Moles on the Face | What Do they Mean?

Moles say a lot about you. Their positions on the body, their color and shapes define a lot of things about you. It can be a key to your destiny. Chinese face and body mole reading began almost nearly around 700 B.C. Mole reading is still continuing and fascinates people almost as it is something that began yesterday.

Chinese face mole reading instructs on how the arrangement and positions of moles reflects upon people’s fate, destiny, luck, character and personality traits. It can guide a person towards success and give precautionary measures to those whose fate is filled with bad luck.

Mole placement can prophesize and foresee whether one will lead a healthy life or a decrepit life, good and bad luck, success or failure in life, compatibility with people in home or workplace, success with marriage, fears and phobias, luck with money and achievements in business. Some even consider removal of moles if they indicate bad luck.

Majority of the people that conform to Chinese mole reading check for meanings before removal albeit it seldom changes one’s fate. Removals are mostly done for the satisfaction and to boost his or her confidence.

Moles predict a lot of things about a person. The shapes and position of moles on face can signify destiny of an individual. Moles come in different shapes and color. If a mole is rounded and has the color of bright red or dark black, which is the true color of a mole, are regarded auspicious. According to Chinese readings, emperors often had these kinds of mole.

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Moles also possess the color grey, yellow, and they are regarded inauspicious. Most people also have hairy moles and are regarded as a sign of good fortune. While men are suggested not to cut the hair, women can trim them.

Meaning of moles on various parts of your face

Mole on Head top

Moles on head top signifies good luck throughout life and it can always change our ill luck to a good one. This good luck that this mole gives us is envied by others. A mole on a head top can easily be visible if the individual is bald.

Mole on forehead

It indicates our personality and behavior towards elders with no respect i.e if the mole is positioned right at the center of the hairline. It also signifies average luck, hard life with not much support from elders and the probability of being away from home. If the mole is right in middle of the forehead it indicates mental maturity, scantiness of material things is not probable and signifies a long and healthy life.

Mole On Eyebrows

It signifies that an individual is smart and artistic. Can do better in tough situations and is blessed with good luck with money and fame. They are intelligent, filled with positivity, kind-hearted, reliable and talented.

 If a mole is between the eyebrows, it indicates poor planning, lack of intelligence and a life that is uncertain and unsteady. The misfortunes from friends and family are latched onto them. If it’s a good mole it represents a bright and successful career. If it’s a bad one, it indicates misfortune and marital and emotional distress in the foreseeable future.

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Mole on eyelids

A mole in the eyelids indicates conflicts with family, difficulty with saving money and financial hardships. An individual with mole in eyelids should prevent unwanted sexual advances and look out for accidents during trips. If the mole is on the upper eyelid, it generally indicates freedom and movement like moving to a new place frequently. If a good mole is there, a person is able to take ill luck in his favor and change it to good luck. If mole is on the lower eyelid, the individual will face hindrances in relationships and presence of a third party in his or her married life. This people will be troubled by their children’s needs that can create rift between husband and wife and ultimately lead to a divorce.

Mole on nose

A person with a mole in nose are not afraid of hard work and have self-respect. Although they have ego, they manage to have good friends and are sincere. A mole in the tip of the nose indicates short temper and quick wit. If it’s in the right side of the nose it indicates no shortage of money and they strive for a closer connection with another individual. On the left resides bad luck but the person has the capability of facing struggles in life and overcoming them. If in the bridge of the nose the individual will find difficulties while looking for a job.

Mole on cheek

An individual with a mole on the cheek shows that he or she is introverted and sincere. If they play any kind of sport seriously, they have the capability of building a perfect physique for that particular sport. If the mole is on the right side, it indicates that an individual is caring and loves his family more than anything. If on the left side the person is an introvert and an presumptuous and assumptive one.

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Mole on lips

Mole on the lips indicate charm, allure and feminine energy. If it’s on the upper lip, an individual is a warmhearted person. If it’s on the lower lip, it indicates a gourmet person. A person with a mole on the inner side of the upper lip is interested in chants, mantras and on the inner side of the lower lip indicates that an individual is a drunkard and loves gambling.

Mole on Chin

Mole on the chin indicates an affectionate, caring, hard-headed person. He or she does not have the fear of the unknown. As chin is in constant movement, an individual loves vacations, travelling and frequently changing homes to begin life with a new start. They are an undemanding, straightforward and honest people.

Moles on ears

Mole on the ears are associated with a person’s character. An individual with a mole in the ear has an exceptional personality. They are reliable and dependable. If the mole is on the earlobe it represents prosperity and if it’s inside and is present on both the ears it signifies intelligence and a happy life.

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