers for Aries ascendants will be in these sectors of business.

Many people argue that Mars is the Yogkarak planet for Aries ascendants and in some cases it can be true if Mars is placed in a good position, however, this is not always the case.

That’s why Aries and Scorpio Lagan or ascendants is not considered to be a great Lagan because Aries Lagan, Mars is the ruler of the 8th house which is the house of death and struggles. Many times, Aries ascendants may live a life where have to face a lot of competition and struggle in life.

If Mars is well placed in the birth chart for Aries Ascendant, it can become a Raj Yoga giving planet for Aries ascendants, however, if Mars is not in a good position then Mars can give bad results to the native.

Mars in the 10th house for Aries Ascendants.

Mars in the 10th house for Aries ascendants is one of the best positions of Mars to be in. This position is the best because it is equivalent to giving a Maha Raj Yoga results to the native.

The main reason being firstly when Mars is positioned in the 10th house, Mars get’s natural strength or so called Mars get’s “Digbali”. Regardless of whether Mars is debilitated or weak, Mars in the 10th house will give great results to the native.

Secondly, specifically for Aries ascendants, Mars in the 10th house, Mars here is positioned in it’s exaltation sign, which just means that it is the best position for Mars to be in.

Mars here Creates a Maha Panchmahapurush Raj Yoga called Ruchak Raj Yoga“. There’s no doubt, anyone or any person who has this Maha Raj Yoga lives a life equivalent to a king. He will enjoy all the comforts of life whether it is wealth, fame, prosperity, land, property and success in life. The person will have the potential rise to a very high level in his career. The person will be blessed with a really high level of energy and he will have a physical body like that of a soldier.

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This just means that this position of Mars can also give a lot of rise and success in the career of the person. The person will also have the capability to gain worldly fame in his lifetime.

However, one thing to note about Mars in the 10th house is that it can make the person extremely impatience which could be the reason for the downfall of the person. Because here Mars is extremely strong and at its greatest strength. And when Mars becomes too strong, there’s no doubt, the person will have lots of energy, vitality courage and bravery but at the same time, it can make the native very very impatient.

Therefore, if you have this position of Mars, apply patience as the key core value in his life. Even when you are at your job, let patience rule your life instead of focusing on speed and aggressive growth.

Because Mars being in the 10th house, there’s no doubt, if you take 2 steps, you can achieve 10 steps. But for that, you will need to learn the art and skill of being patient. Many times, because of impatience, you may lose years of growth and advancement.

Besides that Mars in the 10th house is one of the best positions for Medical Students. Mars here can really give great success to people aspiring to become medical doctors and surgeon.

Moreover, Mars in the 10th house can also make the person achieve great success in field of real estate and land. Any business related to Mars like Real Estate, land, property, building materials, hotels and cooking can be extremely beneficial for the native with Mars in the 10th house.

Mars in the 10th house, Mars here aspects the 1st house and this aspect of Mars is the reason why the person can become extremely impatient. Otherwise, Mars here can really make the person become really successful in life.

Mars from the 10th house also aspects the 4th house and many people believe the fact that this is a bad aspect as Mars gets debilitated in Cancer Zodiac sign, however, this is not the case here for Aries Ascendants. Mars here in the 10th house is actually going to bring lots of growth and success in regards to real estate and property.

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The native will surely be born in a family that owns huge real estate and property. Whether it is a big house or small house, yes the native will live in a property that has a lot of value. However, if the native is born without property, he or she will definitely be able to buy many properties in the future.

Moreover, Mars here will give all the “Sukh” or so called comforts to the native. Whether, it is property, land, vehicles, facilities, and many more luxuries of life. In simple, Mars in the 10th house will make the native live a life equivalent to a king. There won’t be problems of money, wealth, food, comforts and if due to certain planetary conditions, there arises a situation where native struggles to earn money, the 2nd half of life for the native will be fruitful.

Because result is sure to come, and it doesn’t matter if Mars is weak, in less degrees or having aspects of Rahu or Ketu. As Mars gets natural strength in the 10th house.

Moreover, Mars here can also bring the possibility of giving massive fame to the native and if Sun is strong in the chart, the native can experience world fame.


Overall, Mars in the 10th house, there is no doubt, it is the best position for Mars to be in, specifically for Aries Ascendant. Because this is the position where Mars gets the maximum strength.

Anyone who has the Maha Raj Yoga called Ruchak Raj Yoga, there is no doubt, he will achieve greatness in life and will be blessed with all the comforts and wealth in life.

This doesn’t mean that the native will immediately experience such results, it also depends upon other planetary positions like Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. If Saturn is also favourable for the native along with Sun, the native can get good scope in government jobs.

While if Saturn is strong in the birth chart, the native can really do well in businesses related to real estate and construction.

Moreover, if Venus and Jupiter is favourable, the native can become an amazing actor and get success in entertainment.

Lastly, the only thing people with Mars in the 10th house have to worry about is their patience itself. That will be the biggest challenge that such people have to face and overcome in life.