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Rags To Riches With Ketu! | In Which House Ketu Gives Good Results?



 गं गणपतये नमो नम:

Today, we are here to talk about a special planet Ketu. Also known as the “Headless Planet” or the “Dragons Tail”.

There is no doubt, everyone fears the planets Rahu and Ketu because these two planets have played a very special role in Vedic Astrology. They are called the Shadow planet because really they don’t have any physical existence. Yet, they are there in Vedic Astrology as “Chaya Grah”, popularity known to give bad results to people.

When it comes to Ketu, the planet Ketu has played a very special role in a person’s life. Whether it is good or bad, Ketu is always there with us and if you do not know, the top portion of your head represents “Ketu”. That’s why you see many Hindu’s having a long hair on top of their head, or Hindu Monks/Sadhu’s having a bunch of hair tangles on top of their head. This is to represent Ketu and we all known that the top of the head is also associated with the “Crown Chakra”.

Every body has the Crown Chakra and it represents Moksha, enlightenment and getting complete freedom from the bonds of desire and material wants. Which directly means “enlightenment”. While in Vedic Astrology, Ketu is the planet that represents Moksha itself. While Rahu is the complete opposite and it represents “Desire and material wants”.

There’s a saying, if your Ketu is strong, Rahu automatically starts giving good results.

You might wonder why is that so?.

In simple logic, if a person have found the key to enlightenment, without even knowing it. Meaning he has complete control over his desires, emotions, mind, body and material wants and he is not affected by those, “Maya” or so called “Desires” will try to distract the person in ways that the person cannot comprehend. Meaning the person will start becoming really successful in life, Money will start pouring into his life, his life will start becoming really busy and these are all distractions create by “Maya” or the planet Rahu itself to distract the person from attaining spiritual enlightenment.

Because at the end, even the physical body is an illusion itself.

This is why having good placement of Ketu can really change your life and take you to great heights.

What happens if one has bad placement of Ketu?.

Ketu as we know is a shadow planet, the dragons tail or the headless planet. Ketu represents “confusion”.

Therefore, if a person has a bad placement of Ketu, the person’s mind becomes filled with confusion. The person will not know what’s really happening to him. His mind will suffer from distractions, confusion. At one point, he will do something, and next he will do another while he won’t be able to make the right decisions. In, simple, the person looses his focus in life.

He may try to work on a particular business and in reality, his business could actually succeed but because of the bad placement of Ketu, he may think that his business will fail. Because Ketu, brings confusion and un wanted thoughts into a person’s mind that makes no sense in reality.

Especially, children who have bad placement of Ketu will have lots of problems in studies. The child can be really good in studies but his mind will always remain in confusion.

For students, they may not feel like giving time to studies. Frequently having problems with focus, and studying things that are not important.

When Ketu is badly placed, the person may also face problems with Money and wealth. Even for business people, they may suffer losses, wrong investments and having problems with running the business.

One of the things that Ketu does if it is badly placed is that, it can show a person, a success chance and it makes the person work, attracts the person into it and in the end, the person loose the chance.

Another thing, bad placement of Ketu does to a person is that it can make the person work really hard. But the person does not get the results of his hard work. He may work for years and years and still get pennies in return. This what a bad placement of Ketu can do to a person.

Personal Experience: As for me, I don’t have a bad placement of Ketu but it is placed with a Malefic planet Saturn therefore, here Ketu is affected. Saturn as we know is a slow moving planet and it delays work, job, and results and everything in life. Now Saturn and Ketu makes a bad yoga called “Shrapit Dosh”. Believe it or not, I’ve always had to work 100 times more in life to get a small amount of result (I would say 1000 times more). Because Ketu is such that it takes the form of the planet that it sits with. Here it is Saturn and on top of that it multiplies the effect of the planet by 5 times. Therefore, you can see that how crazy it can get if you have a bad placement of Ketu. But with God’s grace, I have been fortunate to having enough wealth in order to survive with the basic needs. However, this does not mean that, Ketu doesn’t give good results. Yes it does, and when it gives good results, it gives you in ways that you cannot even comprehend. Because the fact that when it sits with any planet, it multiplies the effect of that planet by 5 times, just means that if you have a good wealth combination of a particular planet and if Ketu is empowering that planet, you can become really wealthy in life. Because Ketu is the only Planet that can have this kind of effect.

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How To Know If your Ketu is weak in your birth chart?

Ketu as we know is a shadow planet meaning, Ketu takes the shape of the planet that it sits with and gives results accordingly.

Moreover, same is the case with the Rashi or Zodiac sign. The zodiac sign in which your Ketu is placed plays a huge role in the type of result that it gives.

According to Maha Rishis, Ketu becomes strong in Scorpio and Sagittarius signs, while Ketu deems Pisces as being its own sign. Although, Ketu doesn’t have it’s own particular sign.

Now, you have to see which sign your planet Ketu is placed in.

On top of that, you also have to see, what is the condition of the lord of the zodiac sign in which Ketu is placed.

For example, If Ketu is placed in Pisces and lord of the sign Pisces is Jupiter. If Jupiter is strong in your chart, there’s no doubt, the planet Ketu will also give good results.

According to Maha Rishis, Ketu becomes weak or debilitated in the zodiac signs, Taurus and Gemini.

If Ketu is placed in these signs, it can mean that the planet Ketu is weak in your birth chart.

Moreover, if on Ketu, Saturn, Sun or Mars aspects the planet Ketu then also Ketu becomes weak and gives bad results.

To really see what kind of Result, Ketu is going to give, you have to see the placement of the lord of the sign that Ketu is placed in.

In which Houses does Ketu Give Good Results?

To really see if the planet Ketu is strong in your birth chart, as we talked about, we have to see the placement of Ketu.

Ketu gives great results in the houses 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.

Ketu in the 3rd house

If Ketu is in your 3rd house, Ketu gives really good results. Ketu is also known to behave like the planet Mars. As we know, the main Karaka for the 3rd house is the planet Mars. Therefore, here Ketu gives amazing results. It makes the person extremely hardworking and the person will normally be inclined to do a lot of work. The person can also become a workaholic.

However, Ketu is still a malefic planet therefore, it doesn’t leave it’s malefic effects on the person. Meaning, the person may have to work really hard in life for some time without getting much in return.The person may also not have any brothers or siblings. But later on in life, Ketu becomes the reason for the persons success in life.

Moreover, if the planet Ketu is with a “subh graha” or benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury. And if these planets are in their own sign in the 3rd house. Ketu magnifies the results of these planets by 5 times and makes the person really successful in life. Because here Ketu directly aspects the 9th house which is the house of “Bhagya” or Fate and Ketu here in the 3rd house can be really powerful.

However, if Ketu is in its weak sign that is Taurus or Gemini, then the good results of Ketu will be low or nil. If the there are no benefic aspects of planets like Venus, Jupiter on the 3rd house, Ketu can give bad results.

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Ketu in the 6th house

Ketu also gives great results in the 6th house. 6th house as we know is the house of enemies, diseases, debts and it is known to be a bad house. However, malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu actually do really well in the 6th house .

Ketu in the 6th house will give the person victory over his enemies. The person will be protected from his enemies and will gain victory over them. This does not mean that the person will not have any enemies. Ketu here also gives good health to the person and increases the longevity of the person.

Our Former Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had Jupiter with Ketu in the 6th house. He was the key leader of the Indian National Congress and one of the leaders to lead the Independence movement. In 1947, he became India’s first Prime Minister.

Ketu in the 8th house

Ketu is known to be the planet of Moksha or Spirituality and when it is placed in the 8th house, it often leads the person into finding out the secrets of spirituality, mysticism and secret knowledge.

Ketu in the 8th house gives good results to the person. Ketu as we know is a planet that gives results in a way that a person may not be able to comprehend. Ketu is known bringing sudden rise and downfall in the persons life. When Ketu sits in the 8th house, the person can suddenly gain tremendous amount of wealth in life. Similarly, the 8th house is also related to struggles, accidents and misery side of life. Therefore, there’s no issue with Ketu in the 8th house bringing up the possibility of having accidents in life.

Ketu in the 9th house

Ketu in the 9th house is also a really great position. It makes the person extremely hardworking. In fact, if Ketu is in a good sign, Ketu here becomes the reason for unlocking the fate and fortune of the person.

Ketu in the 9th house also makes the person Dharmic and the person takes part in various religious activities. The person becomes inclined towards religion in the society.

Ketu in the 11th house

Ketu in the 11th house is also considered to be a good position. Ketu here gives the person lots of wealth.

The person get the chance to earn money from various sources and the person will not have to worry about money.

Generally, in the 11th house, all the planets give good results. Having just one planet in the 11th house is considered to be very good in terms of financial strength and here Ketu will definitely give wealth to the native.

If Ketu is with planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Ketu here can really give great results in terms of wealth and can make the person become a millionaire if these planets are in their own sign.

Ketu in the 12th house

The 12th house is known to be the house of spirituality. It is the house that is associated with losses, courts, hospitals, isolation, expenditure and moksha. Although, the 12th house is a bad house, Ketu here gives extremely good results.

Because as we know Ketu is the planet that represents Moksha and being in the house of Moksha itself, Ketu becomes extremely strong.

Ketu here makes the person very spiritual. It makes the person’s mind become very sharp and inclined towards spiritual thing. The person will have a good nature and a good heart. In such positions of Ketu, the person should always help the society, donate and help the poor.

This position of Ketu is considered to be the best position of Ketu. Ketu here can also take the person to foreign lands and moreover, the person can also settle abroad.

What Good Results can we expect from having strong Ketu? Rags to Riches with Ketu.

Having strong Ketu in the birth chart is considered to be extremely auspicious and this itself is considered to be a Raj Yoga.

You may have seen people getting rich, famous, successful overnight. Suddenly, when people receive lots of fame, success, power, responsibility, wealth, Ketu is the planet that can give such type of sudden success in life.

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The planet Ketu has the power to take a person to great great heights. I mean heights that the person just cannot imagine and from where the person works really hard to earn just Rs.100, the same person has to think about how he will spend his money because he has too much wealth. Such is the power of the planet Ketu.

If Ketu is strong in your birth chart, there’s no doubt, you can be extremely successful in life. But if Ketu is strong and in association with your wealth houses like the 2nd house and 11th house, Ketu here can make you a multi-millionaire.

Similarly, if Ketu is strong in your birth chart, your mind will have tremendous amounts of focus. The person becomes sharp and will have a unique intuitive ability to predict events. Moreover, the persons vision becomes very strong and he will be able to basically see things beyond what they actually mean.

Just like the Crown Chakra represents Moksha or enlightenment where a person gains the ability to know the universe. The person who have had his Crown Chakra activated will often comment that he experiences a certain kind of bliss, many people cry for no reason because they start to see freedom.

Same is the case with Ketu, Ketu unlocks your hidden power inside of you, if Ketu is strong and removes all confusion from your mind. Because of this, you will be able to see life in a way that others just cannot see. You will be able to see life in a different way.

There’s no doubt, a person who can see what can happen to the world, 20 years, 30 years 50 years from now, he becomes a visionary. Therefore, Ketu does give such kind of ability to the person. Especially, when Ketu is in the 12th house, the person becomes very spiritual and his imaginative power magnifies a lot.

This is the reason why, our ancient Maha Rishis say that when Ketu is strong, it can take a person from rags to riches.

The only planet next to Ketu that can give similar results is the planet Jupiter. Both of these planets have the power to massively expand a persons life and bring immense success to the person.

While when Ketu gives Good results, it gives in massive amounts. The person will be blessed with lots and lots of comforts, wealth and success in life.

Of course, hard work is the key to success. As it is said that Goddess Laxmi without thought will come into the house of the person who Works really hard in life. However, if there is no direction and the person works hard without having a particular path to growth, hard work can go to waste.

Therefore, it is very important to make the planet Ketu strong in the birth chart. Ketu can give you all the comforts of life. Ketu is the planet that can fulfil all your dreams, wishes, success and wealth. If Ketu is weak in your birth chart, there’s nothing to panic about.

Yes, there will be confusion in life. I have seen people change careers in life after working for 10 to 20 years in a particular field. Their Ketu was weak in their birth chart. In order to make Ketu strong, make your Jupiter Strong. How to make Jupiter strong, one should go to the temple every day and pray to god. Keep their home temple, neat and clean every day.

There are some ways or remedies by which you can make the planet Ketu strong in your birth chart.

Remedies to make Ketu strong

  • Ketu is represented by the God Lord Ganesha therefore by praying to Lord Ganesha, one can make their Ketu strong.
  • Go to the temple everyday and pray to god.
  • Serve monks, sadhus and help them. You can donate food, clothing and temple offerings to them. The planet Ketu will start giving good results.
  • Serving and feeding dogs with different colours on their body also makes Ketu strong in your birth chart.
  • In order to make Ketu strong, one should make their Jupiter strong and one of the ways to do that is to use Tumeric. You can add Tumeric mixed with milk and add it into your water that you use to take a bath.
  • To make Jupiter strong, go to the temple everyday.