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Moon in Cancer | Personality Traits and Character



Cancer is a cardinal and a water sign as well. Being a cardinal sign, it is probable that you’ll sense responsibilities which will provoke you to make an action whilst taking other’s welfare into consideration. As a water sign, it relates with the psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. You can feel what others need with intuition and you have a strong compassion for others.  

Being born with the Moon in Cancer, you instinctively possess the need of supporting, protecting and nurturing people. As Moon rules Cancer, so the qualities of emotion, empathy and intuition that pertains to the Moon are heightened up. Similar to the Moon always being in a cyclic nature, you too are of a cyclic nature as your emotions are dynamic and you are influenced by your emotions. You are regulated by your own inner cycles and intuition rather than logic or routine. So, it will be advantageous for you if you recognize your emotional and spiritual rhythms.

Personality Traits and Characteristics


Born with Moon in Cancer your emotions are dynamic and you are highly influenced by it. You are an empathic person and have deep connection with emotions. You have a good intuition you can sense what other people are going through emotionally even if they fabricate an illusion to hide their emotions.
You are an introvert and find charm in being alone and knowing yourself. So as to protect your emotions and heart you wait a long time to open up to someone about your inner depths. There are a few people with whom you will build up a deep connection. As you are introverted you don’t you are very loyal and faithful towards the few people you are close to. You are very protective of yourself as well as of people who you keep close. You are able to make any sacrifice if it helps your friend. You are at your best when you have someone to take care of and it is completely natural. You get a sense of belonging by maintaining emotional ties. But you require a friend who supports you as much you make sacrifices for them. You tend to express your inner emotions through artistic methods and the amount of emotions that you share depends upon how much you trust that particular person and how outgoing you are. You treat new people with kindness and compassion, and make a good first impression. You have a quality to be funny and constantly crack jokes. If someone hurts you or breaks your trust, you’ll be back to square one. You have the fear of being vulnerable visually. You are good at helping other people with their problems but have a hard up opening up about your own problems to others. Even the strongest of Cancer Moons are afraid of sharing their problems. This is a downfall as the friends are trustworthy and they can help you without judging you, not sharing your problems with them is a loss for you.

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How You View Yourself?

If you happen to be a Cancer Moon your relationship with yourself can be a labyrinth of complexity. Although you are a person with a good heart, compassionate and can be a good friend, you can fall to self-doubt. You frequently get immersed within negative feelings and moodiness. You keep other people emotionally away from you and it can be a hard time as you won’t have anyone to cheer you up. These fiasco of negativity lasts for a short while and in no time you will be cheered up by remembering good things about yourself.

Home and Family

With the Moon in Cancer, you have an innate connection with matters pertaining to home and family life. Some even have an overwhelming concern for the things related to family life. It is important for you having family around you and you tend take up the responsibility of your family’s well-being. But if you dwell too much within your family you have a hard time to discover and know yourself, and to be independent. Within your family you tend to be closest to your mother, as a symbiotic bond with her is possible. However, this love for your family may sometimes overextend. You can over-nurture the ones you care about. In time you have understand and learn to let your family members live their life their own way. You have to let go of the habit of overextending your love for your family. You need to love and support them without interfering too much into their life. You need to think about their independence too. The best way that you can confer to while supporting someone is by encouraging them to go out and become successful.  

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You highly relate with the domestic side of life. As home is your one and only place where you can retreat from the world it is really significant for you. You try to keep your home peaceful, calm and relaxed to the highest extent. You have a natural knack for decorating your home and keep it comfortable and inviting as much as possible. You are at your best when you are in your home. You are good in activities like cooking or any other activity where you keep others in peace and comfort. Even if you change your home in your life, if you get that sense of peace while walking through the front door you won’t have any problem.

Understanding Personal Needs

A perk of Moon in Cancer is that you attract emotionally needy people. You are constantly taking care of them as it’s in your nature. While taking care of others your own needs of nurture and support is not being fulfilled. You get muddled as you don’t know you are not aware of your own responsibilities. You tend to take actions for someone else before doing anything for yourself. It will be better for you to get out from relationships in which you are required to help all the time. Look for relations where your needs are met and recognized.
Understanding your emotional self, whilst not being frightened by it’s needs and to be able to fulfil them is what you should aim for. You should take care of others by maintain boundaries at the same time. You need to be able to realize your own needs and if it can be fulfilled or not. Surround yourself with people and form bonds with the ones who recognize your efforts and qualities, and does the same for you in return. Be wise in forming bonds, if you end up being disappointed and you’ll just develop unnecessary guilt. 

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With the Moon in Cancer, you are easily affected and influenced by the emotions and feelings of others, and the environment that surrounds you. It is necessary for you to learn how to take responsibility for how emotional and sensitive you are. If you don’t, you will just go around listening to other people’s needs and helping them that you won’t realize your own emotional needs. You need to find the difference between what is yours and not yours. By just helping others you will be diverted from the path of knowing your own needs and wants. Not knowing what you need yourself and only investing yourself in others will be problematic for you. You are able to help and resonate with others really efficiently but you will have trouble in differentiating between your feeling and attitude from others.
You can take care of this tendency of yours by staying centered and grounded. You can attain this by spending some alone time in the wilderness or by water bodies if need comes up. Meditation is also a good remedy. Stimulate your emotional self with all the skills that you will learn in life. Your instincts are the best for you to work with and will help you in differentiating between what is yours and not. 

Your View of Close Relationships

The Cancer Moons have the smallest possible circle. You value a small number of people and are really close to them. You don’t have desire to be within a popular group of people. After you find someone who you can be close to, you’ll cling to them for life. It will be a struggle for you to make newer friendships a deeper one. Even the thought of meeting or getting to know someone is a struggle for you and you begin to startle om the thought of it. You should not be scared of forming new bonds and miss out on good friendships.