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3rd House

Mars in 3rd House For Aries Ascendant




Mars in the 3rd house is one of the best positions for Mars to be in. The third house is not only the Karak house for Mars, but Mars gets natural strength in the 3rd house because Mars represents the 3rd house.

The third house is known to be the house of courage and will power. Similarly, Mars also represents courage and will power. Therefore, Mars gets very strong in the third house. The third house also represents younger siblings, communication, sales and marketing, and hard work. Mars also represents all these things.

Mars, as we all know, has three aspects, 4th, 7th and 8th aspect meaning Mars from the third house will aspect the 6th house, 9th house, and 10th house respectively.

Mars in the third house will make the person extremely hardworking and it is because of his hard work, the person will be able to achieve all the success in his life. Especially, for Aries, ascendants, Mars is the main Karak planet for them, therefore, Mars being in the third house makes the person extremely fortunate. Such people with Mars in the 3rd house will achieve their goals and success by their own effort.

Mars in the 3rd house

  • The first thing to notice about People who have Mars in the 3rd house is that the person becomes extremely hard working.
  • The native might not have good communications with his siblings, especially younger brothers. Moreover, the native might not have any brothers at all. If the native does have brothers, he should be friendly and do good deeds for the brothers.
  • The native will have good sales and marketing skills.
  • The communication of the native will be very assertive and straightforward.
  • The native will have plenty of courage and vigor. The native will be fearless and will be filled with drive and energy to do well in life.
  • The native will be blessed with a strong will power.
  • Mars in third house will make the fate or “Bhagya” of the person extremely strong.
  • Such a native, the more he sweats, perseveres, and goes through life with hard work and patience, the more successful he will become.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, if the lord of the lagan or 1st house, goes to any house, that house will grow and give good results. Here, the lord of the 1st house Mars, goes to the 3rd house, hence the things the person will get all the benefits related to the third house.
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From the third house, Mars aspects the 6th house, 8th house, and 9th house.

From the 3rd house, When Mars aspects the 6th house, it creates a Yoga for the person to be able to destroy his enemies. The person will be able to gain victory over his enemies. Since the 6th house is also related to debt, diseases and enemies, such people may have some minor problems with health however, the person will be able to borrow money from the people, and that borrowed money will be beneficial for the person. But people who have Mars in the 3rd house or 6th house should not lend money to people as they will lose the money. Because I have seen many people with such placement of Mars and they are able to gain from the debt borrowed money but if they lend money, there’s a high chance that the money may never return to them.

My personal experience, I have Mars in the 6th house in Moon chart and I have really gained a lot from Bank Loans, but whenever, I lend money, it was really hard for me to recover.

I think this is mostly because Mars is the Karaka of energy and here when you gain energy, it helps you but when you spend energy, it will never come back.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t lend money, yes if it is absolutely necessary, especially for family members and emergencies, it is important but when it comes to risking your own valuable assets, if someone is asking some money loans from you for business purposes, always think twice before you give.

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Mars as we know is the main Karak planet for the 3rd house, which just means that it is the best placement of Mars. Mars here will make the person extremely hardworking. From the 3rd house, Mars looks or aspects the 8th house which is it’s own house and this is considered to be a really great aspect of Mars. Here, it indicates that the native will be able to achieve all his success and victories in life with his hard work.

Because the 8th house is also the house of struggle and longevity. Therefore, Mars here helps the person gain victory over obstacles, problems, and struggles in life. Mars also gives the person a long life. Here Lagnesh or the 1st house lord going to the 3rd house is just considered to be very very auspicious and the native will be able to work really hard in life.

Mars from the 3rd house also aspects the 9th house, thus it makes the “Bhagya” or “Fate” of the native very strong. The native will continuously get lots of opportunities in life and he/she will be able to become successful in life due to his own hard work and perseverance.

Overall, Mars in the 3rd house is one of the best positions for Mars. It’s going to make the person really hardworking and most importantly, the person’s fate or bhagya will be extremely strong. In one simple line I’d say, “The person will achieve all his success and growth in his life through his hard work”.