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Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 3rd House



Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 3rd house

The combination of Sun and Moon has always been a very special one in Vedic Astrology as not only is this conjunction unique, but there are lots of things involved with it. Firstly, the conjunction of Sun and Moon in a birth chart turns Moon into a Malefic Planet and this is because Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic Astrology is known as “Amavasya”.

Amavasya is a period of the Moon when it is called as New Moon where it radiates no light and this is a very special period in Hinduism. It is only during the period of Amavasya that many specific Hindu rituals are performed and it is said that, during the time of Amavasya, Pitras, or the ones who have departed from life, come back to the earth for a visit.

During the time of Amavasya, the energies of evil spirits and black magic are very strong and Moon is at its weakest state. This is the time when one mind and mental state become imbalanced. Our bodily energy gets enhanced so if a person is in a happy state, he becomes happier and if a person is sad, he becomes sadder.

Sun and Moon conjunction give very mixed results both good and bad. In one side the native is fueled with self-confidence, self-esteem, and courage, while on the other side, mental stress and imbalances haunt the native which makes the person make bad decisions in life.

Today in this article we will dine deeper into the effects of the Sun and Moon conjunction, particularly in the 3rd home.

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Sun and Moon in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the king of all planets in Vedic Astrology. It is the source of all light, thus it is our life force. Sun represents the father, kings and all the high authoritative people in Vedic Astrology.

Sun who represents our soul and often it is linked to our previous life, this Sun also represents our past life karmas and in the present life, it is the main significator of Bhagya or so-called fate and fortune.

Sun is associated with power, authority, ego, self-esteem, and self-confidence and it also represents the government and politics.

Moon is known as “Chandra” in Vedic Astrology and Moon represents owe mind and emotions Moon is the fastest morning planet which take abort 23 days to change a sign. Just like our mind which is always running and moving.

Moon is a very important planet in Vedic Astrology, thus, astrologers often read the Moon Chart of an individual to get clues about the state and personality of a person’s mind.

Moon represents our Mother in Vedic Astrology. H is said to influence our moods, memories, and creativity. Moon signifies unconditional love, kindness, motherhood, romance,, and one mental stability. Moon is associated with liquids and flow, thus it also represents blood circulation in our body.

The 3rd House in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the 3rd house is known as the House of Courage and Hard work. It is the house of self-effort and our ability to put in the effort to make things work in life. This being directly
opposite to the 9th of “Bhagya” or fate, the 3rd house tells us that we are the master of our own fate and that we create our own Bhagya on fate and fortune.

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The karate planets in the 3rd home on Mars, Sun, and Rahn. These three planets give extra ordinary results in the 3rd home. While, Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu who give good results in the 3rd home.

The 3rd home is also related to communication and self-expression. It represents your ability to communicate dearly and effectively. While the 3rd house also governs our siblings and short-distance travels.

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 3rd house

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 3rd house
  • Sun and Moon Conjunction as we know is called an “Amavasya” Moon or so-called new Moon.
  • The native bone in this phase of the Moon will be brave and courageous in nature. As Sun is the Kanak planet in the 3rd home.
  • However, the native may have a short temper as he will get angry really fast.
  • The 3rd home is the home of communication and here the conjunction of the Sun and Moon can make the native have a harsh style of speaking
  • But if the native gains control over his anger, his voice will be strong and bold and he will be able to influence others with his speech.
  • The native will either be very emotional or he will possess no emotions at all. The native will be sensitive in nature.
  • The native can have an egoistic sense of nature and a high sense of pride.
  • He has a lot of money but is experiencing financial hardship. The native might have some unique talent.
  • He may be achieving success in his life through his own efforts. He may shift jobs frequently.
  • Native may be courageous. He will demonstrate his might to others. Even he, however, strives to maintain his composure in all quarters of his own life. His foes will be vanquished.
  • Native has an ear or neck problem. Native’s bones in the hand may have some problems.
  • Even a slight change of weather can cause to native to become ill or get cold or flu. As Moon here becomes completely weak by the effect of the planet Sun.
  • The native, however, will be very hard working in nature. He will be able to attain all of his success in his life through his own hard work and self-efforts.
  • The native’s mother will be very authoritative and strict.
  • Native has a conflict with his or her siblings. Native can face jealousy of his own siblings.
  • The native can face problems with his digestion.
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