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Effects of Moon in the 1st House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Moon in the 1st House: Vedic Astrology

Moon, which is in reality a satellite of the earth, is taken as a planet in astrology. Revolving around the Earth, the moon brings about a lot of effects on a native’s life. Although the Moon rules the sign of Karkata, it is severely weakened at 3 degrees of Scorpio and exalts at 3 degrees of Vrishabha or Vrishabh. Vrishabh is its Mooltrikona Rashi and the Moon is the Karaka of the Mind.

Moon is an important planet and signifies a lot of aspects according to astrology. It signifies intelligence, happiness, mind, pearls, clothes, liquids, diseases related to the stomach, and many more. The Moon’s Nakshatra is utilized to determine the best Muhurat and Naamkaran.

Out of all the 12 houses, the 1st house in astrology represents the personality, nature, and mind of the person. If the moon is in the 1st house, the native will often exhibit emotional and emphatic behavior. Therefore, with Moon in the person will become intelligent, logical, admire of the arts, trustworthy, and emotional. They are also preoccupied with what other people think of them because the locals also have a great desire to be popular. A strong Moon will always give them positive results but a weak Moon is capable of making a person’s life difficult.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Moon in 1st house

The Moon’s position in the 1st house is capable of bestowing a person’s life with a lot of effects. It impacts various aspects of life such as:

  • The social life of the person is affected
  • Their perspective and outlook on life are affected
  • The relationships of the person even the romantic ones are affected
  • The emotional nature of the person is impacted as well

Positive Effects of Moon in the 1st House

With the Moon in the 1st house, the person is bestowed with a rich and healthy life. In terms of money and wealth, they will never be short of it and can buy whatever they wish for. In addition, to have a lot of wealth, they will have a healthy body and mind. It is very unlikely for these people to fall sick and most likely will have a strong body and immune system.

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Additionally, the Moon in the first house enhances the likelihood of travel, which in turn broadens the range of experiences. They have a bright future as well as they have a higher chance to land government jobs as well. Because they will get opportunities to travel, they can have a career related to travelling as well. They are also full of creativity and can become writers and artists.

These people are also good at expressing themselves. They will largely maintain self-control, but if they are under oppression, they may go over their usual emotional threshold. These people prefer the company of intelligent people and might look for personal space as well.

The natives with the Moon in the 1st house will also be exceedingly compassionate, kind, and soft-hearted person. They are naturally highly amiable and always considerate of the opinions and feelings of others. These natives are followers of peace as well, therefore they possess a peaceful mind. Moon in the 1st house people trustworthy people as well and won’t break the trust of other people. This puts you on the right path to spiritual development.

The Moon in the 1st house will make the married life of the person extremely good as well. They won’t have any troubles regarding their relationship and married life. With the Moon in 1st house, the native will have an extremely good relationship with their significant other. The bond that they have with their significant is full of loyalty, trust, and love.

Negative Effects of Moon in the 1st House

With Moon in the 1st house, the natives will be an emotional person and this can hamper them a lot. As they have a high tendency to have emotional turmoil within them. When they are unable to express their feelings to those around them, those with the Moon in the first house become melancholy and alone. These people can have bipolar disorder or might get into depression.

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If the Moon is weak in the 1st house, then they can resort to an aggressive nature if they become lonely. A weak moon in 1st house can even put their significant other in danger. Their partners can pass away leaving them distressed. These people will not have a good relationship with their mothers and won’t get any support from their mothers as well.

A weak placement of the moon in the 1st house will even affect the health of the person. They will be prone to diseases and have a weak immune system. There are chances that they might lose their limbs as a result of an accident. They are also likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, and gastritis. Obesity and weak vision might trouble them as well. A weak moon will result in the native being an alcoholic as well. 

Even when other people are trying to assist them and help them, they will take it in the wrong manner. They might view it as excessive intrusion, possibly with the goal of upsetting your circumstances even more. These people will express their feelings by thinking about the consequences as well. Other people might even perceive them as egotistical. A weak moon can make them have tendencies to become jealous, greedy, and confused a lot.

Quick Remedies for Moon

A weak Moon in the 1st house can be devastating for a person’s life. Although, there are remedies that these people can follow to make their lives better and not be engulfed in the negative effects of the Sun in the 1st house.

  • They must pour water on the roots of the Banyan Tree time and again.
  • The corners of their bed should each have a copper nail.
  • They should keep silverware in their home and a silver thali is a must. They should also use silver cups and not glass. 
  • These people should not get married around the age between 24 or 28. They should get married at the age of 27 or 28. As a result, their marriage will go on smoothly.
  • Avoid buying a home with your own money between the ages of 24 and 27
  • You should wear a Moonstone as it will make the Moon strong
  • You should Chant the Chandra Beej Mantra as well
  • Conducting a Navagraha Shanti Puja at your home is a remedy as well
  • You should worship Lord Ganesha as he will make the life of his followers easier
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The Moon in the 1st house is capable of making a person rich and helping him have an exciting career. These people will be blessed with gentle personalities and they are kind as well. In addition, they will be healthy, intellectual, and creative as well. But a weak Moon in 1st House is capable of making the person prone to diseases and making them have an unstable mind. But there are remedies for the ones who are experiencing the negative effects of the Moon in the 1st House.