Karak and Akarak planets for Aries Ascendants

According to astrology, you are a blend of your zodiac sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign. Generally, people who are born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April have Aries as their zodiac sign. Although, an Ascendant sign can be different from their zodiac sign. If the Aries zodiac sign was positioned in the 1st house at the time of your birth, then it makes you an Aries Ascendant.

As the Aries zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars, therefore, an Aries Ascendant’s Lord or Lagna is Mars. The element associated with Aries Ascendant is “Fire”. As Mars signifies confidence, ego, anger, courage, valor, and other similar traits. These characteristics associated with Mars say a lot about your personality.

Aries Ascendants physical features

Similar to any other ascendant, Aries Ascendants are born with specific physical features.

If you are a man and you are an Aries ascendant, then you have a robust and strong body. Along with a robust body, you possess a glorious tan on your body. You also have an elevated chin and a body stature made for athletics. If you have scars on your body then the scars result in you having an intimidating look of a warrior.

If you are an Aries ascendant woman then you probably have an average to medium height. You boast an olive-gold complexion and possess immaculate curved eyebrows. As an Aries ascendant woman, you have glamorous brown curls.

You can look at celebrities who are Aries Ascendants to get an idea of how gorgeous and handsome Aries ascendants are.

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Aries Ascendant celebrities male

Morgan Freeman, Chance the Rapper, and Big Sean.

Aries Ascendants Female Celebrities

Steve Nicks, Shakira, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Vanessa Morgan, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Aries Ascendants Friendly Planets

The friendly planets for Aries Ascendants in astrology are – Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon.

Aries Ascendants Enemy Planets

For Aries Ascendants, the planet Mercury is their sworn enemy. This planet worsens the relationship you have with your siblings.

Aries Ascendants Professional Career

As an Aries Ascendant, your career is dominated by the planet Saturn and Saturn is the ruling planet of the 10th house as well.

So if you have a strong and beneficial Mars in the 10th house, then it suggests that you have a lot of chances to become a great and successful politician. The criteria of the military and the police force is a good ones to get in as an Aries Ascendant. You can make a successful career out of teaching, singing, acting, and songwriting as well.

Karak and Akarak planets for Aries Ascendants

Now let’s go over the Karak and Akarak planets for Aries Ascendants. In simple words, this means planets that are good and bad for Aries Ascendants. Let’s see what they are:

Karak planets for Aries Ascendants

Sun who is the lord of the 5th house is a Karak planet for Aries Ascendant.

Moon, which is the lord of the 4th house is a Karak planet for Aries Ascendant. Moon rules over one house only and does not have any association with bad houses. Therefore, it is auspicious for Aries Ascendant.

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Jupiter, the lord of the 9th house is fortunate for Aries Ascendant and is one of the Karak planets. Jupiter is the lord of the 12th house as well, which stands for losses. Although Jupiter has its moolatrikona on the 9th house, it still is auspicious for Aries Ascendants.

Mars rules over the 1st and the 8th house. The 1st house is Kendra and Kola. Moon as the Lord of Lagna has its moolatrikona in Aries, so this is an auspicious planet for Aries Ascendant. Even the 8th house is not negative and provides fortunate things.

Akarak Planets for Aries Ascendant

First, Mercury is regarded as the enemy of Aries Ascendants and there is an Akarak planet for Aries Ascendants. Mercury dominates the 3rd and the 6th house, which are bad houses, so it is not fortunate for Aries Ascendant. So, therefore you will have to be careful in Dasha and antharDashas.

Venus, the lord of the 2nd and the 7th house is a maraca planet as the 2nd and the 7th houses are maraca stands. Venus is extremely bad for an Aries Ascendant and might even cause the death of an Aries Ascendant.

Saturn, which rules over the 10th and 11th houses is not an auspicious planet for Aries Ascendant. With Lagna Mars and Saturn being enemies, it will give bad results for an Aries Ascendant. The effects of Rahu and Ketu depend on their placement.


Therefore, Aries Ascendants should beware of some planets. They come as Akarak planets for them and can bring about a lot of difficulties in the native’s life. On a positive note, there are Karak planets for Aries Ascendants as well. These Karak planets will shower the native with fortunate happenings.