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Moon in Taurus | Personality Traits and Character



Moon in Taurus

Having a Taurus Moon implies that the Moon was traveling through Taurus when you were born. A Moon sign describes everything about you and what you already are even if you haven’t realized it.

As Taurus is an “Earth-sign”, so it concerns itself with the substantial facets of life and find satisfaction among the aspects that you can see, feel, hear, touch, taste and smell. It’s a fixed a sign as well and expresses quality of faithfulness, patience and perseverance.

The lunar energies are strong here, by reason of a special connection between Moon and Taurus. The Moon in the Taurus is “exalted” as described by astrologers, that expresses fertility, sustenance, nurturing and fecundity. People with Taurus Moon are a portion of people who are compatible and trustworthy. With the influence of Taurus Moon over your emotions, you are adept to keep things cool, calm and collected. It could be a salient sign to bringing calm within yourself, so forsaking your Taurus Moon is not a good opinion.

Taurus Moon provides you with greater opportunity to stay in touch with your fundamental needs, together with the practicality to know how to achieve them. People with Taurus Moon have the tendency to enjoy pleasures of life easily conjoined with an exceptional quality to somehow attract the pleasures of life.


As Taurus is a sign which prefers the amicable, familiar and stable life and surroundings. Taurus Moons have the desire to fabricate a solid life, with solid people. You have a socializing quality and appreciate the company of other people but keep only a few people within your circle. Taurus Moons find satisfaction through luxury, comfortable ambience and delicious meals. To hit it off with a Taurus Moon, inviting them to a sensual feast is one method that one may imply to.

Taurus Moons seem to be passive and unwavering this is because they tend to become more responsive than active. If you become engrossed in something or someone, you engrain that particular motive and evoke immovable focus towards it. You’re stubborn and obstinate especially if a change is brought up. Changes are something you don’t prefer going through and you can become ultra conservative about it. You find comfort in stability. This might lead you to being slaves of routine. When you try to adjust to changes you become grumpy and irritable.

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You look for certainty in the steps you choose to move forward. Before taking the next step, you analyze everything about it. If you decide to take a second step, you only do it after scrutinizing the first step carefully. You possess a demeanor to preside over matters but do it very efficiently and have everything planned beforehand so no step goes wrong.

While dealing with situations you find a way with the least risk possible. You have a firm faith in yourself that develops within you a will to go through even the hardest and roughest times in the path towards your goal. You have really good instincts and bring out systematic methods while dealing with things.  

Taurus Moon are emotionally stable and you have a stabilized mind which helps you sort out things that are right and wrong for you easily. It gives you focus while others are lost in confusion. You are down-to-earth and possess an amiable attitude, no matter what the Sun sign. Taurus Moons are pleasure seekers and radiate a pleasant feeling to people around them. This is because you value relaxing, making it a precedence and savor it as much as you can. With this you make every moment cherish-able and convivial.  

You can handle business proficiently and have confidence in money matters. You will go around foraging for financial advices and for other empirical wisdom. You have an aptitude to handle the resources that you have efficiently. You might take time to come to conclusions as you take every facet into consideration and in the end come up with an outstanding one.

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Taurus Moons can be a really good pal as they are trustworthy but they look for the same from others and tend to become spoiled. They are there to lend you a hand in day-to-day matters like lending you cash or helping you fix up something. But taking advantage of their helpful nature is not good as you might end up losing their respect. Taurus Moons look for a loving partner who can lodge themselves into the world of ‘sensing things’, a good start would be in the kitchen as they love good food. Maintain a bond through touch all the while cooking and eating splendid food. This will eventually transform into a romantic ambience in the bedroom.

Taurus Moons possess intuitions that tells you what you need. When you have enough and when a need pops up. Sharing these resources bring out the maximum effect of this intuition. The more you share with others the less scarcity you face. Retaining to what you have is unnecessary for you as it is backed up by fear, alternatively if you look towards money as an expression of life force and hold on to that conception it will do good to you.

With this, there comes substantial abundance in return. Same goes with other aspects of life. This doesn’t mean that you are materialistic, life just goes towards stability if you are materially secure.

Emotional security is linked with the comfort of others. If you take care of yourself as well as others’ you feel emotionally secure. Self-worth is in par with material security. For you, self-esteem and possessions are closely linked. You become instinctively aware of possessions and this resonates with how you look at yourself, although you might become excessively concerned about materials and give extreme importance to social status.

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It is not necessary to have to possess materialistic things so as to feel valuable. It’s just the reason that emotional fulfillment is fabricated when you demonstrate a level of self-care by enjoying life and its pleasures. Taurus Moons are warm and generous. You enjoy taking care of others with the best things that you have found.

Being deeply associated to the physical plane Taurus Moons have an elevated grasp of body and its senses. Uncovering comfort through sensual things you cling towards physical pleasure. Massage, body care, fragrances, good food or high-quality materials tend to charm you. You have a deep connection with your physical body and find comfort in the senses that they can make you feel. Experiencing warmth and security of loving relationships is good for you.

All things considered Taurus Moons are generous, relaxed, and seek peace, harmony in life. You have a sharing nature and are able to attract what you need out of sheer intuition. You will express qualities like jealousy and possessiveness but mostly because you are pushed to that point by others or external forces that gear up these traits.

If the Moon links up with Jupiter, you should mind your habits. Your love for comfort can make you extremely lazy and can easily turn out to be troublesome for you in the foreseeable future.