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Incredible Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone



Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is a very special Gemstone that only a few people on earth have the permission to wear. Its called “Manik” in Hindi and its a very powerful gemstone that comes with immense benefits to the wearer. Its certainly one of the most beautiful gemstones with a bright red crimson color that glows on the fingers of the native.

Ruby is the gemstone for the planet Sun. It represents the energy and aura of Sun. It belongs to the Corundum minerals family and the blood-red color that it has is due to the presence of chromium. Ruby is also known to be called as the King of all Gemstones. Ruby Gemstone is normally worn to improve the planet Sun in one’s birth chart. It the stone of good health that enhances the health and wellness of the native. Along side, it’s known for it’s remarkable quality to boost self-confidence and energy levels of the native. It also protects the native from negative energies and evil spirits while, the Ruby Gemstone is normally worn by people who work in the fields of business, government and especially politicians. Its a stone that unlocks the doors of fame, prosperity and status for the individual. While, it also improves the wealth and fortune of the native.

As not everyone is entitled to wear the Ruby Gemstone as, it can increase the energy levels of the person to such a extent that, the native starts to experience the problem of anger and short temperedness. However, it is worn by people who have a good position of Sun and that the planet Sun is favorable in their birth chart, while the planet is weak in their birth chart.

Benefits of wearing the Ruby Gemstone

Self-control and Leadership Qualities

Often in our lives, we face situations where people don’t listen to us or at work, if we hold any leadership positions, it may so happen that our employees don’t follow our words and command. You see everything in this universe is made of energy, and when the energy of Sun is weak in a person’s life, the native will face problems leading others. As a weak Sun denotes that the native lacks, self-control, confidence and motivation.

Ofcourse, Leadership is a quality that can be sharpened, improved and build upon. However, to some extent, our habits, energy and aura also plays a key role in shaping our leadership skills. Therefore, by wearing the Ruby Gemstone, one can improve the planet Sun in their birth chart. When the planet Sun gets strength, one will feel a sense of control within their body. This is important as the first quality of a leader is self-control as in order to be able to fully control one’s emotions even during the toughest of times.

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This is a great stone for any one who is in a leadership position at work or government. In fact, if you notice, many of the people working in high positions or government sectors wear the Ruby Gemstone.

Improves your ability to work hard

If there is one thing that stops a person from reaching his goals or achieving his dreams is hard work. Believe it or not, even in the Vedas or Maa Laxmi herself said that the person who works hard in life, Maa Laxmi is obliged to step into the door of his home and leave the wealth deserved. This means, all this time, people complain about wealth and success, while there is Dhan Yoga or Maha Dhan Yoga greater than Hardwork. I have seen lots of birth charts where the native has a very bad wealth condition in his chart. However, his only strength lies in the 3rd house which represents hardwork and the native would be doing extremely well in life.

Sun is also the planet that is directly associated with Hard Work and Bhagya or Fate. It is the main planet that represents hard work, along with Mars. By wearing the Ruby Gemstone, one will naturally like to work hard in life. He will start to experience a sense of motivation or boost in energy that will help him in his career or life. Ruby gemstone will boost your capacity to work hard in life and you will feel less lazy.

Strengths your 9th house or the house of Bhagya, Fate and Fortune

According to Vedic Astrology, it is said that the 9th house represents our Bhagya, Fate and fortune. It is house that tells us, what gifts we will be getting in this life. What opportunities we will get in this life that we don’t have to put an effort to get it. Sun is the Karaka planet in the 9th house and by wearing the Ruby Gemstone, our 9th house naturally starts to gain strength.

If your Sun is in the 9th house, it’s even better as here, Sun is directly associated with your fate and fortune. To an extent where, opposite of 9th house is the 3rd house which is the house of hard work. Therefore, if you wear the Ruby Gemstone, it makes your Bhagya very strong and you will start finding opportunities in life. Your luck will shine and so will your fortune.

Wards of Negativity and Evil Eye

In life, we all are prone to negativity and evil eye. Whether you are a businessman or a you work in a company, people are bound to become jealous of us or have bad intentions in their minds about us.

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This is especially true when Sun is positioned in the 6th house or if the 6th house and it’s lord is very strong in the birth chart. As the 6th house is the house of enemies, competition and obstacles in life.

By wearing the Ruby Gemstone, one will be protected from evil spirits, evil eye and negative thinking of other people. It creates a layer of protective aura around you that wards off negative energies and if you place the stone under your pillow, it also protects you from nightmares and sleep disturbances.

Boosts your self-confidence and makes you fearless

The biggest and most notable benefit of wearing the Ruby gemstone is that it naturally boosts one’s self-confidence. We all face times in our lives when we get nervous or we just lack the confidence to move forward in our life.

Whether it is the first time, we step into public speaking or the first time, we start a new business or job, we experience the feelings of nervousness and lack of confidence. However, it is at that crucial point where we change our lives and become the better version of ourselves. It’s either we get though it or we turn our back and accept failure. The courage or strength to make that decision is though the planet Sun as in our professional lives, we encounter so many situations like these and if our Sun is strong, we get the strength to face the fear and make our lives better.

That’s why by wearing the Ruby Gemstone, we get a strong boost in our self-confidence and it helps us prosper in our career and our life.

Brings Fame and Prosperity

Sun is the planet that symbolizes fame and infact Sun is the main that responsible for the fame of the person. For those individuals and talent people who require fame in their life in order to succeed, wearing the Ruby Gemstone can bring and boost fame into the life of the person.

For Actors, Speakers, Businessmen and creative talents, fame can be a very important part of their life. Especially for Actors, for whom, fame means more success opportunities in their life. While many times, people can also face negative fame and bad name in the society. Wearing the Ruby gemstone also ensures that the native will have good reputation, good name and status in the society.

Improves Paternal Relationship

One of the most important astrological benefits of wearing a ruby gem is that it improves your paternal relationships. The entire solar system is empowered by the sun. Sun is regarded as the father figure of the entire universe creation in Indian Vedic mythology. A weaker position of the Sun in your horoscope, on the other hand, may have a negative impact on your relationship with your father. It makes sense to invest in any Ruby gemstone, like as a ring, pendant, or bracelet, in such a situation.

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Ruby, the Sun’s aligned stone, is thought to have particular effects on the wearer’s paternal relationships. It has the power to remove stress and confusion from your paternal relationship. Wearing a Manik ratan not only helps a father-child relationship’s fragile position, but it also restores compassion and warmth.

Government Jobs and Success in the field of Government & Politics

These days, many people try hard to get into the government sector. While, in the face of tough competition, there are thousands of candidates who fail by an inch. People who are trying for Government jobs, or doing their competitive exams, wearing the Ruby Gemstone can bring luck into the lives of such natives. As the planet Sun represents the government and politics and Sun is the main planet that is responsible for taking a person into the fields of government.

Who can wear the Ruby Gemstone?

The Ruby gemstone is a very powerful stone that should be only worn by natives who have Sun is a good position in their birth chart or if Sun is favorable in their birth chart.

The Ruby Gemstone are best worn for people who are born in Leo Ascendant and Aries Ascendant. For them, Sun is the main or karak planet in their birth chart.

While people who have Sun in the 1st house, 5th house, 9th house, 10th house and 11 house can also wear the Ruby Gemstone. However, one must consult an astrologer before taking the decision to wear the Ruby Gemstone.

As because for some lagans or ascendant, Sun is a akarak planet, due to which wearing the Ruby Gemstone will bring in negative results.

How to wear the Ruby Gemstone?

The Ruby Gemstone should be worn on a Sunday Morning after taking a bath.

One can also recite:

Aum Hring Hamsah Suryaye Namah Aum’ 108 times while wearing the Ruby Gemstone.

While one should wear a red colored clothes and should soak the ring into cows milk or holy water before wearing the stone.

He/she should also face the Sun and chart the Mantra of Sun before wearing the Stone.

The Ruby Gemstone is worn on the right hand in the ring finger.