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Moon in Gemini | Personality Traits and Character



Moon in Gemini Personality Traits and Character

Gemini is an unpredictable sign, and are prone to changes. Backed up with never ending curiosity, you have a versatile, active and an accommodating mind. This will lead you towards perpetual discoveries. As Gemini is an “Air Sign” communication is what you are best at and what you control. Being a Gemini Moon means, the moon was in Gemini’s position at the moment of your birth. It impacts your personality. With the Gemini Moon you have a tendency to want to know what’s going on around you.

You self-examine yourself more often and try to uncover more than what they can see and feel. You don’t like to keep limitations of knowledge and constantly build up curiosity. As soon as you discover something new, you’d want to share it with the people around you. With this the backdrop, your need for communication fabricates.

You can fit in with any type of crowd and situations, sharing and exchanging information. Your emotional security lies in how active you are in learning something new. You have in yourself a quality that makes you good with numbers, speech or writings.

Personality Traits and Characteristics


You are naturally happy and have high self-confidence. Although you are obligated with the necessity of impressing others. You do it by displaying your knowledge, posting photos of vacations to exotic places and by going to parties and functions. To become and remain worthy you have the tendency to become cool and exciting.

Compliments will make you happy and satisfied but will constantly keep you burdened with the need of always being cool and fascinating. Constant mood swings will trouble you with how you feel yourself. At one time you may be delighted with all the compliments and other time squirming over the thought that you don’t have enough potential.

Love Communicating

Gemini Moons love communicating. You love talking to as many people as you can, exchanging details, gaining new knowledge and examining them with their knowledge. For you information is of utmost importance. You need to have a deep and thorough knowledge about something. Just basic opinions are what you require for your satisfaction and you will move forward towards others. You go around from person to person, to garner more information, data and ideas. You need to have the knowledge of what is going on around you so you can share information to people that’ll help them get through the day.

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Though sometimes this love for information and communication can lead you to gossiping. You won’t be able to resist your temptation to scoop out more information about others. This habit will work against you.

You will build up a reputation of a hypocrite and a deceitful person. The people close to you will keep you at arms-length and take you as untrustworthy. They won’t share their personal things with you. You will attract people who like to gossip about other people and discuss their adversities. You have to keep yourself in check so you don’t reach extreme levels.
By connecting with other people you undergo a feeling of personal worth. You find comfort and security through gatherings of people.

That may be of friends or family. New and exciting things comfort you very much and include your friends and family in it. You admire talking to others about their problems and distresses.

After you obtain the precise knowledge about one person to your satisfaction you are likely to move onto another person. You have a limitless need to gather more information. Other people also feel while good talking to you as you are good with words and say the right things at the right moment. You have the ability to turn the conversation around to the brighter side.


 You categorize experiences based on objective facts, but don’t want to actually feel those experiences. You avoid deep emotional moments. You have the habit of suppressing your feelings and emotions. You analyze most situations with rational or logical reasons, categorize it and move on. You concern yourself with too much the external world, exchanging ideas, sharing information and facts without much dwelling in the deeper, emotional and mysterious aspects of life.

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In time you have to take in emotional moments as you need to know how certain emotions occur and feel. You may find out that experiencing emotions and then adding rationality to it will broaden your social skills. You need to appreciate yourself as an emotional being and develop passionate needs with expression.

Dynamic Nature

Gemini Moon’s despise and fear boredom. You don’t like to stay stagnant and wound up in one same routine. You are always taking in new and original things within your life. It can be hobbies, people, materialistic things or flings. You like to undergo the hard, risky path just for the thrill, excitement and fun. You feel like you become trapped if you don’t keep on moving forward and constantly bring out changes, and you will get exhausted running from this fear.

Upon facing important and big decisions you tend to waver and hesitate. You’re afraid of taking decisions. For you taking decisions is a very long process. You observe everything carefully, analyze it and take every possible outcome into consideration. There’s also a fear of not living your life to it’s best in you.

All these fears lead to vulnerability towards anxiety and can become restless and nervous while avoiding all these fears. Concentration is also a matter of problem for them. They may be enthusiastic and determined at first but towards the end it eventually fades away.

How You View The World

Your view of the world is really positive. You view the world as a platform with endless possibilities. The only hurdle you’ll face is choosing one to go with. With all these options in your door, you’ll be overwhelmed and anxiety creeps in. You desire to go over the limits of what’s in the world and experience everything. You surely visit places if a possibility pops up, meet new people and trying new food.

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You have natural talent and tendency to be excellent with words and numbers. You are efficient and skillful on the spheres that require logic and systematic methods.  You are extraordinarily good on matters relating to commerce. You’re good at keeping score and accounting. Trade is also a thing you enjoy. All the turmoil and business that goes along with the retail and selling of merchandise. You have a knack for creativity and use words efficiently and in the best way possible.

Relationships With People

You cannot and will not open up yourself to other people. You have a hard time doing that. You are friendly, kind and charming but seldom bring down your walls for others and let them know about you. You think that your true-self is loathsome, boring and uninteresting.

You have the fear that you won’t attract interest from other people if you show your true self. Because of this you have a very few close relationships with people, like few close friends and serious relationships.
If it comes to love relationships, you tend to think of it as an equivalent to confinement. You seek freedom in everything that you do.

You don’t want anyone getting in your way of making decisions and you want to live your life how you want. You assume that getting close to a person is just another hurdle for you. You won’t get close to someone romantically if they’re not able to convince you that they are more than what the eye can see.

If you begin to feel bored about your relationship, you’ll eventually lose interest. You search for a person who has similar qualities and can work in par with you. This will lead to you falling in love with two or more people at once and emotions are not that a big deal for you.