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1st house

1st House Lord in the 3rd House | Lords through Houses



1st house lord in the 3rd house

1st house lord in the 3rd house is a very good position. This position indicates that the native will have a hard working personality and will be courageous, brave and will possess good communication skills. But before we further get deep into this topic, let’s first understand the houses and their meaning.

1st house in Astrology

The 1st house in Vedic Astrology is known to be called as the “Tanu Bhava”. It is one of the most important houses in Astrology. In fact, just the 1st house being very strong, indicates that the birth chart of the native will be very strong. The Karak planet for the 1st house is the planet Sun, and Mars is the main significator of the 1st house.

The 1st house represents the self, the body and the physical body that we have. It represents us as a human being and our personality and character. It also represents our health and overall life path. The 1st house also represents our energy, our vitality, courage, bravery, our determination and appearance.

3rd house in Astrology

The 3rd house in Vedic astrology represents our siblings, brothers and sisters. It is the official house of communication, media and entertainment. It represents our activities, hobbies and most importantly, hard work. The 3rd house also signifies courage and bravery.

The Karak planets in the 3rd house are Mars, Saturn, Sun and Rahu, while, the main significator of the 3rd house is Mercury. In Vedic astrology, the third house regulates verbal expression and inclinations, thus a favourable placement in this house and of the third house lord might create painters, dancers, authors, and others.

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While, the third house also represents our intelligence and creativity. That fact that the 3rd house relates to our hands, means that, magicians, dancers, singers and many astounding talents can be seen by reading the 3rd house.

1st house lord in the 3rd house

The 1st house lord in the 3rd house is a very good position. Firstly, this position of the 1st house lord tells us that the native will be very hardworking and is hardworking. The 3rd house is one of the Upchaya Houses, meaning this house grows as we grow older. Therefore, planets in this house also tend to give better results in the later half of our lives.

The 3rd house is the house of self-efforts and with this placement of the 1st house lord, it means that the native will earn his wealth, and achieve success and prosperity in his life through his own hard work and self efforts.

This is because from the 3rd house, the planet will directly aspect the 9th house, which is the house of Bhagya or Fate and fortune and this directly tells us that, the native will unlock his fate or Bhagya though his own self efforts.

Planets like Mars, Rahu and Sun give amazing results in the 3rd house. As if these planets are situated in the 3rd house, the native gains immense strength and determination to work hard in life. Through which, he will achieve his success in his life with his own self-efforts.

This is a placement that is seen in majority of the worlds entrepreneurs and top level businessmen. The reason is because all these people have to work very hard in their lives and a potentially budding entrepreneur is seen with this position, if the 1st house lord sits in the 3rd house.

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However, the native may have to struggle very hard in his lifetime. As the 1st house lord sitting in the 3rd house also means that the native will be working very hard through his life. Moreover, the more hard work the native does, the better his life becomes and success is always at his fingertips. The only catch is that the native should not be lazy, while, he should continuously thrive to face his challenges and opt for bigger things in his life.

Mars in the 3rd house is regarded as one of the best positions for Mars to be in. This placement is applicable for people born in Aries or Scorpio ascendants and here, the native becomes extremely hardworking. Mars is all about vitality, energy and determination and when Mars being the lord of the 1st house sits in the 3rd house, just means that the native becomes extremely fortunate and wealthy in his life. The native becomes courageous, brave and intelligent and it is through his hunger for achieving bigger things in life that he will be able to unlock his fate and fortune, he will achieve such great things that, even he never had thought of.

1st house lord in the 3rd house also means that, the native will be responsible for shaping his own identity and personality in his lifetime. While, his brothers and sisters will benefit from him, the native will earn his status, self-respect and honor in the society through his own self-efforts.

The native will also have good communication skills, however this depends upon which planet is sitting in the 3rd house. Mercury makes the native have excellent communication skills. He will be a natural salesman, a sweet talker and a orator. Mars will make the native have strong, but harsh style of communicating. Such natives often get into fights due to their communication. While Sun makes the native have strong and bold style of communication. They are able to influence others. Similar is the case with Jupiter.

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The native will have immense courage and bravery within him. As it is said in the scriptures that, he will equal to a lion in valor. He will be intelligent and he will love to hard work.

While, the native will also have to face tough competition in his life. This is because the 3rd house is 6th from the 10th house and this directly indicates that, the native will have to take lots of risks in his life and face and defeat his enemies in order to gain success in his career.

While, the native will also have long life and if there are planets like Sun and Mars in the 3rd house, the native will live for a 100 years.

While, if there are planets like Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter associating with the 3rd house or in the talent, the native will be born with a special talent in creative arts. This could be singing, painting, dancing and all the creative things of life.