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Benefits of Wearing Pukhraj Stone



The Pukhraj Stone also known as the Yellow Sapphire stone is one of the most powerful stones in Vedic Astrology and Gemology. It is the stone of the planet Jupiter and it represents courage, wisdom, prosperity and intelligence. It’s a very beautiful stone that brings lots of prosperity, growth and happiness into the life of the person.

Astrologers generally recommend the wearer to wear the Pukhraj Stone, when Jupiter is in a good position in the birth chart. Especially, when Jupiter is a benefic planet for the person, while it may be weak in the birth chart. Therefore, to increase the strength of Jupiter, the Yellow Sapphire stone is normally worn.

Many successful people wear the Yellow sapphire stone to enhance their wealth, prosperity and growth in their life. This stone is normally worn on Thursday and it is worn in the index or the first finger. The index finger is also the finger where, the Mount of Jupiter is located right below it.

However, it is also said that one should not wear the Pukhraj Stone just because it brings wealth and prosperity into the life. Many times, Jupiter may not be favorable for some people and in this case, wearing the Pukhraj stone can create troubles into the life of the person.

Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

  • Increases the will power and ambition of the native. By wearing the Pukraj Stone, one feels a sense of drive to achieve something big in life. His ambition is highly energized and the stone makes the native very ambitious.
  • The Pukhraj Stone helps the native in education. You may have seen many children, these days have a hard time to focus and study. By wearing the Pukhraj Stone, one’s mental clarity increases. He becomes more focused into his work or study. Children benefit a lot by wearing the Pukhraj Stone.
  • Many times, people have Jupiter as their Yoga Karaka planet in their birth chart and on top of that, Jupiter could be placed in a good good like the 1st house or 9th house. But sometimes, the strength of Jupiter in terms of Degrees may be low. Due to this, even though Jupiter is strongly positioned, Jupiter won’t be able to give the best results. This is where the Pukhraj Stone comes in, and by wearing the Pukhraj Stone, one can enjoy the benefits of Jupiter and get the best results from it.
  • The Pukhraj Stone also helps the native in terms of health and wellness. If you are suffering from problems related to Jaundice, Blood Pressure, Fat Accumulation, Stomach Problems, by wearing the Pukhraj Stone, one can get relief from these diseases to heal the sickness faster.
  • These days, marriage has been a frequent problems and many amazing couples in life are facing divorce situations. This usually happens when the 7th house or the 7th house lord is afflicted in the birth chart. By wearing the Pukhraj Stone, it can be beneficial for people who are looking towards marriage or wanting to have a smooth married life.
  • This stone is also unites lovers or if you have a soulmate in your life, this stone helps you meet your other half.
  • It is also worn by married couples to strengthen ones relationships and make the bond between the husband and the wife much stronger and closer.
  • Natives who frequently suffer from the problem of lack of concentration can wear the Pukhraj Stone to increase their concentration.
  • Pukhraj Stone is beneficial for natives who are in the education sector. They can get lots of success and growth in this field by wearing the Pukhraj Stone.
  • Natives who have Jupiter in less than 8 degrees in the Birth Chart, such natives can wear the Pukhraj Stone to make their Jupiter become more stronger in the birth chart.
  • However, If Jupiter is a Marakka planet in the birth chart, one should never wear the Pukhraj Stone.
  • Wearing the Pukhraj Stone can help the students who are preparing for competitive exams.
  • It is also the stone for Spirituality as Jupiter is one of the most spiritual planets. Here, natives who want to get into the field of Spirituality or want to get into Sadhna, they can wear the Pukhraj Stone and experience growth and upliftment in the fields of Spirituality.
  • Natives who is not getting respect, honor in the society or work place or if they are not getting the credit for the work they have done at job, then by wearing the Pukhraj Stone, one can get status, respect and honor in the society or workplace.
  • Progeny and fertility related problems can also be solved by wearing the Pukhraj Stone.
  • People who also suffer from headaches can wear the Pukhraj Stone.
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How to wear the Pukhraj Stone?

The best metal ring for Pukhraj Stone to be worn on is Gold. As gold is a symbolism of wealth and the planet Jupiter is also represents wealth and fortune.

The Pukhraj Stone should be worn on Thursday morning, on the right index finger or first finger.

Before wearing the Pukhraj Stone, one should chant the mantra – Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah for 108 times and then pray to Lord Brihaspati for blessings and then wear the stone. One should also not wear dark colored clothes while wearing the stone.