Vedic Astrology Yogas Formed By Moon

Moon is one of the most imporant planets in Vedic Astrology as Moon represents our mind, our emotions and our mother. Moon is so important that, even if a birth chart is extremely strong, if the planet Moon becomes weak in the birth chart, the native faces lots of troubles in his lifetime.

Similarly, if the planet Moon is strong in the birth chart, no amount of Bad Yogas can harm the native as, if our mind is strong is stable, we get the power and ability of face big challenges in life.

Moon represents our Mother in Vedic Astrology. It represents our home, our homeland and our family life. The element for Moon is water and the Zodiac sign that rules it is Cancer. The planet Moon completes one cycle every 28 days, hence, it is one of the fastest planets in Vedic Astrology.

Just like our mind which never stops, even during our sleep, Moon becomes a very important planet in Vedic Astrology. Today, in this article, we will be going over some of the biggest Raj Yogas formed by the planet Moon. While, we will also discuss some of the bad yogas that is formed by Moon.

Good Yogas formed by Moon

Gaj Kesari Yoga

We all have heard of the Auspicious Gaj Kesari Yoga formed due to the planet Moon. This is one of the most powerful Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology, and who so ever has it in his birth chart, he is immensely blessed and fortunate in his life. Gaj (Elephant) and Kesari (Lion), the two most influential animals in Vedas invoke the native with fortune, intelligence, wisdom, wealth and success in his life.

Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed when the planet Moon is in Kendra to Jupiter. This means from the position of Jupiter, Moon should either be placed in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house. While, Gaj Kesari Yoga is also formed if Moon is conjunct with Jupiter or is aspected by Jupiter.

There is no doubt, if the Moon or mind is influenced by the energies of Jupiter (Wisdom, knowledge), the native becomes extremely influential in his lifetime. These are people who are great intellectual leaders of our society. Such natives also prosper in terms of wealth and fortune. As this is also a wealth giving yoga.

Chandra Mangal Yoga

Chandra Mangal Yoga is another great Raj Yoga that is very powerful in it’s own way. It is also known as “Mahabhagya Yoga”, hence its a yoga that brings wealth, name, fame, success and prosperity in the life of the person. The native is courageous, brave, and his intelligence is at a stratospheric level. He gains unparallel success in his life, and he is known to have unmatched mental energy and strength. Such natives are very bold and tough and they possess great levels internal energy. They are extremely hardworking.

Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed when the planet Moon is in conjunction with the planet Mars or if Mars is aspecting Moon in any position. Mars which is the planet of courage, bravery, hard work, impatience, extreme energy and fire.

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Naturally, when the mind is influenced by the planet Mars, such natives are born to be warriors and soldiers of life. They are natural workaholics and are known to work endless hours. Even if their body gives, their mind never gives up and such is the nature of people having Chandra Mangal Yoga. However, it is also seen that, natives with this yoga have bad temper, and are often very impatient. So, many times, if Moon or Mars is afflicted by planets like Rahu or Saturn, such natives are prone to make wrong decisions in their life.

Adhi yoga

Adhi Yoga is another very rare Raj Yoga that is regarded in Vedic Astrology to be one of the most powerful Raj Yogas. The formation of which is also very rare, and not many people have this yoga. However, the ones who have Adhi Yoga formed in their birth chart, they are known to possess great strength and vigor in their life. They are blessed with lots of wealth and prosperity in life, often times, such natives have the capability to become millionaires or even billionaires. The natives gains strong mental power and will power.

Adhi Yoga is formed benefic planets, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, occupies the 6th house, 7th house and 8th houses from the position of Moon. While, Moon should be positioned in a strong state, without having any affliction from Rahu or aspect or conjunction with Rahu. Another condition that the 6th house, 7th house, and 8th house must be occupied by benefic planets and must not be empty.

Naturally, when all three benefic planets occupy the 6th house, 7th house and 8th house, the Moon comes under the “Subh-Kartari-Yoga”. The Moon which is our mind becomes surrounded by the good and benefic energies of the planets Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and this makes the mental strength of the person very strong. Such natives possess great intelligence, knowledge and are known to manage mega multi-national businesses or having high post in the government sector.

Here’s an entire article on why Adhi Yoga is known to be such a powerful Raj Yoga.

Article: Adhi Yoga: Do You Have One of the Biggest Maha Rajyoga in Your Birth Chart?

Sunafa yoga

In our lives, many people suffer from mental disturbances and problems. Our mind is the most capable tool, we can use and it power it possess is extra ordinary. People have done and created amazing and revolutionary things in life. However, the moment one loses control over their mind, great power causes great troubles and if one has no control over one’s mind, it can lead him to disaster. This is when a bad yoga called Kemdrum Yoga is formed in the birth chart, where the Moon has no support of other planets.

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Sunafa Yoga is a Raj Yoga formed due to the planet Moon, when there is any planets except Rahu, Ketu and Sun in the 2nd house from Moon. This yoga firstly grants the native with great intelligence wealth and prosperity. This yoga is a Raj Yoga because, Kemdrum Yoga gets cancelled due to this yoga which itself helps the person excel through life and reach great heights.

Here, the native gains strength in his mind, and he achieves great success in his lifetime. According to Shastras, the native born in this yoga leads a life equivalent to that of a king, is wealthy and becomes prosperous in his lifetime. The formation of this Raj Yoga is very simple, but it’s also a very powerful Raj Yoga.

Anafa yoga

Anafa Yoga is another Raj Yoga formed by the planet Moon and it is also a very powerful Raj Yoga. The native born under this yoga will have an attractive personality. He will be influential in his lifetime, and will have lots of positive qualities within himself. Such natives have the ability to influence others with their speech and are great debater’s and communicators. They also attain fame and respect in the society whilst, will be wealthy and will also lead a life equivalent to that of a king.

Anafa yoga is formed when any planets expect Rahu, Ketu or Sun is position in the 12th house from the position of Moon. This is another very simple Raj Yoga, the formation of which is very simple, yet again, it is definitely a very powerful Raj Yog and there is no doubt, the native born under this Raj Yoga will rise to great heights and achieve great success in his lifetime.

Gauri Yoga

Gauri Yoga is another very auspicious Raj Yoga formed due to the planet Moon. The native born under this yoga is beautiful and attractive and will possess a bright face. They have great imagination power and will be fond of creative arts. The native will possess strong mind and will have the support of parents. The native will be wealthy and prosperous in his lifetime.

Gauri Yoga is formed when Moon is either in the sign of Taurus or Cancer, while Moon should also be aspected by the planet Jupiter and should be placed in Trikona Houses(1,5,9). Additionally, Moon should not be afflicted, i.e. Moon should not be aspected by planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn or in conjunct with them.

Amala yoga

Amala yoga is another great Raj Yoga that itself can make the native very successful in his lifetime. The native born in this yoga will have good personality and character, wealthy and will be prosperous and rich in his lifetime. He will possess good behavior and virtue, and will experience lots of success and growth in his career.

Amala Yoga is formed due to the planet Moon and any one of the benefic planets which includes, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. For Amala Yoga to be formed, from the position of Moon, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury should be posited in the 10th house.

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Such natives born in Amala yoga will be able to enjoy lots of luxuries and comforts in his lifetime. He will be wealthy and leads a life equivalent to that of a king.

Bad Yogas formed by Moon

Kemdrum Yoga

Kemdrum Yoga is one of the bad yogas in Vedic Astrology. It is a very difficult Yoga that brings lots of troubles into the life of the native. The effects of Kemdrum Yoga is such that it brings all the name, fame, success, growth into the life of the native, depending upon which house, the yoga is associated with, and then, the native loses all his success in the later half of his life. A very terrible yoga and one should definitely do remedies for combating with such yoga.

Kemdrum Yoga is formed by the planet Moon when either sides or both sides of Moon are empty, or if there are no planets in both sides of Moon. Even if there is one planet in the 2nd house or 12th house to Moon, the Kemdrum Yoga gets cancelled. While, having malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Sun on both sides of Moon makes the Moon weak in the birth chart, and the native faces troubles in his life. However, Kemdrum Yoga is even more worse as the native first achieves success and looses it all.

Vish Yoga

Vish Yoga is another bad yoga that forms due to the planet Moon and Saturn. It is a very difficult yoga that causes lots of mental troubles to the native in his lifetime. The native faces many obstacles and problems due to which, the native becomes disappointed in his lifetime. Its known to be called as the Curse of the Serpent and according to Vedic Astrology, people who face Vish Yoga have either killed or harmed snakes in their previous life, due to which they are now facing the bad karmas of their deeds.

The negative effects of Vish Yoga can be reduced by praying to Lord Shiva, however, one should go to the temple and also consult a renowned astrologer to get the correct remedy. Vish Yoga is formed in the birth chart when Moon and Saturn are conjunct together or if Saturn Aspects Moon in the birth chart. Vish Yoga is one of the worst yogas in Vedic Astrology but it doesn’t mean that, the native’s entire life will be ruined. Yes, the native may face lots of problems in his life, but if other planets in his birth chart are strong, the negative effects of this yoga will gradually be reduced.

Mostly, during the dasha and Antar-dasha of Saturn, people face lots of troubles. As it is during this time, the Yoga gets fully activated in the birth chart.