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7 Effective Kitchen Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen | Vastu Shastra for Kitchen



Kitchen Vastu Tips

Meta Description: Click here to find out 10 kitchen Vastu Tips on how you should place your kitchen and its components. According to Vastu Shastra for Kitchen.

Vastu Shastra for a kitchen is an important factor in many of our lives and our beliefs. According to this, the placement of our possessions affects how the possessions will interact with our lives. Although Vastu Shastra applies to everything, today we’ll talk only about Vastu Shastra for the kitchen.

Why is Vastu Shastra for the Kitchen is Important?

The kitchen is one of the most important portions of our homes. In India, especially, the kitchens are super important to maintain as they still are active almost 24/7. It not only can nourish us, but it can also lead us to destruction in many ways. This is why it’s very important to place the kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra.

Moreover, if you look at it closely, you’ll see that kitchen is one of the prime portions of your home that’s taking part in energy transformation. For example, if a food ingredient comes to your home, you process it, cook it, and then serve it. The ingredient turns into food, and the food provides you the essential nourishment that helps you gain energy.

If the food includes lots of oil, fat, and unhealthy ingredients, it turns into negative energy thus making your body lazy, lethargic and prone to sickness. While if the food is healthy, its turns into pure positive energy that is good for your body and actually helps your body in the process of healing. That’s why there is a saying “What you eat is what you become“.

According to Vastu Shastra, the energy transformed can either be positive or negative as already mentioned and moreover, the nature of the output energy depends on how you place the kitchen too. If the kitchen is placed improperly, the converted energy will be negative, and you’ll suffer from tragedy and loss in your home.
On the other hand, placing the kitchen properly will make sure that positive energy is being converted, and you’ll be able to live a peaceful and healthy life along with your family.

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Placement of the kitchen doesn’t have much to do with the taste of the food. Rather, it ensures that the processed food is filled with positive energy, nutrition, and positive feelings. That’s why many Sages and Monks recommend and practice the act of praying to God and offering the food to God first before they eat. Many people take a minute of silence and pray before eating. By doing this, it can purify the food that you are eating, and it’s really good practice because not only does it help you control the desire for food but scientifically and psychologically, it builds patience inside of you.

Understanding the Elements:

There are five elements that Vastu shastra talks about. These are fire, water, earth, wind, and space. Among these, fire is the strongest element. This doesn’t mean that fire is the best element, but it means that fire is like a double-edged sword.
If you can control fire, you’ll be able to use it for your benefit. On the other hand, uncontrolled fire can lead to destruction. Fire plays a great role in the Hindu religion as well. There aren’t many rituals that can be fulfilled without the use of fire.
Fire plays a crucial role in the kitchen, as well. All of your food will be processed with fire. It processes the food ingredients and brings out the nourishments from within them.

Before we go to placement, another major thing to understand is how each element reacts with one another. In this case, we must know how water and fire react, as you’ll be using a lot of water in your kitchen as well.
Water and fire don’t go well together. These are considered to be antagonistic elements, and this fact comes into play when placing different components of the kitchen.

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7 Kitchen Vastu Tips:

1. Best Direction for Kitchen

As we’ve said earlier, Fire is the primary element of the kitchen. This is why the kitchen must be placed on the south-east corner of the home. If your kitchen is placed at the south-east corner of your home, the fire will behave most ideally, and the amount of positivity will be the highest.

What if It is not possible to place the Kitchen in the South-east corner of your home?

However, due to the construction and design of the house, it might not be possible to place the kitchen at the south-east corner. In that case, it’s also okay to place the kitchen at a 90-degree south side. In such cases, the gas and the stove must be put on the south-east corner of the kitchen. This placement works similar to that of the south-east orientation of the kitchen, so if you can’t place your kitchen on the south-east side for some reason, no need to get worried as there’s still a choice for you.

2. Is it OK to cook facing west?

You must align your facing direction. If you’re cooking in a south or south-east facing kitchen, you should try to face either north or east. However, if you’re in a north-west kitchen, you’d be better off facing west.

3. Water and Cooking

As we’ve said before, water and fire are antagonistic elements. This is why water and gas should never be placed closely. If you see, you’ll find that the homes where water sinks and gas is put in close proximity are plagued with discomfort, negativity, and unhappiness. To avoid this trouble, you need to place your water sink and gas at least six feet apart.

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If they’re on the same slab, they need to be six feet apart. However, you can also place them on different slabs for a better result.

4. Kitchen Cabinets Vastu Shastra

Then there are the cabinets. You’ll be storing your groceries in these. If you have a large kitchen, you should store the heavier parts of your possessions on the southern and western walls. On the other hand, you need to store the light possessions on the northern and eastern walls.

If you don’t have a kitchen big enough to store multiple cabinets, you better store all of your cabinets on the southern or western walls.

5. Kitchen Color Vastu Shastra

Color is another important factor. If you have a south-western kitchen, you can paint it red, orange, or yellow. However, painting it white or cream will work as well. If you have a north-western kitchen, you can paint it white and grey. However, you must never paint your kitchen blue as it resembles water.

6. Kitchen Toilet and Vastu Shastra

If you’re looking for a new home or constructing one, try to make sure that there aren’t any mutual walls between a toilet and a kitchen, as it begets health problems. Then again, you should never build a toilet or a bedroom over a kitchen.

7. Position of Gas Stove in the Kitchen in Vastu Shastra

Last but not least, if you have an open kitchen, don’t place the gas right next to the door. This may affect the person cooking, and the person may suffer from back pain. Make sure that the back of the person who’s cooking isn’t visible. Try putting up a curtain to solve this easily.


These are the main ways in which you can solve the Vastu dosh of your home. If you follow these, you’ll be able to live a healthy and prosperous life full of positive energy.