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What is Brahma Yoga in Astrology? Benefits and Effects



What is Brahma Yoga in Astrology

Brahma Yoga is a very auspicous Raj yoga formed in the birth chart that grants the native with immense blessings in his life. He will learned, well-educated, will be able to enjoy all the luxurious foods and comforts of life. The energy of Lord Brahma invokes within the native and he will have a personality and quality of Lord Brahma, which includes discovering new things in life, researching and creating new inventions in life.

He will be blessed with all the wealth, fame, status and will lead the life equivalent to a king. While, he will be a man who serves others and helps humanity prosper. Brahma Yoga is a very powerful Raj Yoga that bestows the native will supreme intelligence and wisdom.

The miraculous thing about this Yoga is that Brahma Yoga can be also be formed if the planets associated with it are in their friendly sign.

How is Brahma Yoga formed in the Birth chart?


The Knowledge of How Brahma Yoga is formed in the Birth chart is taken from Pt. NARMDESHWAR SHASTRI. Thank you very much for the wonderful explanation and explaining all the details of the Brahma Yoga in such a simple and easy manner. The video link to the full explanation is given below.

Brahma Yoga is formed when the three planets which includes, Jupiter, Saturn and the 5th house lord are either in Kendra (1,4,7,10) or Trikonas (1,5,9). In the condition that these three planets must be in their own sign, exalted or their friendly sign.

This is yoga will be valid if Jupiter, Saturn and the 5th house lord are in their friendly sign too, posited in either Kendra or Trikona houses. There is no requirement for planets to be conjunction or together. The main requirement being that they must be posited either in Kendra or Trikona houses.

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Example of Brahma Yoga in Birth chart:

Brahma Yoga in a Birth Chart
Brahma Yoga in a Birth Chart

Take a close look at the Birth chart above.

  • 5th house lord Mars is posited in the 5th house itself in its own sign (Aries).
  • Jupiter is in Kendra House which is the 4th house in it’s own sign (Pisces).
  • While, Saturn is in the 10th house in a friendly sign (Virgo).

Here in this birth chart, Brahma Yoga is formed due to the planets Jupiter and Saturn posited in Kendra houses (4,10) in either Own sign or Friendly sign. While, the 5th house lord Mars is in its own sign Aries in the 5th house.

Benefits and Effects of Brahma Yoga in the Birth Chart

  • The native becomes a man who serves others for the good of humanity.
  • He will be respected by all men and gurus in the society.
  • He will possess connections with the kings and high status officers.
  • He will be blessed with good food, luxury and a comfortable life.
  • The native will possess great intelligence and supreme wisdom.
  • He will be fond of research and will invent revolutionary inventions in his lifetime.
  • The native will be well-educated and learned.
  • He will achieve great status and name in the society due to his knowledge.
  • The native will donate to the poor and charity.
  • He will be a person inclined to spirituality and will go towards the path of spirituality and dharma.
  • The native will live long in his lifetime.
  • The native will be wealthy and prosperous in his lifetime and will lead a life equivalent to a king.
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Brahma Yoga Cancellation

There is no doubt, the native who has Brahma Yoga in his birth chart, he gets immensely blessed in his lifetime. He will posses all the qualities of Lord Brahma and does revolutionary things in his life time.

However, many times, the fruits of Brahma Yoga may not be fully activated in the birth chart. This happens when the three planets involved in Brahma Yoga gets afflicted.

Cancellation of Brahma Yoga doesn’t mean that the Yoga will not be fruitful. It just means that the native who was supposed to get the full benefits of Brahma Yoga, the effects of the Brahma Yoga will be weaker.

Cancellation of Brahma Yoga happens if Jupiter, Saturn or the 5th house lord are afflicted by planets like Rahu and Ketu.

For example, if Jupiter or Saturn or 5th house lord is with Rahu or aspected by Rahu, then the fruits of the yoga will be weaker.

However, this doesn’t mean the native will not get the fruits of the Yoga, the native will still be very intelligent, he will possess great knowledge and wisdom however, he may face some troubles in his life due to the involvement of Rahu in the Yoga.