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Today, we will be talking about a very special topic which is planets and their aspects. This time, what will happen if different planets aspect your Moon. Because as we know, Moon is one of the most important planet in Vedic Astrology.

In fact, many astrologers will only look at your moon chart and tell the predictions. Some, completely just ignore the birth chart. The question is why?

The reason is because Moon is our mind and if we can know how a person thinks?, What he desires?, What he wants in life? and How his mind works?, we can easily predict a lot of things just by reading the Moon chart.

If different planets aspect your moon, what kind of result will it produce?

A simple person will actually lead a very satisfying and healthy life and lifestyle even though he has very less money, food and wealth. Because having all the basic needs of human like food, water shelter is enough to lead a normal life.

However, the person in reality will not be satisfied by that and the reason is because of the planet Moon.

Moon represents our wishes, desires, how our mind works?, our thoughts, dreams and emotions. Moon in Vedic Astrology is a little bit different from other planets. The reason is because having weak Moon is not good as it can make the person emotionally unbalanced and have the yoga for mental illnesses. Similarly, having a strong moon is also not as bad as weak moon but it is also not good. Because again the person will suffer from strong emotional misbalances and extreme emotions.

Therefore, in Vedic Astrology, our ancient Rishis say that a powerful Moon is that which is neither too strong in the birth chart nor too weak, meaning it is balanced. Because if one can balance his mind, thoughts and emotions, there is nothing that the person cannot achieve in life.

In this article, we will discuss about what kind of results will you get if different planets aspect your moon. We will be discussing about what happens if Rahu aspects your Moon?, or what if Jupiter Aspects your Moon?.

Because Jupiter aspecting the Moon creates a “Gaj Kesari Yoga”, which can make the person extremely fortunate and rich in life. But the question is why is it so?

In this article prediction, 50% of the results will definitely be true. Because the other half is predicted by the condition of your 1st house of Lagan.

Here in this article, we are not looking at any Zodiac Signs or Houses where Moon and other planets are placed in. We are just looking at the results of planets that if they aspect the Moon, what will be the outcome?

So, if you have Moon in the 8th house, Sun in the 2nd house, definitely the result will be different, but 50% what it says here will be true.

Sun Aspecting the Moon

Sun Aspecting the Moon is known to be as “Purnima Chandrama”. Because this is the time what the Moon is fully lighted up by Sun or so called “Full Moon”.

This is one of the best and also one of the most difficult positions of Moon to be in. It’s like you are gifted but there is a big challenge that you will need to deal with. That challenge is emotions.

There’s no doubt, Sun aspecting the Moon will make the person extremely beautiful, handsome, and good looking. Just like how Sun lights up the Moon. In majority of the people with this position of Sun and Moon, you will find that their face will naturally glow just like how Moon Glows upon the sky at night.

When Sun Aspects the Moon, as we know Moon is our Mind and heart. The person’s thoughts will expand. He will think really big and dreams really big things.

He will gain the qualities of Sun and the person will start to think like a King. He will want to take over everything in life and achieve great success in life. He will want the crowd the follow him and he will want the crowd to get attracted to him.

The person’s dreams will be very big and sometimes, he will dream so big that it will seem impossible for the other person to even dream of such thing. Such will be the nature of the mind of a person with Sun Moon aspect. He will think and dream is such way that if he can actually swallow the entire ocean of the earth.

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The person will desire and want the people or crowd to follow him. Which is also the reason why this position of Moon and Sun is great for politics and government sector. As the personality of the person will suit the nature of the work.

However, there is one thing that the person can face and that is emotional misbalances. Because here Moon is “Purnima Moon” and it is at it’s strongest stage. Therefore, the person can either be deeply emotional or he may not be able to manage his emotions very well.

However, if such person can manage and master his mind and emotions, he will become a great king or a great leader in the society.

Mars Aspecting the Moon

Mars aspecting the Moon is normally known to be called as “Chandra Mangal Yoga”. The question is why Chandra Mangal Yoga is known to be as very auspicious and makes the person fortunate and leads a life equivalent to a king.

The reason is because Mars is “Vitality”, “Energy”, “Life Force”, “Hardworking Capability”, “Courage” and “Vigor”.

Now from the Lagan or 1st house, we determine the personality of the person. Because the 1st house is the self, the body.

However, when it comes to Moon, it is the mind and if the mind is fuelled by the energy of Mars, the person becomes “Unstoppable”.

Because if there is one thing that is stopping great talented people from achieving great success is their mind itself. The false beliefs that “I am not good enough”, “It is too hard”…. and so on.

Mars is all about doing, taking action and if your mind is fuelled by Mars, you will naturally have a lot of mental energy and capacity.

Where a person works for 10 hours and gets extremely tried, the person who has Mars aspect on Moon can work for 14 hours and still not get tired. Because even though his body has given up, his mind has not and the body is ruled by the mind.

With Mars aspect on Moon, the person becomes extremely hardworking. The person will start to desire big things in life. Because Mars is all about conquering lands and placing that flag.

Therefore, if a person dreams big and he also has the energy, hardworking capacity to actually achieve his dream, the person will definitely become successful in life.

This is the reason why Mars aspect on Moon is known to be a Raj Yoga called “Chandra Mangal Yoga”.

Because here the person will not only dream big but he will actually work hard to achieve his dreams.

Such people are known to consistently work hard until he achieves his dream.

Mercury Aspecting the Moon

Mercury Aspecting the Moon creates an auspicious Yoga called “Gaj Kesari Yoga”. This one of the biggest Raj Yoga’s that can make a person extremely fortunate in life giving him lot’s of wealth success and happiness.

Mercury is known to be the “Prince or Princess” or So called “Raj Kumar”. He is the son of the King who is the Sun. Mercury’s aspect on Moon makes a person have a personality that of a prince. He will be handsome, good looking and if Women then she will be beautiful.

The person will gain the qualities of Mercury which is all about intelligence, cleverness, mental focus, management and business. Therefore, the person will be extremely good in managing a business or doing work related to management or accounting.

The person will be clever, and very intelligent.

One thing to note here is that Moon is the mind. While the 1st house represents the self and the body. When Mercury aspects the 1st house, there is no doubt, the person will be intelligent and good looking.

But here Mercury is affecting the mind of the person when Mercury aspects the Moon. Which means, the person thoughts, mind, heart will all have all the qualities of Mercury. This is the reason why Mercury Aspect on Moon creates “Gaj Kesari Yoga”. Because here, because of the mind which is affected by Mercury, the person will go after his dreams regardless of whether his body is capable of doing or not.

There is no doubt, if the mind of the person itself is so intelligent and powerful, the person will become extremely successful in life.

Because here, the mind will create thoughts over and over again, and if these thoughts are affected by Mercury, the person will think intelligent, knowledgable things that can take the person to great heights.

Just like Rahu if it affects the mind, it creates illusions, distractions, and confusion to the person. That’s why Rahu and Moon Aspects is known as “Grahan Yoga” which is a bad yoga.

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Mercury aspect on Moon will also make the person have the ability to speak and influence people.

Jupiter Aspecting the Moon

Jupiter’s aspect on Moon also creates the auspicious “Gaj Kesari Yoga”. This also one of the biggest Maha Raj Yoga’s in Vedic Astrology that can make a person extremely fortunate in life. Gaj kesari Yoga is formed by three planets, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. However, the effects of each Gaj Kesari Yoga’s will be very different.

However, In Vedic Astrology, the Gaj Kesari Yoga formed by Jupiter is said to be the most powerful and auspicious one.

The reason is because Jupiter is “Knowledge”. While Moon is our mind and heart.

If mind is influenced by Knowledge, the person will naturally become unique and special in life.

He will have such kind of influence in life due to the aspect of Jupiter on his Moon or Mind that the moment he speaks, people will listen.

Because Jupiter is knowledge, the Guru, and it represents expansion, wealth and wisdom.

Therefore, if you have Jupiter Aspect on Moon and this type of “Gaj Kesari Yoga”, you may not even need to go to school, get education and study in life but you will still become a knowledgable person to whom people will look upto.

Because Jupiter in builds a different type of knowledge within you that when people hear it from you, their own knowledge will expand. This is the reason why Gaj Kesari Yoga formed by Jupiter is so powerful and special in Vedic Astrology.

Because of the knowledge, your thoughts, Jupiter just expands your life taking you to great heights and success in life. It is through knowledge itself that one becomes successful in life.

The person who has great knowledge in life, success, wealth and fortune just follows him like an cart wheel that follows the ox, no matter where the ox goes.

The best example of Gaj Kesari Yoga formed by Jupiter is “Nikola Tesla”. He invented some of the biggest and the most impossible things in life, like the Alternating Current. It was all though his knowledge and hardwork. And within years, he gained success that made him known for centuries after centuries and till today, Nikola Tesla is known all around the world for his inventions.

Venus Aspecting the Moon

Venus Aspecting the Moon also creates the auspicious Raj Yoga called “Gaj Kesari Yoga”.

Venus is luxury, desire and wants in life. Life long the person who has this combination of Venus aspect on Moon will go after having all the luxuries of life. He will want all the luxury, comforts and wealth in life.

Such person will always want to have a high standard of living in life. He will regularly work hard in life to get these things in life.

In the hearts of these people, Laxmi, luxury, wealth and comforts are always there.

There is no doubt, the person will be very romantic and emotional in nature. People having such kind of combination mostly have love marriage affairs in their life.

Regardless of that, Venus aspect on Moon can take a person to great heights in life also. Especially, if they are into the fields of Media and entertainment.

Saturn Aspecting the Moon

While all the other planets aspect on Moon gives great results. Saturn aspect on Moon is not considered good.

Because Saturn is disappointment, Saturn is hard work for a very long time. If you have known people who have worked in a particular job for more than 30 – 40, those are the kinds of people who have great influence of the planet Saturn.

Saturn brings a lot of disappointment, failure in life. Along with that, Saturn also brings a lot of discipline and control over the life of the person. Saturn can really make the person’s mind really confused.

Because of this, Saturn aspect on Moon, gives a person a special ability to analyse situations in a very different manner. They are the ones who can think outside the box and create solutions that can change the world.

However, Saturn aspect on Moon will bring lots of disappointment in the life of the person. The person will have lots of unnecessary worries, confusion loitering around his mind through out his life.

There is no doubt, Saturn aspect on Moon will make the person extremely disciplined in life. He will be very organised and will have personality that he will want the right things to happen at the right time. He will want the bed, table, food to be positioned in the right places.

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However, due to Saturn, things will start to falter and the moment such person leaves his disciplined his, his life will start to fall downwards.

This is the reason why it is recommended that people who have Saturn aspect on Moon should lead a life full of discipline and self-control. They should keep their home, room and workplace clean, tidy and organised and they should also wake up early and sleep early. By doing his, they will be less affected by the negative affects of Saturn.

Rahu Aspecting the Moon

Rahu Aspect on Moon will give results similar to Saturn. This also creates a bad yoga called “Grahan Yoga” .

What happens here is that one may have lots of talent, knowledge, and capability to rise to a very high level in career. However, due to Rahu, the person faces disappointment and confusion.

The person will face disappointments, lots of business and work road blocks and struggles. When he tries to do a new thing in life or venture into a new business, the business may seem that it will be very successful but at the end, somehow, it will fail.

This is mainly due to Rahu affecting the mind of the person. It makes the person very confused in himself and his capabilities even though he may be blessed by a thousand stars. He may doubt his own hard work and because of this, the person fails in life.

Here, Rahu directly affects the mind of the person which becomes even more worse. The person may try one thing and move to the other because he thinks that the previous one will not be successful. But he forgets that the key the success is hardwork.

Rahu regualrly provokes the person to use smartness, intelligence and cleverness to gain success but all these becomes an illusion for the person as Rahu directs the person into looking for shortcuts to gain success through intelligence. Which in fact seems possible for the person.

However, HARDWORK is still important and that is what Rahu tries to cover and hide from the native by making him think that he is intelligent and smart enough to leap the Mount Everest in a single jump. In fact, the person actually will be able to jump high enough too to actually leap the mountain. But Rahu doesn’t show the person that at high altitudes, your body will not be able to adjust to the climatic temperatures of the peak. Due to which, the person will have no option but to fall back.

At the end, that is not possible and this leads to disappointment in life.

The person will have constant worries in his mind and this is the reason why Rahu aspect on Moon is not considered good in Vedic Astrology.

Ketu Aspecting the Moon

Ketu is another planet that if it aspects the Moon will also create “Grahan Yoga”.

This is because if Ketu Aspects Moon, Rahu will be in conjunction with Moon. Therefore, Here Moon will be affected by Rahu as well as Ketu.

In the case of Ketu, Ketu is known to be the planet that gives similar results as Mars.

Which means it will make the person hardworking, full of energy and vitality.

However, here Since Rahu is with Moon, and since Rahu is also aspecting Ketu, Ketu will give malefic results to the native.

Here, Ketu will make the person impatient and will also face disappointment in life.

Ketu represent confusion in life, and this confusion is mainly due to the Rahu aspect on Ketu.

Because if there was not Rahu, Ketu would grant Moksha to all the people in the world. However, due to Rahu which represents illusions, Maya or so called Desire, Ketu is blocked from granting moksha to the people.

Because of this Ketu’s aspect on Moon makes the person very confused in life. As Ketu also has no head and only body.

Here the person can try one thing and jump to another and this cycle keeps on going on and on.

Ketu here can make the person work very very hard in life. The person may work for 20 years, 30 years and still not find any success. This is due to Rahu who has taken over Moon. Rahu brings disappointment into the life of the person.