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Benefits Of Feeding Black Dog Astrology



Benefits Of Feeding Black Dog Astrology

Dogs have had a very special relationships with humans. In fact many people believe that Dogs are actually real people who we have known in the past life. The fact that dogs coming into your life, means that they are bringing happiness and joys into your life as in the previous life they could not bring or share happiness with you due to several reasons.

Dogs are also spiritual animals and of course, we know that a Dog is a man’s best friend, but did you know how bringing dogs into your house can literally remove all the negativity from your home. As Dogs are able to absorb negative energy and convert into positive energy. This is the reason why many people experience sudden changes in their life, mostly positive changes that happen when they bring a pet dog into their home.

Today, in this article, we are going to be discussing about the Benefits of Feeding Black Dogs, and Why Black Dogs are given so much importance in the Vedic Culture and Vedic Astrology.

Benefits of Feeding Black Dog in Vedic astrology

Feeding Black Dogs Pleases God Kaal Bhairav

According to the Hindu Scriptures and Vedic Astrology, Dogs hold a very significant roles in a mans life. Dogs are especially mentioned in the Mahabharata, especially Black Dogs holds a very big importance.

It is said that feeding Sweet Roti or Bread to Black Dogs pleases God Kaal Bhairav. God Bhairava is a fearsome form of Lord Shiva, and is the one who creates, sustains and dissolves the three stages of life. He is known as the ultimate or the supreme. By feeding Black Dogs with Sweet Roti or bread, one gets the blessings from God Kaal Bhairava and he brings forth protection, peace and harmony into the lives of the one who has done this deed.

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Removes the Negative Effects of Planet Saturn and Rahu

In Vedic Astrology, Black Dogs seem to have the prominent effects and energies of the planet Saturn and Rahu, hence they are colored black. As black is the color that represents planet Saturn and Rahu.

By feeding Black Dogs, one gets relief from the negative effects of planet Saturn and Rahu. Especially, planet Saturn, of someone is going through the period of Sade Sati, the revolving period of Saturn in a person life. As during this period, Saturn is known to cause lot of harm and troubles into the person’s life.

By feeding Black Dogs, Roti, especially Roti, spread with Ghee, one can lower down the negative effects of Saturn.

It is also said that Rahu holds a very big impact on a persons life. It is the planet that is known to be called as “Maya” as it represent illusions in life, and confusion. By Feeding Black Dogs, one can also be free from the negative effects of planet Rahu. As Rahu also gives lots of troubles to a person.

Clams down the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh

In Vedic Astrology, Kaal Sarp Dosh is one of the worst combinations that can happen in a birth chart. It is a type of Yoga or combination that happens when all the planets in a birth chart are under Rahu and Ketu.

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic happen when the world was also in Kaal Sarp Dosh!.

You can imagine, if it happens to a person, he can face a lot of hardships in his life, lots of ups and downs and struggles.

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It is said that by feeding Black Dogs daily, one can remove or lower down the negative effects Kaal Sarp Dosh. One will start to experience a better life. He will start to feel that his problems in life are slowly getting solved or somehow, he is able to find solutions or a path that leads to a more peaceful life.

As Dogs in general represent the planet Ketu. Ketu, in actuality is one of the benefic planets in Vedic Astrology, however, due to the influence of Rahu, Ketu also gives lots of troubles and hardships to a person. Which is the reason why, when all the planets are under Rahu, and Ketu, Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed as now they are under the bad influence of Rahu and Ketu.

Helps in Childbirth

Ketu is known to represent Children, Childbirth and Dogs in it’s core represent the planet Ketu. It is said that feedings black dogs with Roti, helps a person who is having problems with Child Birth. It is considered to be very auspicious to feed roti to black dogs and if a person does so, he start getting positive effects of the planet Ketu.

Sudden events and accidents

Rahu and Ketu are known for bringing sudden events to a person’s life. If a person’s Rahu and Ketu are in giving good results, this means they can suddenly have a positive event in their life, sometimes suddenly becoming rich or suddenly getting a promotion at work and finding something valuable in life.

However, when Rahu and Ketu are giving bad results, a person can face lots of ups and downs in their life. Sometimes, losing a lots of money and wealth for no reason whatsoever. Or sometimes, losing an opportunity in life. By feeding Black dogs, one can remove the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu, hence, the person will not have to face sudden events in their life. They will be protected from accidents in their life.

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Protects the house from Negative energies and evil spirits

Dogs are known to have supernatural senses. They are able to smell things upto kilometers, detect natural disasters and even see ghosts and evil spirits.

It is said that by feeding black dogs, one’s house will be protected from negative energies and also evil spirits. Especially, Evil Spirits cannot enter the house where Black Dogs are kept as pets because the energies of Black Dogs are so positive that, any form of negative energy gets converted into positive energy.