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Which Houses are Bad for Mercury?



Which Houses are Bad for Mercury?

Mercury is a planet that comes with a fortune in astrology. Mercury is frequently referred to as the grahapati, or supreme planetoid. It is Virgo’s and Gemini’s guru planet. In numerous mythical tales, Mercury is frequently referred to as the messenger of the gods. It is often referred to as the planet of expression and communication. Mercury is a planet of opportunity. Mercury is the planet that rules public speakers and flatterers.

An excellent education, a sharp mind, and an attractive look are gifts from Mercury or Budh. It is a rejuvenator and dispels any bad emotions. Additionally, it has a favorable effect on family matters. Mercury is a more upbeat planet, although, if it aligns with other malefic planets, though, it can turn malefic. A person with a strong Mercury will have good analytical abilities, a pleasant social life, and a sense of humor.

Astrologers refer to Mercury as the planet of communication. Mercury is a member of the Vatta nature, and those who are affected by it are polite and good singers. Intelligence, education, social and professional affairs, relationship with family, humor, etc. will all be improved by a powerful Mercury in the Lagna.

While weak mercury can cause issues in family and friend relationships when it aligns with other malefic planets in a person’s natal chart. Mercury likes to examine everything carefully, and the results aren’t always favorable. Mercury exhibits a conciliatory disposition with Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. Unlike Mars or Jupiter, Mercury has a manly personality and governs the northern hemisphere.

What does Mercury Signify in Vedic Astrology?

According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury in a native’s birth chart symbolizes their intelligence and communication skills. In the Kaal Purush Kundali of Vedic astrology, it governs the third and sixth houses and signifies the fourth and tenth houses. Mercury can perform significantly better when placed in the fourth house, which is the home of happiness. The tenth house, which is the house of profession and career, is where Mercury performs best. This is because it fosters effective communication, which gives you the tools you need to launch your own business.

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Which Houses are Bad for Mercury?

Mercury in 3rd House

The 3rd house is not regarded as a good one for Mercury. Mars and Mercury do not get along, however, these two planets do not dislike each other. As a result, the native may therefore benefit from his brother. Although, the native will never be beneficial to his brother or other people.

If the Mercury is weak when positioned in the third house then the native may lack courage. One who has a weak Mercury in the third house is prone to getting involved in negative situations. The native will have a cold heart as well. Moreover, the native will have to face a lot of challenges and do a lot of hard work to achieve his goal. In the end, the native will surely receive his goal.

Mercury in 6th house

When Mercury is in the 6th house it will provide both negative and positive effects for the native. If the native has a house that faces in the north direction the effects will be negative. Also if the native’s daughter marries in the north direction she will be miserable in every way. Natives with a weak Mercury in the 6th house will make them afraid of individuals and they will fear their enemies. Such a person could have been defeated in disputes and disagreements.

On the contrary, the native will be an independent person who will profit from agricultural land, office supplies, printing presses, and trade. Their comments, whether good or bad, are never wasted.

Mercury in 8th house

The 8th house is not an ideal position for Mercury to be in. With Mercury in the 8th house, the native will have a difficult life. The native is plagued by illnesses, and between the ages of 32 and 34, his salary can be cut in half. Natives who have weak Mercury in the 8th house tend to be manipulative. He can experience several ups and downs in his financial situation. Such a person is prone to being strict at work and may even lean toward sinful behavior.

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If a planet is placed in the second house, the effects are worse. If Rahu is also housed in the 12th house, the native may have to visit the hospital, go to jail, or just roam around aimlessly. Additionally, if Mars is also placed there, the intensity of the bad things will increase. Mercury in the 8th house contributes to ailments like blood disorders, eye problems, teeth problems, and vein problems, as well as significant commercial losses, summing up with problems with the government as well.

Mercury in 12th house

Mercury’s placement in the 12th house is not beneficial at all, instead, it brings in a horde of difficulties for the native. Mercury in this location will result in the native becoming anxious and causes numerous problems as well. It will also disrupt the native’s sleep at night and his life is accompanied by headaches. The native might lives a long life but it is plagued by Mercury. These natives tend to keep themselves in high regard and have an irritating nature. If anything is right or bad in his mind, he will make sure to follow it. If such a native enjoys drinking, he will have a pretentious attitude. Natives that have a weak Mercury must endure a lot of shame throughout their lives.

Mercury in the 12th house will affect the native’s family as well. As long as the native’s daughters, sisters, father’s sister, and niece reside at the native’s home, they will be miserable. If Mercury and Saturn are together in the 12th house, then it will result in positive outcomes.

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Remedies for Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Mercury has a lot of impact on a native’s life. Depending on the position of Mercury in each house it provides several effects. If you are of the ones who are experiencing the bad influence of Mercury, then there are remedies that you can follow to make things right.

You can chant mantras as a remedy for the ill effects of Mercury. Chant the Budh Mantra: “Aum Bum Budhya Namah” or “Aum Ayeem Shreem Shreem Budhaye Namah”.

You can chant the Beej mantra as well to appease Mercury: “Aum Braam Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah”.

Paying respects to Lord Vishnu, which is the main deity of Mercury, will help against the bad effects of Mercury.

You should wear an Emerald gemstone on your body. It is one of the remedies for Mercury.

You should wear Budh Yantra. This will bring about good effects on Mercury.

You should wear green-colored clothes more often.

Also, wash your new clothes buying before wearing them.

Be respectful to your sisters, sister-in-law, aunt, daughter, little girls, and women.


In conclusion, Mercury can provide the native with really bad happenings and impacts if it is placed in the wrong house. The houses that are bad for Mercury are all mentioned in this article. If you are experiencing the negative impacts of Mercury, then you don’t need to worry too much. There are remedies such as chanting mantras and several others. By following them, you can escape from the grasp of the negative effects of Mercury in the bad houses.