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Vedic Astrology Benefits of Feeding Bananas to Monkeys



Benefits of feeding bananas to Monkeys

Vedic Astrology provides us with numerous thoughts and perspectives that can help in enriching our lives. Monkeys play a crucial role in human lives as they have a close connection with our Grahs, a Sanskrit word that refers to planets. When we feed monkeys, they can assist us in a plethora of ways. Primarily, they can help remove the negative vitalities present in our lives. Here, in this article, we will focus on the different benefits of feeding monkeys, especially bananas.

As per various scientific studies, we know that monkeys have a close relation to human evolution. Along with that, they play a fundamental role in our societies. Though we do not have monkeys as domesticated animals, we can find them close to our houses, especially in villages. Through this, we can comprehend that monkeys are animals that live in close association with human beings.

Before we delve deeper into the benefits of feeding monkeys, let us have a look at the astrological beliefs linked to seeing monkeys in our dreams.

What are the astrological beliefs about seeing monkeys in our dreams?

Here are four different instances related to seeing monkeys in our dreams.

  1. When we see a monkey as angry in our dream, it is a symbol that shows that there could be a conflict with someone with whom we have a close relation. It could be our relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc.
  2. When the monkey we see in our dream is happy, it is not a positive sign. It is also a hint that our bond with our friends or family members may deteriorate.
  3. When a monkey appears in our dream as eating something, it is a sign that there could be an adverse impact on our financial conditions. So, it is pertinent to be careful.
  4. When a monkey comes into our sleep and bites us, it means that it could lead to some form of health issues.
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These are some of the few factors we have to know when a monkey appears in our dreams.

Monkeys and their relationship with our Grahs

As per Vedic Astrology, monkeys play a crucial role in our lives. We can derive its benefits by serving them.

Here, serving refers to providing or feeding monkeys. As mentioned earlier, monkeys have a close relationship with our Grahs. As per the belief system, a monkey in its original form is an image of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman has a close connection with Mangal Grah. Mangal refers to Mars in English. When we are providing for a monkey, it helps create a positive impact on our Mangal Grah. It is because of the relationship between Lord Hanuman and monkeys. Through this act, we can not just gain positivity. It can also help overcome the problems we might confront in our lives. It could be an issue we are having with our relatives or a fear we might possess.

When we feed a monkey, there are different benefits. However, it will depend on what you are offering the monkey. Through this act, we can cure our Mangal Grah.

By doing this, we can have numerous advantages. For instance, when we offer Bhoondi Ka Ladoo, a sweet dessert made from fried chickpea flour, on Tuesdays. It helps in gaining prosperity in business or career. Along with that, if we place a monkey’s statue in a begging position, it enhances our lives.

It can also assist in overcoming governmental issues. It would be beneficial to place the statue at the entrance of the house.

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Benefits of feeding bananas to monkeys as per Vedic Astrology

As we have discussed above, there are numerous benefits of feeding monkeys. Similarly, when we feed monkeys with bananas, it is equivalent to bringing together Surya and Ketu. Here, it is similar to Ketu providing the fruit to Surya. Whenever Surya receives it, it helps in enhancing Surya’s glory. We find its relation to a son who achieves reputation in his life, bringing respect and honour to his father. Similarly, Ketu is a hoisted flag when we feed bananas to monkeys. As per Vedic astrology, it refers to a king on his path to achieve success and fame.

When we provide a monkey with bananas, it can have a positive impact on our planets Surya and Ketu. Here are the benefits that a person can get by feeding bananas to monkeys.

  1. It can help us attain respect in our lives.
  2. If we have been working assiduously to become famous, feeding bananas to monkeys could be beneficial. It can pave the way for achieving the fame that we have been endeavoring to attain.
  3. It can assist us in enhancing our name and becoming renowned in our society.
  4. When it comes to our career, it has a profound role to play. If we are trying to attain a promotion in our current job, our chances of obtaining it becomes high when we feed bananas to monkeys.
  5. If we are working hard on something and we are not receiving any form of benefits from it. It could be our business or anything of importance. Feeding bananas to monkeys can assist us in attaining the reward or credit we have been trying to achieve.
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These positive aspects happen in our lives mainly because of the positive impacts on Ketu and Surya.

So, we can achieve numerous benefits when we feed monkeys. Apart from providing them with food items, we can also overcome problems we face because of the issues in Mangal Grah or Mars.

For instance, if there are any forms of business-related losses or problems, we can find a solution to it by placing a statue of a monkey.

It is best to have statues made from mud, where the monkey is in the position of begging or praying. Placing them in our house or office at the entrance can please Lord Surya or Surya dev.

With the assistance of feeding bananas to monkeys and placing statues of monkeys in our home, we can attain several benefits. It includes gaining respect, resolving obstacles in our lives, securing prosperity, etc. So, we can enhance our lives by providing bananas to monkeys as per Vedic Astrology.