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Which Houses are Bad for Moon?



Which houses are bad for Moon?

Moon, which moves from one sign to another in 2.25 days, is considered to be one of the most auspicious planets in Vedic Astrology. It governs the water and the Cancer Sign. Given that the average human body is 70% water, the moon has a significantly greater impact on us than any other planet. When it is positioned in Taurus, its exalted sign, it becomes strong, and when it is positioned in Scorpio, its debilitated sign, it becomes weak.

If the Moon is strong in your birth chart, it endows the native with an attractive face, quick thinking and inventiveness, sensitivity, strong mental stability, upbeat outlook on life, fascinating and appealing personality, and the capacity to cope and make sensible decisions even in the harshest circumstances.

On the other hand, mental anguish results from a weak Moon in your birth chart. The native is prone to Beri-Beri, cough, cold, digestive abnormalities, illnesses, hysteria, Cancer, Typhoid, Hydrocele, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Gastric Issues, Dropsy, Tumours, Peritonitis, Uraemia, Throat Issues, and many more.

In this article, we will dwell in houses that are bad for the moon. We will also take you through remedies.

What does the Planet Moon Signify in Vedic Astrology?

The Moon follows the Sun and comes second of the nine planets in Vedic Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon speaks for mother, mind, materialistic things, peace, wealth, mental state, morale, chest, left eye, etc. The moon is also considered a female planet. As per astrology, Moon rules over the zodiac sign Cancer and Rohini in constellations, lord of hand, and hearing constellation. Moon being the fastest of all the planets completes its transition from one zodiac sign to another in two and a quarter days.

The lunar sign is the most efficient. Therefore, in Vedic Astrology, to find a horoscope, the lunar sign of a person is calculated. The zodiac sign in which the moon is positioned at the time of the birth of the native is regarded as the lunar sign.

Which Houses are Bad for Planet Moon?

Moon in 1st house

With the Moon in the 1st house, it makes the native an extremely health-conscious individual. These people possess maternal and feminine traits, such as a strong maternal instinct toward their spouses and those around them. They enjoy bearing other people’s emotional burdens. The person becomes highly emotional and takes things very personally when the debilitated moon is in the ascendant. For these folks, their mother becomes their main source of motivation. Whether it is a good or bad impact, your mother’s influence cannot be ignored. Someone who directs and leads you has a significant impact on your life.

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Moon in 3rd house

The presence of the Moon in the 3rd house denotes a strong emotional connection between the natives and their siblings and nearby neighbors. The Moon in the 3rd house natives is also the one who enjoys seeing the world and learning new things.

With the Moon in the 3rd house, the native has the best qualities to express one’s views, articulate one’s thoughts, and have a quirky mind ideal to become a writer. The natives also have the desire to lead, learn, and assemble the crowd. They are very curious about their surroundings. These people seek out an instructor who they can absorb knowledge from and who can impart wisdom, knowledge, and philosophy.

Moon in 6th house

The Moon in the 6th house is an inauspicious position for the moon and it will create difficulties in the relationship with your mother. You and your mother normally have a strained connection as a result of this placement because of your and your mother’s divergent mentalities.

However, it’s a great placement for the advocates because they must deal with disagreements every day of their lives, and eventually, they grow accustomed to it. This might not be a good position for the Moon but on the contrary, the lessons one has learned from these problems will help in the future.

Moon in 7th house

If Moon is in the 7th house suggests that you will find a loving and attractive spouse who is an expert at managing domestic and family-related issues.

However, if the Moon is afflicted in the 7th house you can experience problems with your marriage and other legal partnerships. In terms of your career, you seek out partnerships and favor teamwork over working independently.

Moon in the 12th house

When the Moon is in the 12th house, it symbolizes a person whose thoughts are perpetually wandering to another world or universe from their own. This house’s inhabitants are drawn to the psychic world. These people constantly attempt to escape reality, which also reflects an extremely reclusive and introverted attitude. When it comes to solitude and spirituality, Moon in this house is consistently drawn to the mysterious side of existence.

Remedies for Moon


Praying is guidance in all things. You can pray to a certain deity or planet to receive their benefits because each planet has a specific deity linked with it.

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You should worship Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, and Lord Krishna to receive the benefits of the Planet Moon. Shiv Chalisa and Durga Chalisa should be recited. Additionally, you can recite Shri Shiva Sahasranama Stotram. You can also perform Rudrabhishekam.


Another method of obtaining a planet’s benefits is by fasting. If you want to keep your health and appease the planets, you can choose to fast on the days allotted for that planet.

You must fast on Mondays if you want to please the Moon.


In Vedic Astrology, the planets that are beneficial to you should be strengthened, while the planets that are causing you sorrow should be donated to lessen their impact.

Donations for this planet should be made on Monday evening during Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana, the moon’s hora, and nakshatra. You can donate things like rice, milk, silver, pearls, white clothing, white flowers, and sankh.


Chanting the Chandra Mantra is an excellent and simple way to please the planet Moon, but it must be said correctly. Additionally, you must say this mantra a certain amount of times to attain the highest stage.

You should chant the Moon Beej Mantra:

“Chandramase Namah Aum Shraam Shreem Shroum Sah”

This mantra needs to be repeated 11000 times. According to Desh-Kaal-Patra Siddhanta, the Moon Beej Mantra should be repeated 44000 times or 4 times for every one thousand in Kalyuga.

You may also chant different mantras, like as

“Om Somaya Namah”

Dress and Lifestyle

If you want to please Moon then you should make the following changes in your life:

You should dress in all white.

Milk should be consumed at night, and silverware should be used.

Your mother, mother-in-law, and other senior ladies in the community should all be respected.


Yantras are symmetrical diagrams that are drawn on Bhojpatra and worn as a talisman on the body. These yantras can be engraved on an amulet or pendant as well. Every planet in Vedic astrology has its own Yantra and these are known as Navgrah Yantra.

You should wear Chandra Yantra to benefit from the favorable effects of the Moon. It should be worn on Mondays, during Moon Nakshatras, and during Moon Hora.

Jadi or Root

Vedic Astrology states that wearing the root of a particular plant would enhance the favorable benefits of that particular planet and lessen its malefic qualities.

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You should wear Khirni Root on Monday during Moon’s Hora and Moon’s Nakshatra to receive the blessings of the planet Moon.


Each planet’s influence on us is balanced when it is matched with a certain gemstone.

To enhance the good effects of the moon, you should wear a natural pearl on your little finger on Mondays when it is daylight, in the brighter fortnight of the lunar month, or the hora or nakshatra of the planet Moon.


Every planet has unique characteristics, hence every planet has a unique Rudraksha.

By repeating a specific mantra for that Rudraksha bead, you should wear a 2 Mukhi Rudraksha for the Moon Planet. The Mantra for it is:

“Aum Namah”


“Aum Shrim Hrim Kshoum Vreem”

More remedies for Moon

In addition to the aforementioned cures, you can perform the following ones to please the moon and get its benefits. The remedies include

You should offer milk to Shivling.

It would be best if you respect women at all times.

You must offer Arghya to the Moon on Purnima.

You must meditate for at least 10 minutes every day.

Positive and Negative effects of the Moon on our lives

Moon comes with both positive and negative effects.

If the Moon’s position is strong, it denotes supportive, caring, sensitive, and responsive traits. The person is mature and has good mental strength. The native is also a responsible person and works for the benefit of others. On the other side, the Moon is viewed as afflicted if it is weakly positioned or connected to a bad planet.

Mental agitation, emotional instability, bewilderment, faulty judgment, and personality disorders can all be brought on by a weak Moon. The energy of other planets can quickly affect the Moon. It stands for interpersonal connections and communication. Chandra Gayatri, Chandra Kavasam, and Sri Chandra Stotram are just a few of the slokas and mantras that are dedicated to Lord Chandra.


Moon is as important as any planet in Vedic astrology. It is the fastest planet among all the planets and has a lot of impact on the native’s life. Depending on its strength and position in the house, it affects a lot in the person’s life. Sometimes, unfortunately, you might be affected in a negative way. Although, there are remedies for it that you can follow to lessen the negative effects.