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Which House Is Bad For Saturn?



Which house is bad for Saturn?

Saturn is a planet that is remarkably interesting and one of the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. People fear Saturn because there’s really no perfect remedy for Saturn. Yes, by wearing Neelam Stone, doing remedies for Saturn, one may find an umbrella in a rainy storm day. But, there’s no remedy to take the storm away as if it has to come, it will come and we just have to wait for it to go, else adjust ourselves. Because Saturn is such a planet that it doesn’t spare anyone. With my own personal experiences, although, I’ve had the blessings of having a positive Saturn, I still had to face the malefic effects of Saturn. Which brings us to this article about Saturn as its effects on houses.

Today, In this article, we will be discussing about in which houses, the planet Saturn gives bad results. Bad results means that Saturn will be one of the planets that is really going to trouble the native during it’s dasha periods.

Saturn gives bad results in houses 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses. While the planets that are not compatible or are enemies with Saturn are Sun, Moon and Mars. While Rahu and Ketu is also not good if it is in conjuction with Saturn as it creates Shrapit Dosh and Pitra Dosh in certain houses.

Let’s discuss further as to why Saturn gives bad results in houses 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th house and also why Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies with Saturn.

Saturn effects in the 1st house

Saturn in the 1st house, even if it is exalted (Libra – 7) or in its own sign (Capricorn -10, Aquarius -11), is actually not considered auspicious by many astrologers. The reason is because Saturn is slow movement, delays, slow growth, coldness, depression, disappointments and failures.

Because Saturn is now making a relation with the 1st house which represents the self and the person himself, it gradually slows down the life of the person. Such kind of person will face situations where everything takes time.

Be it taking loans, it won’t happen quickly, the person might have to wait, or some kind of obstacles happen and he may have to try again to get the loan. You see, so Saturn naturally creates unnecessary delays for the person and that is the sole reason why Saturn in the 1st house is not considered good.

However, this doesn’t mean that Saturn doesn’t give good results to the native. Yes, since Saturn is in the 1st house, the person will be naturally aligned towards hard work. Therefore, as the person grows in age, he will start finding success faster and it is said that such people become successful after 35 years of age.

One thing that Saturn in the 1st house may cause is delays in marriage. Therefore, it is advisable for such people to marry late in their life. If Saturn is a Marak Graha, the person can face problems in marriage and sometimes, he may also face mental problems. Things get worse if Moon co-joins Saturn or makes a relation with the 1st house.

However, Saturn in the 1st house gives long life to the person. But his life may be filled with lots of struggle and he may have to work very hard in his life.

Saturn effects in the 4th house

Firstly, Saturn in the 4th house, the person may leave his homeland and move to a foreign land. Saturn in the 4th house can make the person face troubles with his mind. He may have a hard time finding his peace of mind and the person may worry for unnecessary reasons.

The person may not be very wealthy during their childhood however as he grows up, his finanacial condition slowly starts becoming better.

Saturn in the 4th house is not considered good as Saturn here can create problems in the family. This is also the reason why Natives with this position of Saturn do very well in a foreign land.

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However, Saturn here will definitely give the joy of properties, vehicles and comforts to the native. However, it can be such that the native works so hard in life that, even though he owns multiple properties, he is not able to stay in any one of them.

The persons mother can face problems in life, regarding health or career.

Such people like to live alone. However, the person can become attracted to negative things very quickly.

Here Saturn can make the person feel lonely even though he may be surrounded by hundreds of friends.

Saturn in the 4th house can make the person feel that his family members are his own enemy. Sometimes, they may get betrayed by their own family members.

Saturn effects in the 5th house

The 5th house is the house of education, romance, creativity and intelligence. A person’s level of education is seen from the 5th house. At the same time, the 5th house also represents children and whether or not, the person will have the opportunity to raise children in their lifetime.

Saturn in the 5th house is definitely going to make the love life of the person very cold. Here, it can create delays in child birth for the person and at the same time, the person can also marry very late in his life.

But if there is a malefic planet in the 7th house of the person, there can be breakages or divorce in marriage. If the person is married, his life partner can face health issues.

From the 5th house Saturn aspects the 11th house and as we know 11th house is the house of wealth and daily income or gains. Saturn here will bring money into the life of the person and he will always have money coming into his life.

Here, the person can also earn a lot of money in his lifetime. However, Saturn from the 5th house also aspects the 2nd house which means that the person can face losses in life in terms of money. Because 2nd house although being the house of wealth, it is the house that shows us the ability of a person to save money and here, Saturn can create losses in wealth for the person.

The person may have to work very hard in life in order to earn money, especially save money.

Saturn effects in the 6th house

The 6th house is the house of diseases, enemies, debt and service. If there is Saturn placed in the 6th house, it protects the person from enemies and the person will gain victory over his enemies.

The person may face problems regarding kidneys and knees. Especially, diseases that are life long as Saturn is know for giving diseases that are life long. The son of the native will be very beneficial for the native. Such a person should keep a black or a white dog in his house.

Such natives with Saturn in the 6th house becomes successful by doing work that is related to service or government jobs. They should not wear shoes of pure leather.

Here, if Saturn is strong in the 6th house, it is also seen that the person can become a Multi-Millionaire. However, such natives will have lots of enemies in their life but the enemies won’t be able to do any harm to the person.

The person will also have the knowledge of Tantra and Mantras. They may spend their money more on electronics. The person also becomes hardworking but his brothers may face problems in life.

What are the bad effects of Saturn?

When Saturn is well placed, the person achieves great success in their life. They don’t usually have to run after money, struggle in career or life. However, when Saturns giving bad effects to a person, the person normally faces lots of troubles in life. Most of the time, these troubles are associated with the mind and health.

  1. Not being able to get success every after a lot of hard work.
  2. Delays in marriage and child birth.
  3. Problems in marriage and with spouse.
  4. Mental problems and diseases.
  5. Depression and anxiety.
  6. Health issues regarding lungs and chronic diseases.
  7. Life long diseases.
  8. Not being able to focus well.
  9. Confusion in mind and haziness.
  10. Disappointment and frustration.
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How to know if Saturn is giving bad results or Good results?

Normally, Saturn being in the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th house is not considered good as it gives bad results. However, that is not always the case. Yes, Saturn being positioned there will give bad results but in certain situations, the bad effects isn’t that bad and that is when the planet Saturn is in a benefic status for the person. As in these conditions of Saturn, Saturn becomes a little bit forgiving for the person. In such cases, the person gets mixed results, while he may have a hard time during his career, but he may also become wealthy and lead a peaceful & prosperous life, later in the future.

To find out if Saturn is a good planet or a bad planet for you, you will have to see if Saturn is a benefic or a malefic planet for you birth chart. In Vedic astrology, it is called Karak and Akarak Grah or Marak Grah.

Karak Grah (Beneficial Planet) – Karak Grah is basically one of the most important planet in your birth chart. Karak Grah can be associated as the Raj Yoga giving planet in your birth chart. As if this planet is strong in your birth chart, it gives extremely great results or saves you from all the bad effects of other planets. This planet is responsible for helping you grow in your life and it is basially responsible for your success and wealth in your life.

Akarak Grah (Non-Beneficial Planet)Akarak Grah is bascially the planet that is not very beneficial for your birth chart however, it isn’t too bad as well. The planet can be an enemy for your birth chart, however, it can still give goods results to you, if the Akark Grah is positioned in a good position.

Marak Grah (Bad planet)Marak means death and Marak planet is the planet that is not at all beneficial for your birth chart. The planet even if it is in a good positon in your birth chart will still give you troubles in your life. The reason being, it is a Marak Grah. While, if Marak planets are in good positions in the birth chart, it can slightly lessen the bad effects but it will still cause troubles into the life of the person.

So, to really find out if Saturn is really bad for you in your life or not, you have to find out if Saturn is a Marak Grah, Akarak Grah or a Karak Grah.

Saturn is a Karak Grah for Taurus, Libra and Capricorn ascendants as in these ascendants, Saturn holds the lordship of the most important houses.

Saturn is a Akark Grah for Gemini, Leo and Cancer ascendants. Here, Saturn holds lordship of most of the malefic houses like 6th house, 8th house and 12th house.

Saturn is the Marak Grah for Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius ascendants.

Here, if the Karak planet is Saturn is if it is in the 1st house, 4th house, 5th house or 6th house, yes, the person will face problems in life but he will also get the good results from Saturn. This could be success in life, having the comforts of home, vehicles and properties, having bad education but being able to do well in business or having lots of enemies in life, but still being able to gain victory over them.

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However, when Saturn is the Akrark Grah or a Marak Grah, the person can face lots of problems, especially during the Saturn period. During this time, the person has to really be careful and must not indulge oneself in wrongful activities or cheating.

What are the remedies for Saturn if Saturn is weak in the birth chart?

Saturn can be weak in the birth chart due to two reasons:

  • When it is positioned in a unfavorable house.
  • When Saturn is in less degree.

Note: I didn’t say Saturn gets weak when it is a Marak or a Akarak grah, and the reason is because, houses matter more in Vedic astrology. Yes, when Saturn is a Marak Grah, if it is positioned in a good house, it can still give favorable results. However, things can get worse if Saturn is a Marak Grah as well as it is positioned in a bad house.

So, if Saturn is weak in your birth chart, you can still make your Saturn Strong and get all the blessings from Saturn. Because always remember the phrase ” When Saturn Gives, It gives for a Lifetime”.

Here are some remedies that you can do to make your Saturn Strong in Your Birth Chart.

  • Always follow discipline in your life. Wake up before 6:00 am everyday, this makes your Sun Strong while it also keeps your Saturn in control.
  • Keep your room neat and tidy. Saturn gives worst results when there are lots of Cobwebs & Dirt in your home. The reason being Saturn represents dirt and untidiness in life. Here, we need to make our Venus strong and as we know, Saturn gets exalted in the house ruled by Venus, so if you keep your house neat and clean, Saturn automatically becomes strong.
  • Remove alcohol from your life and Non-vegetarian food from your life.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa everyday because Lord Hanuman is the only God that can make peace with Lord Shani Dev, so by pleasing Lord Hanuman, you automatically please Shani Dev.
  • Serve monkeys, give food to them.
  • Offer milk to snake else you can also you can also offer milk to crow or buffalo.
  • You can also pour rum in running water.
  • Serve and feed a black dog or dogs.


Saturn is a planet that does trouble many people. In fact, in my own personal experiences, I have felt the bad effects of the planet Saturn and how even during the hardest times, Saturn makes us feel disappointed and frustrated in our life.

However, what most people forget is the reason why Saturn does this. Saturn in our lives is actually trying to teach us life lessons that would really make us strong in life. If we actually understand the role of Saturn and work accordingly with patience, Saturn in other sense rewards people with lots of success, wealth and happiness. Even if Saturn is badly placed in our birth chart, if we understand Saturn and actually become patient and more focused in our life and actually face problems with courage and hope, by the time, the Saturn period ends, Saturn will definitely bless us with lots of success and good results.

So, in the end, it’s really upto us, whether choose we face the situation, fight with the adversities and gain victory over life or, we choose to give up and give powers to our negative energies and thoughts. The core thing here is to move on with life, humbly accpet the problems given to us by Saturn and actually work our way towards fixing those problems or at least have hope for better future that the storm will eventually go away.