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Bathing with Curd in Vedic Astrology | What are the Astrological Benefits?



bathing with curd

Curd is a significant component in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology. As per the Hindu belief system, the curd is part of the Pancamritas, including milk, ghee, honey, and sugar. Apart from that, the curd is a by-product of milk from domestic animals like cows.

In Hinduism, cows hold a profound significance as a Holy animal. We have to revere and worship cows because of their importance.

In this article, we will walk you through the significance of curd in Vedic Astrology and Hinduism. Along with that, we will focus on the benefits of bathing with curd too.

Significance of Curd in Vedic Astrology and Hinduism

During the Rig Veda period, between 1700 and 1500 BCE, churning curd became an act of great importance. As per the ancient texts and scholars, curd can provide us with numerous benefits.

Most importantly, we use milk to make curd. Milk is a component that contains Saguun or all the Gunas from the deities. As milk contains all three Gunas, its by-products also derive Gunas from it.

The three Gunas include Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. When we churn curd, it paves the way for the formation of Tej Tatva, which leads to the gathering of Raja particles.

Raja Particles focuses on passion. It can also assist in imbibing the energy of action, which is known as Kriya Shakti. Through this, we can enhance our Sanskaras, which is a concept related to Karma in Hinduism.

Apart from that, having curd has other significances too. They include:

  1. We can provide Madhuparka made from curd, honey, and other components of Pancamrita, to our guests as a way of welcoming them to our house. There are several other benefits of providing Madhuparka as well.
  2. If you have curd with sugar before participating in any crucial tasks, it can be highly beneficial. The primary reason behind this is that curd can offer a cooling effect to our mind and body. By doing this, we can calm ourselves and overcome any tension we might have. Apart from that, curd can also help in enhancing our digestion.
  3. In Hinduism, we often associate Lord Krishna with milk and its by-products like curd, butter, and ghee. As per the stories, Lord Krishna, as a young boy, savoured them, and he used to steal them from others. Because of his actions, he came to be known as Maakan Chor. Based on this legend, there is a festival known as the Dahi Handi festival during the birthday celebrations of Lord Krishna, which is commonly known as Janmashtami. On this auspicious day, young boys would try to break an earthen pot containing curd, butter, or other milk products. The pot will be hung high, and the winners who can break the pot will receive appreciation and prices too.
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These are some of the significances of curd in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology. Curd has numerous scientific and health benefits as well.

Benefits of Bathing with Curd in Vedic Astrology

Bathing with curd is a remedial measure for issues with Venus in Vedic Astrology. Venus is a planet that assists us in marriage and gaining prosperity in marital life.

  • When it comes to horoscopes, Venus would be present in the position of a husband in a woman’s horoscope and vice versa. We know that there are different houses in it, and each has its significance.
  • If Venus is present in our second, third, fourth, seventh, and twelfth houses, it can be highly beneficial. If Venus is in the first, sixth, and ninth house, it can influence us negatively. It is because Venus is in the house of Sun, Rahu, or Kethu.
  • For instance, when a person has Venus in their first house, it makes them highly popular among their opposite gender. Here, the person would seek numerous romantic relationships as well.
  • Along with that, the person would get married at a young age, and it would pave the way for several marital problems. However, the person would be famous and valued by other members of his or her peer groups. But it would harm the person’s family life.
  • A person faces such a crisis because of the presence of Venus in their first house. S/he can overcome it by taking a bath using curd.
  • But the person has to mix it with water. There are other solutions for the same problem. They include: taking care or providing for a black cow, avoiding Jaggery from one’s diet, and distributing a mixture of seven grains to others.
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Bathing with curd mixed with water has other benefits too. They include:

  1. It assists in overcoming the problems one might face because of luxury life. The reason behind this is the relation between Venus and Goddess Lakshmi.
  2. Bathing with curd helps in revitalising the energy in our body. 
  3. Applying curd can also remove the negative impacts caused by Shani. It can pave the way for prosperity in our life.
  4. It helps in controlling the extra energy possessed by Venus. 

Apart from that, bathing with curd also plays a crucial role in Pujas or prayers. It is one of the seven steps present in both short and long versions of prayers in Hinduism.

A Puja would start with the invocation of God and inviting God for prayer. After that, the person has to take a seat and wash their feet. Next, the person would have to provide Arghya, which is water with other ingredients. Then, there is an act of purification, where the person would have to offer flavoured water. The next step is Snana.

Here, the divine figure will be bathed in river water, followed by that person will use six other ingredients to purify the entity. Curd is one of the components used during this process, and the ritual is known as Dadhi Snana. After that, the person uses water to clean the deity.

During this Puja, a person would have to recite mantras from Purusa Sukta, which is in the tenth Mandala of the Rig Veda. There are numerous benefits of performing this ritual in Hinduism. It can assist worshippers in attaining physical and psychological well-being.

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These are some of the benefits of using curd for bathing, where we can cure the issues related to the presence of Venus in the first house. Using curd to bathe the idols as part of Pujas can lead to the spreading of positive vitalities.