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Karak and Akarak Planets for Aquarius Ascendant



Karak and Akarak planets for Aquarius Ascendant

Ascendant signs are important along with the zodiac sign and moon sign. An ascendant sign can be described as the zodiac which was in the 1st house of a person when they were born. This sign is crucial as it represents the person’s personality and contributes to defining a person as a whole.

One is an Aquarius Ascendant if they have Aquarius in their 1st house at the time of their birth. The ruling planet of Aquarius Ascendants is Saturn and their element is “Air”. Aquarius Ascendants are confident people and work with their intuitions mostly. The unique thing about them is their unique sense of style and love their independence. They tend to keep their personal life private.

Aquarius Ascendant Physical features

Aquarius Ascendants are attractive people with unique styles. These people have distinct faces with foreheads that stand out and have straight hair. Their eyes have a mystical appearance. They have wide hips and shoulders and brawny legs.

Aquarius Ascendant women are beautiful women with curved and slim bodies. Their legs are long and sexy. These ladies need no makeup to make them look good and they possess a unique sense of fashion.

Aquarius Ascendant men are the people with the perfect height and they have a well-built body and broad shoulders. With unique faces, they have prominent foreheads.

Aquarius Ascendant Female Celebrities

Zendaya, J.K Rowling, Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan, and many more.

Aquarius Ascendant Male Celebrities

Barack Obama, Matt Damon, James Blunt, Imran Khan, and many more.

Aquarius Ascendant Friendly Planet

The friendly planets of Aquarius Ascendants are Venus and Sun. Venus is the friendliest planet for Aquarius Ascendants.

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Aquarius Ascendant Enemy Planets

The enemy planets of Aquarius Ascendants are Rahu, Ketu, and Jupiter.

Aquarius Ascendant professional career

Aquarius Ascendants are brilliant and intelligent people with a whole lot of creativity. So for being intelligent they can go for careers in pharmaceutics, in companies, and engineering. As they are creative they will find success in writing, singing, dancing, and acting as well.

These people are compassionate as well and therefore can have a future as doctors and surgeons as well. They can have a good life if they get into politics or the army as well. If Venus is strong, then they are bound to be successful and popular.

Aquarius Ascendant Favourable Color

The lucky or favourable colors for Aquarius Ascendants are navy blue, black, and royal blue.

Aquarius Ascendant Lucky Gems

The lucky gems for Aquarius Ascendants are Diamond and Blue Sapphire.

Karak and Akarak Planets for Aquarius Ascendant

Karak Planets for Aquarius Ascendant

Venus as the lord of the 4th house and the 9th house, which are Kendra and Kona or angler house respectively, is Karak planet for Aquarius Ascendants. The planet is Aquarius Ascendant’s “raja yoga” karaka as well. Venus produces the most favourable outcomes.

Mercury results in positive outcomes for Aquarius Ascendants. The planet rules the 5th house or the fortune house. Mercury has positive effects even though it rules the 8th house. Both positive and negative events can be found in the 8th house.

Saturn produces positive outcomes as the ruling planet of Aquarius Ascendant. Saturn’s moolatrikona was in the 1st house. Saturn rules the 12th house but produces the best results from the 1st house.

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Akarak Planets for Aquarius Ascendant

Jupiter produces unfavourable outcomes for Aquarius Ascendants as the ruler of the 2nd house and 11th houses. Because it rules the 2nd house, Jupiter has the potential to become maraka.

Mars results in unfavourable circumstances for Aquarius descendants. These two planets, Mars and Saturn, do not get along. Mars rules the 3rd house and 10th house. 3rd house is considered to be inauspicious. As its moolatrikona is in the third house, Mars, however, primarily produces 3rd house results which are negative.

Moon as the ruler of the 6th house, causes terrible outcomes.

Sun can produce both beneficial and terrible outcomes. Given that it governs the 7th house, it may become a maraka for Aquarius Ascendants.

Rahu and Ketu produce outcomes according to placement.


In conclusion, Aquarius Ascendants are brilliant people with a bright future. There are even planets which enhance the good qualities they have and the good times that await them. Although there are Akarak planets which doesn’t wait to bring forth the bad situations in life. Anyway Karak and Akarak or good and planets are what every descendants have. If you are facing difficulties in your life it can be the effects of the Akarak planets.