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Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 2nd House



Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 2nd house

In Vedic Astrology, conjunction is when two planets are positioned close together in the sky. This can have a powerful effect on both the planets involved and on any planets in close proximity. Conjunctions can either be benefic or malefic, depending on the planets involved. Conjunctions can have a major impact on both individuals and events, so it is important to take them into account when interpreting a birth chart.

One such conjunction that we are going to talk about today is the Sun and Moon conjunction in the 2nd house. This is a very special conjunction yet, extremely delicate one. Sun and Moon conjunction happens in a birth chart when a person is born during the New Moon phase of Moon or so called “Amavasya”.

Amavasya is the time when the planet Moon is not radiating any light and holds huge importance in Hinduism. It is said that many Hindu rituals are performed during this period, especially those related to “Pitras” or our descended ones. This is the time when the evil spirits and the energies of black magic are very strong.

Moon when it is in this phase is considered to be a “Malefic Planet” hence it gives results like a malefic planet.

Let’s dive deeper into the mysteries of this conjunction and figure out the results of Sun and Moon conjunction in the 2nd house.

The Planet Sun and Moon in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered to be the king of the planets and is said to represent the soul. It is known as the “lord of day” and is said to be responsible for bringing happiness, success, and good fortune. The Sun is also said to be the planet of self-expression and creativity. In a natal chart, the Sun represents the ego, one’s will power, and authority. Its position indicates how an individual expresses themselves and their potential for success. The Sun is a masculine planet and is associated with the fire element. Its qualities are said to be hot, dry, forceful, energetic, and ambitious. The Sun is said to rule over Leo and is exalted in Aries. Its debilitated position is in Libra.

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The Sun is such a powerful planet in Vedic Astrology that if it is well placed in the birth chart, Sun alone can make the entire strength of the birth chart very strong, no matter how many bad yogas are there in the birth chart. Sun is also the Karak of Bhagya, and it represents the government sector, government jobs and politics.

The Moon is a very important planet in Vedic Astrology. It is the planet of emotions, and it governs the mind. The Moon represents the feminine side of our lives, and it is associated with motherhood, nurturing, and fertility. The Moon is also the ruler of the sign Cancer. In a birth chart, the Moon shows how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world. It reveals our needs and desires, and it gives us a deep understanding of our emotions. The Moon also governs the milk of human kindness, and it is responsible for our capacity to love and be loved.

Moon becomes exalted in the sign of Taurus, and debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. As our mind is such that, to have a balanced mind is to have a very strong moon, and similarly, Taurus is one of the most stable sign’s in astrology.

The 2nd House in Vedic Astrology

The 2nd house in Vedic Astrology is associated with possessions, wealth, and value. It rules over the things we own and the things we treasure. This includes our material possessions, our finances, and our personal values. The 2nd house also represents our ability to accumulate wealth. This is one of the most important houses in Vedic Astrology, as it tells us a lot about our overall financial security. If the 2nd house is strong and well-aspected, it indicates that we will be able to accumulate wealth and live a comfortable life. However, if the 2nd house is weak or afflicted, it can indicate financial difficulties.

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When the 2nd house is weak or if it has no planets in it, the native faces lots of problems in saving money. In fact, the native will have a hard time-saving money and earning wealth in his lifetime. If planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn aspect the 2nd house, the native will have a rude style of speaking. He will be influenced by addictions and bad habits in his lifetime.

Similarly, when the 2nd house is strong, the native will have lots of inherited properties and wealth in his lifetime. He will be blessed with a good family and he may also run his own family business. The native will have long life, will be wealthy and will generally lead a very comfortable life.

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 2nd House

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 2nd House
  • Sun and Moon together create an “Amavasya” Moon which means that here Moon is combusted by Sun thus making Moon weak. Sun will rule over the mind of the native.
  • The native will possess short temper and he may get angry very fast. He will be arrogant and will possess a very high sense of Ego and self-esteem, which can be both good and bad.
  • However, the native will have the ability to read people’s personalities and actions and will have high levels of intuition.
  • The native will have a very strong voice. He will have a strong style of speaking and will be able to influence others through his speech. However, the natives will be harsh and rude.
  • The native will either be born in a rich and wealthy family or he will be born in a large family.
  • The native will be able to gain lots of inheritance and properties from his parents or ancestors.
  • Such natives have the inclination toward getting into the family business. While they will also bring lots of growth into the family business.
  • The native will have lots of servants in his lifetime.
  • While the natives can face problems saving money and accumulating wealth. Because the native has a strong tendency to indulge himself in bad habits and waste money. If Sun and Moon is further afflicted by planets like Rahu, this becomes more prominent.
  • The native will have a charming and magnetic personality.
  • The native can face problems with his eyesight, he may have to wear glasses.
  • The father of the native will be from a high position, high status in the society. He can be either very wealthy or will have great influence and respect in society.
  • There is a possibility that the native can go towards the path of becoming a sage or a philosopher.
  • The native can get very impulsive as Moon here is completely weak and lacks the required strength to give mental stability to the native. Little things in life can make the native become very worried in his life. If Mars is also affecting the 1st house or Moon, the native can become extremely impatient.
  • The native can be mentally very stressed and he will face lots of turbulences and negativity in his mind. Depending upon the position of other planets, the native will either have no emotions and will have a so-called “Stone Heart” or the native will be extremely emotional and will lack control over his emotions.
  • Such natives can have the problem of food addiction or may have the probability of eating junk food that can negatively impact the health of the native. They should not drink alcohol or indulge themselves in addictive substances as such natives easily get addicted. Especially, if Rahu is also connected to the second house.
  • The native can easily suffer from diseases related to cold and cough. Especially, such natives are prone to disease and infection related to water/milk or water-borne diseases.
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Do you have Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 2nd house?

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