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Benefits of Feeding Fish In Astrology



Benefits of Feeding Fish In Astrology

In India, fishes have been fed since a very long time. Fish holds a very important role in Vedic Astrology and there are even Hindu Gods that represent Fishes. Fishes are small creatures, harmless most of the time yet they are so important in our lives. Fish is also the only non-vegetarian food that is extremely healthy to humans as it contains the Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Moreover, if we move to Christianity, and other religions, Fish is also mentioned in the bible. In Vedic Astrology, the Zodiac Sign that represents fish is Pisces. Did you know, that in Christianity, there was a massive flood that took place in the world. This was when God become angry and he wanted remove the bad and evil from the world. Where Noah, who built an Ark was told to carry a pair of each animal and put them into the ark to survive the disaster that God warned him about.

If we take a look at the age that this incident had happened, it was during the age of Aquarius who is represented by a man, holding a vessel filled with water and pouring it on the ground.

Now moving to Vedic Astrology, even in the scriptures of Hinduism, it is said that life started from water and the first living beings to come on earth was fishes. Moreover, it is represented by Lord Vishnu as the first Avatar of Lord Vishnu was that of a fish.

Pisces is represented by two fishes who are swimming in circles. Pisces also represents the beginning of a new age, a new era and that before even man had existed, fishes were one of the first creatures on earth. With that said, today in this article, we will be talking about fishes and what are the benefits of feeding fishes.

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Benefits of Feeding Fish In Astrology

1. Keeping a fish tank in the house helps correct many planets in the birth chart

Although, one may not realize this but the fish tank in your house, if you have it is extremely beneficial for you in your life. Especially, if you keep different colored fishes in your fish tank.

It is said that in Vedic Astrology, by keeping fishes at home, it helps remove the negative effects of many planets in a persons birth chart. As different colored fishes represent different planets.

A golden fish or a yellow colored fish represents the planet Sun. By keeping a golden colored fish in your fish tank, you can awaken the energies of Sun in your birth chart, hence making the planet strong in your birth chart. Sun in Vedic Astrology, represents our father, our confidence and will power and the government.

By making your Sun strong, one will gain the power of becoming confident and determined in his life. He will also have great relationship with his father.

Just like that, if you keep a white fish in your fish tank, it helps awaken the energies of the planet Moon. Hence, if someone has a weak Moon in his birth chart, he can face lots of mental troubles and problems with emotions and mind. By keeping a white fish or silver in his fish tank, he can calm down the energies of Moon, hence making his mind more sharp, focused and strong.

For Mars, one can keep Red or Kesari Colored fishes in their fish tank. Mars represents our aggressiveness, our ability to move forward and fight and it represents our blood and anger.

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When a person has a weak Mars, he can suffer from frequent short temperedness. He may not be able to make correct decisions as he looses focus due to his impatience and anger. By keeping a Red or Orange colored fish, one can make their planet Mars strong in their birth chart. This will help them become more calm. One will be better able to control their temper and become more focused in life.

Just like that keeping a Green fish helps remove the negative effects of the planet Mercury. As Mercury is one of the most important planet in Vedic Astrology. It represents our speech and intelligence and if one keeps Green fishes in their fish tank, one can make their planet Mercury strong hence giving them good results in their life.

For Venus, one should keep Pink or white colored fishes in their fish tank. Venus represents luxury, wealth, love and marriage and if one is having problems in marriage specifically, by keeping a white or a pink fish, one can have a better and a more peaceful married life.

2. Clams down your heart & mind

According to Vedic Astrology, feeding tiny balls of wheat to fishes, helps in calming down your mind & heart. It makes your emotion stable and one will be able to feel that the negativity from their mind is slowly fading away.

Especially, if one keeps a White or a Silver Colored fish, or feeds one in the river, it helps correct the planet Moon in their birth chart. Moon is the planet that represents our mind and most of the people who suffer from mental diseases suffer because when the planet Moon is weak in their birth chart.

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3. One gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.

It is said that by feeding fishes, one gets blessed by Goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi as we know is the Goddess of Wealth in India. By feeding fishes, one can directly please the Goddess.

This is the reason why many people say that, keeping fishes in their home and feeding them brings wealth into the family and this is absolutely true. One will experience a financial upliftment in their life, whether it is business or work, one will find that his financial condition is slowly improving.

4. Removes the negative effects of planet Saturn

Saturn as we know is one of the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. Saturn is the planet that brings lots of troubles into the lives of a person. Especially, when a person is running through Sade Sati period.

In Vedic Astrology, by feeding fishes, one can remove the negative effects of the planet Saturn. One can get relief from the negative effects and lead a much smoother and peaceful life.