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Karak and Akarak Planets for Pisces Ascendant



Karak and Akarak Planets for Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Ascendants are the people who have Pisces on their 1st house at the time of their birth. Ascendant signs play a crucial role in describing our personality and help us understand ourselves more. It is as important as the sun signs and moon signs.

The ruling planet of Pisces Ascendants is Jupiter and their element is “water”. Pisces Ascendant people come as intelligent people who are caring towards others. They tend to become nervous most of the time, although this doesn’t mean that they are foolish people. These people are capable of tricking others.

Pisces Ascendant Physical features

Pisces Ascendant people have a chubby build with medium levels of height. They make elegant but quick gestures and movements. These people have beautiful faces with adorable smiles, dreamy eyes, and calm expressions which make them attractive and approachable people.

Pisces Ascendant men have muscular bodies with average height. They are handsome men with sexy bodies and mystical eyes. Overall, these men are very attractive.

Pisces Ascendant women are no less than men. These women are sexy and gorgeous with slim and curvy bodies. They are not that tall and have an immaculate fair and often light brown complexion as well.

Pisces Ascendant male celebrities

Michael Jackson, Ryan Gosling, Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Cash, Wayne Dyer, and many more.

Pisces Ascendant female celebrities

Whitney Houston, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Amanda Bynes, Demi Moore, and many more.

Pisces Ascendant friendly planets

The beneficial or friendly planets for Pisces Ascendants are Moon and Mars. Although among the two the best planet is Moon. Success is inevitable when Moon is well-placed.

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Pisces Ascendant Enemy Planets

The enemy planet or inauspicious planet for Pisces Ascendants is Venus.

Pisces Ascendant Professional Career

The Pisces Ascendant people are gorgeous and they are creative as well. So these people will flourish in fields such as singing, acting, modeling, writing, and songwriting. In addition, they are caring and friendly as well. With this, they can make a career in the hospitality and health field as well. These people are sure to become successful and wealthy if they get themselves into the correct fields. Also, when Moon and Mars are well-placed, they are bound to become wealthy and successful.

Pisces Ascendant Favourable Colour

The favourable or beneficial colours for Pisces Ascendants are Orange and Yellow.

Pisces Ascendant Lucky Gems

Pisces Ascendant’s lucky gems are Coral, Yellow Sapphire, and Pearl.  

Karak and Akarak Planets for Pisces Ascendant

Karak Planets for Pisces Ascendants

Mars is a Karak planet for Pisces Ascendants. Mars rules the 9th house which is the most spacious house, the planet produces favourable outcomes for Pisces Ascendants. Mars rules the 2nd house as well.

As the Moon rules the 5th house, it produces positive outcomes for Pisces Ascendants.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Pisces Ascendant, is auspicious for them.

Akarak Planets for Pisces Ascendants

Saturn is an Akarak Planet for Pisces Ascendants. As it rules the 11th house and the 12th house it dawns the Pisces Ascendants with bad things throughout its Dasha phase.

Venus is also an Akarak Planet for Pisces Ascendants since it rules the 3rd house and the 8th house. Venus and Jupiter do not get along as well.

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Sun is also an inauspicious plant for Pisces Ascendant as it rules the 6th house.

Mercury rules the 4th house and the 7th house which are Kendra houses. Mercury produces a negative impact despite being a naturally beneficial ruling Kendra. Furthermore, kendradipatya dosha is present.

Rahu and Ketu produce outcomes according to their positioning.


Being aware of Karak and Akarak planets when being a Pisces Ascendant is important. With this, the native will be able to know who to keep at arm’s length and which planet to embrace. Akarak planets such as Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Saturn are extremely inauspicious for Pisces Ascendants. Although its has Karak or auspicious planets as well such as Mercury, Jupiter and Moon.