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Moon in Leo | Personality Traits and Character



Moon in LEO

As Leo is a melodramatic, high-spirited and a generous sigh the moon has a substantial effect on this sign. Leo being a fire-sign and a fixed-sign it concerns itself with the qualities of high-spirits, inspirational, determination, consistency and confidence. With the Moon in Leo, you are good in expressing yourself and have a natural tendency for a leadership role. But to achieve this you must take up methods where you work with everyone with coordination and without any arrogance and pride. You have an expectation of respect and honour, and feel comfortable around people and surroundings that associates with your true self.

Personality Traits and Characteristics


Leo Moons are the ones on whom the spotlight is shining. You are lively, vivacious and independent. You are constantly inspiring, entertaining, and you fascinate the ones around you. You are positive minded and energetic, ready to take on anything on life. Not only you, you even fill the people around you with liveliness, positivity and confidence. With the understanding that a balanced and a healthy lifestyle is essential for achieving your goals, you move forward.

You run towards any opportunities that you get. Even the dreams that you had since your childhood are something that you can make a reality. You don’t care about the amount the time that it takes to achieve something, you are a patient being. Sticking to your path and following your plan constantly is a quality that you possess. You are totally devoted to the aim that you are trying to fulfil and loyal to yourself, your work, and towards your friends and family.

You trust your friends and family, and never disappoint them. You seek respect from them and in turn you also give them respect. So, you are pretty much a being with a positive, confident, and persistent garland in your hair. You will spare no expense on doing what your heart tells you to and for having fun and for exciting moments in life. With your confidence, you are dauntless and you have a leadership quality. But there’s a chance that it can substantiate to being a problematic way. Lack of self-awareness can lead you to become a very toxic person.

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You will become extremely conservative which will lead to the development of an ego. If you think you’re not getting the attention and respect that you deserve you will eventually plunge into despair.

Dramatic and Creative Nature

Leo Moons have the quality of being dramatic and creative. You find happiness on being the center of attraction, showing off emotions with passionate intensity. You like to make people laugh and keep them in a good mood. Course of actions through which you can let out your creativity and personal expressions are what you will find yourself looking for. You will energy filling you up if you are able to express your natural euphoria to others. There are a lot of ways through which you will express your emotions that involve ostentatious and flashy forms.

Those include dance, drama and design. You are naturally talented and love showing them off as well. Feeling bored is not on your list and you always keep yourself busy on doing something. You will find out that your creativity is best expressed while working with children or when you are managing a company where your expressions and ideas can take form.

It is essential for you to find ways to express yourself and your day becomes bright and colourful if you get to share your creativity.  


With Moon in Leo, you have an inborn quality of leadership. Being an executive of a company or being a leader of a team is what suits you most. You have an aptitude for leading others, good in organizing and controlling any kind of situation. You can easily and smoothly lead a group and do it with uttermost interest and passion. You have a certain aura that makes the people around you feel motivated and energetic. Backed up by your leadership qualities and an outgoing nature people want to follow you. By building a labyrinth with confidence and ecstasy people are sure to back you up on the path to a certain and possible outcome.

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The level of confidence that you have built up mixed with your natural tendency of fun and joy makes it easy for you to do things and the consequences that follow are positive. With the support of people that you have encouraged will have fun following you and their commitment towards you is true all the way. Leo Moons have pride, that’s for sure. You do things by utilizing your abilities to their best. This sense of pride will motivate you to always aim higher and achieve things with the best possible outcome.

This bequeathed pride can prove to be troublesome if you let it control you. If this happens you develop a need that what you are thinking, doing and executing is always right. You insist on always getting your methods through. You develop a tendency to become demanding, commanding and find ways to overlap your methods over everyone’s or other’s methods. If this goes on for a long time you might face betrayal from your colleagues and they will stop trusting you.

After this problems and despair will emerge within you with your quality of attaining recognition and approval as your colleagues have betrayed you. You must avoid this at all costs and not let your inborn tendency of wanting authority and dignity overcome you. Eventually, you will lose the people around you and not be able to express your talents and emotions if you continue your dominating behaviour. 

Interests In Relationship and Romance

Relationships and romance are also a what you are good at. You will find yourself pursuing of imaginative ways to maintain bonds and show your level of care for others. But you expect the same from your partners as you require reassurance and affection to feel connected with your significant other. Look for people who will be able to love you and show affection to you as you do for them. You require people who pays attention to you and can fulfil your emotional needs. You won’t have to face disappointment if you find a person who treats you the same way how you treat them and gives you the affection you require.

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You are a gourmet and going out with your partner to have delicious foods is a way of showing your affection. You love going out for movies and attending parties. In bed, you are passionate and loving. You can’t resist physical sensations with your partner. Your most compatible signs are Aries, Libra and Sagittarius. You are least compatible with Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

You are good in forming bonds with children too, as you enjoy playing games and other fun activities. The knowledge of what level of affection children require is something you have within you. You are able to give them what they need.

By spending time with children, you will be able to show your creativity and you find fun in that. You’ll feel satisfied and happy if you are able to take out and display the child within you. In a way it’s like a medicine for you and what your soul needs.