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3rd House

Effects of Sun in the 3rd House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Sun in the 3rd House: Vedic Astrology

The Sun is revered as the supreme being among the celestial bodies. Sun is a symbol of strength, authority, honour, and favour with the authorities. The father of the family is also represented by the Sun. It is also a Karak planet for our health. A powerful Sun essentially provides you the ability to succeed against any circumstances, but it can also give you anger that leads to selfish attitudes. On the other hand, a weak Sun might result in low self-esteem, inadequate self-expression, and awkward interactions with authority figures.

The 3rd house, or Sahaj Bhav, is the house that regulates all forms of communication. It concerns how we interact with others and exchange information. This house has control over a variety of communication channels, including the phone, media, TV, radio, postal service, social media, telegraphy, and more.

Sun in the 3rd house can enhance the communication abilities of the person and they can express themselves greatly. They are also the ones who chase their ambitions and are the kindest people to exist. Although sometimes the kindness that they have will sometimes lead to their downfall.

In this article, we will be dealing with the Sun and the 3rd house. We will cover all the effects of the Sun in the 3rd house.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Sun in 3rd house

Sun in the 3rd house makes an impact on several aspects of our life. It affects things such as:

  • The professional life of the native
  • The attitude you project upon yourself and others
  • It affects the person’s knowledge, learning, and education

Positive Effects of Sun in the 3rd House

These people embody good communication skills. They have the quality to become influencers. People with Sun in the 3rd house can communicate with people smoothly and effortlessly. Also, they can express themselves exceptionally better than most people. So they can have a great future in politics, publishing, and editing works.

People with Sun in the 3rd house have generosity etched in their personalities and minds. These are some of the kindest and most selfless people one will ever meet. They are not obliged to help others but they do so eventually. They have a knack for being generous which makes them who they are. The closest that they can ever become with are their friends and family. They can go above and beyond to offer them all the assistance and support they need.

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The ones with the Sun in the 3rd house happen to be the ones with ambition. They aim to achieve something in their life. To back it up these people come as intelligent folks as well. They also possess a strong, firm will that helps them to be independent. Adding all this up results in a desire to accomplish something in their life.

They work and work and give it their all to achieve in life. Despite all the obstacles and challenges in life, people with the Sun in the 3rd House continue to move forward. These people are also sure about what they desire and what they stand for, and no confusion comes up. These people possess an unwavering mind and do things with clarity.  They can accomplish anything they set out to do.

The people with Sun in the 3rd house prioritize knowledge and wisdom in their life. They prefer drama and performing arts rather than the sciences. These people have the desire to add more and more to their knowledge. They love to get in on new ideas. Sun in the third house inhabitants has a great desire to experiment and discover new things. Although, they don’t just get to it randomly and thoughtlessly. They look for pieces of evidence and proof rather than blindly believing something or before beginning to believe any new thought or concept.

Moreover, the ones with Sun in the 3rd house are not the ones to be selfish in knowledge as well. They also believe in sharing their knowledge with friends, family, and well-wishers rather than just acquiring it for themselves.

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People with Sun in 3rd love traveling as well. They have a strong desire to learn, making travel an essential aspect of their life. Although traveling is not just for leisure, they travel to pursue and seek new knowledge. Traveling and gaining knowledge are the same for them and both of these work simultaneously for them. They enjoy visiting new locations and getting a variety of viewpoints on the world, in addition to their desire to study.

Negative effects of Sun in the 3rd house

The people with Sun in the 3rd house possess the quality of helping people. But sometimes these people tend to overdo it. Not all people prefer being helped, and some might take it as a pity. Some people could consider this to be interference. It is best to only assist people when requested or when necessary.

They also should be careful with their desire to explore. They can end up being stuck in the middle of nowhere and taking the next step can be the most confusing thing they do. These folks occasionally tend to comfort their subordinates even more. Additionally, it may prevent a person from receiving assistance from coworkers, making them vulnerable to exploitation, gossip, and blackmail.

Sun in the 3rd house people is in all the best people, though sometimes they tend to believe that they are always right. Although they have high intellects, they should watch out for arrogance and impatience. This could lead to some misunderstandings between them and those nearby. This can even hamper the relationship that they have with the people who are close to them.

People with the Sun in the third house should exercise caution while bragging about their academic accomplishments and intellectual prowess. It shouldn’t be interpreted as a brag or give the impression that they are bragging about their abilities. They risk damaging their reputation if they are not circumspect on this front.

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Remedies for Sun

It is not always that one will feel the negative effects of the sun. The Sun’s presence in any house is considered auspicious. But it can bring negative effects if it is weak and it can devastate one’s life. Therefore below are remedies to bring down the negative effects for the Sun.

  • First off, make the habit of waking up early and looking at the rising sun.
  • Every morning you must offer water to the Sun.
  • Donate red clothes and other things of red color.
  • Donate medicines to the needy and the poor as well.
  • Chant the Surya Beej Mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hruam Sah Suryay Namah” every day. The mantra will result in positive effects from the sun.
  • Ruby is auspicious for Sun. Therefore to reduce the ill effects of the Sun can be reduced by wearing Ruby with appropriate metal on Sundays.
  • Try not to eat non-vegetarian meals often.
  • Performing yoga postures is considered to be effective as well to lessen the negative effects of the Sun. The most powerful psychic center of the body known as “Sahasrara Chakra” or Solar Plexus Chakra is where the energy of the Sun is located. Therefore every day you must concentrate on the top of your head, the location of Sahasrara Chakra before going to bed or early in the morning. While doing this you should also chant the mantra “Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya” inside your mind. Also, sit in the Sukhasana pose, which is cross-legged, with a straight back and closed eyes.


Sun’s position in the 3rd house is an auspicious one. 3rd house is the house of communications, and Sun’s presence in this house will greatly enhance their communication skills. They are kind people as well and work their way to their future with intelligence and wise mind. But it endows negative effects as well.