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3rd House

Effects of Moon in the 3rd House: Vedic Astrology



Moon in the 3rd house

Planets come with various effects on a person’s life. Its placement in specific houses brings about a lot of impacts on a person’s life. Moon is an impactful planet and a crucial one in astrology. It signifies a lot of aspects of a person’s life. According to astrology, the moon represents relationships of the person, happiness, intelligence, mind, creativity, relationship with mother, and so on.

The 3rd house in astrology represents communication, career, courage, journalism, and media. Additionally, it speaks for siblings, family, relatives, friends, and social life.

In general, Moon in the 3rd House can develop a person’s imagination and creativity. These people typically have close relationships with their brothers and sisters and are quite attached to them. Although, with Moon in the 3rd House, the native will have trouble focusing on the important things in their life. It can lead to emotional turmoil leading to people not being able to focus. They cannot concentrate on their careers and their professional life can become difficult.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Moon in 3rd house

Moon in the 3rd house can make a lot of impacts on a person’s life. Several aspects of life are influenced by the Moon in the 3rd House.

  • The career and profession of the person are affected
  • The personality of the person is impacted
  • The relationships of the person are affected
  • Their perspective of the life of the person is impacted

Positive Effects of Moon in the 3rd House

With the Moon in the 3rd House, the person will have an extremely good relationship with their siblings. These people will be blessed with a lot of siblings and all of them be in perfect health. They will be able to connect with their siblings deeply, mostly with their sisters. Moon in the 3rd House will even bestow the natives with a good relationship with their close people. They even have a good thing going on with their neighbours. The Moon in the 3rd House in Kundli is good for the person’s marriage as well.

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Moon in the 3rd House is extremely good for the native’s health as well. They will have good health throughout their life and long life is given when Moon is in the 3rd House. Although, there might be some minor troubles related to health.

The person will be endowed with a gentle, compassionate, and peaceful personality. They can even become excellent meditators and spiritual aspirers since they are perceptive, emotional, and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

With the Moon in the 3rd House, the person will have a creative mind and therefore have a knack for becoming a writer. The nature and type of writing that they are good at are told by their zodiac sign. Because these people naturally express themselves through artistic endeavours. They will even have a good career in marketing. The age of 28 will be extremely auspicious for them. At this age, there are higher chances for them to travel to another country which will be helpful in their career as well.

Moon in the 3rd House will bless the natives with exceptional communication skills. It is advised for these people to utilize their communication skills in progressive aspects for this can help them in their future.

Negative Effects of Moon in the 3rd House

The Moon in the 3rd House can make the natives go through a lot go mood swings. It could be difficult for some people to follow your changing ideas and emotions. Therefore, in some circumstances, it’s best to speak more slowly so that you can concentrate on what you want to say. So, stick to that line of thought until your arguments have a logical end. These people will have trouble maintaining a balance between their emotions and mind.

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Sometimes their emotions can control them and this might not be favorable for certain situations. People with Gemini as their zodiac sign and Moon in the 3rd house at birth will struggle greatly to maintain their equilibrium.

These people will be full of curiosity about the business of other people. They will be on the constant lookout to know what other people are doing. There are some circumstances where it becomes challenging for them to separate their thoughts and feelings from those of other people. According to Moon in 3rd house, these people tend to become engaged with everyone else’s feelings and motivations. This might make them forget the amount of influence they are gathering from other people.

Mostly these people have good relationships with their siblings, but sometimes their relationship with their brothers can go downhill. Sometimes, the natives can end up harming their brothers or relatives. There is also a high probability that these people can cheat on their significant other.

Moon in the 3rd House can even cause them to have an odd nature. There are a lot of times that they can become aggressive and unkind. At the age of 24, they have some chances of being in trouble with the government. Even with surety of good health, these natives can suffer from gastric and cold.

Quick Remedies for Moon

Moon in the 3rd House can have a devastating effect on the relationships and emotions of the native. Therefore, if you are feeling the negative impacts of the Moon in the 3rd House, you should follow the remedies.

  • Use a silver cup to sip water.
  • You should wear a silver bracelet or a chain around your neck.
  • On Mondays, you should fast and stay away from salty foods.
  • You should consume milk, buttermilk, or yogurt and you should avoid having milk and milk products at night
  • You should wear a pearl, moonstone, or diamond on your little finger
  • Adding peacock feathers to your home can help with the negative effects of the Moon as well
  • You should not keep a large clock at your home
  • You should chant the Moon or Chandra Beej Mantra mantra chanting. “Om Shram Shreem Shraum Chandraya Namah” should be spoken. To strengthen your mental abilities, recite this mantra 108 times each day.
  • On Monday, give milk and white sugar to the underprivileged or homeless.
  • Avoid wasting or throwing away food or water
  • Practice meditation and yoga every day.
  • You should worship Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Gouri or Durga daily
  • Feed and treat girls your age with respect
  • You should consume coconuts and coconut water
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Moon in the 3rd House proves to be beneficial for the relationships and health of the native. They will have excellent connections and relationships with their siblings, families, and significant others. Although, a weak or afflicted Moon in the 3rd House can cause them to have troubles in relationships with their brothers and have an unstable mind.