10 Signs Of Goddess Laxmi Coming To Your House or Being Blessed by Her

Hi friends, I welcome you all to Ancient Astrology Talks where we talk about some of the most influential astrology topics. Today, we are going to talk about a special topic that can change the way we look at life.

In life, we experience a lot of things, and everything that happens in our life happens for a reason. Right from the people we meet, to the choices we make, our habits, and even the career that we choose is there is for us for a reason. All of which is linked to our past Karma and action, however, many times in our lives, we are messages from gods about so many events.

Any good or bad events is most commonly communicated to us by the means of dreams. I am sure, many of us see dreams and dreams is the most common way by which we can get messages from the other world. While, many people don’t have the gift, people who have strong Jupiter or the 12th house lord, have the ability of 6th sense.

Just like this, today in this article, we will talk about Goddess Laxmi and especially, how to know if Goddess Laxmi has blessed you and your family and that, she has stepped foot into your house.

Seeing or noticing any of these signs, could mean that wealth and monetary gains are going to happen in your life in the near future. It is also a signal that your home and family is blessed by the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and there will be showers of luck, fortune and prosperity in your home and family.

These signs foretell that your “Bhagya” or so called Fate and fortune is about to open, and it is your job to discover the opportunity and benefit from it. Because the only thing that Goddess Laxmi can do is to inform us, but it is upto us to discover the opportunities and signs, and do extra hard work during such period to become successful in life.

Therefore, today, we will discuss about the 12 signs of Goddess Laxmi coming to your house.

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1. Asian house shrew or Chuchundar coming to your house

Rats and mice always cause havoc in your house. They eat your household things, destroy objects and create a whole lot of mess.

However, there is one species of animal that looks like a rat or mice but they are from the Shrew family of animals, and they are called Chuchundar or Asian House Shrew.

When you see a Chuchundar coming into your house, and if it makes a round, then you can be assured that Goddess Laxmi has blessed your house. Seeing the sight of Chuchundar is very lucky and it indicates prosperity, luck and financial strength in your house.

It is also a sign that your life will now move towards prosperity and fortune and that, you should make an extra effort on whatever you are doing.

Seeing Gold in Dream

If you see gold or gold jewelry in your dream, then this is also a sign that Goddess Laxmi has blessed you and your home. This is a strong indication of monetary gains, financial strength, and sudden gain in wealth in your life.

In such cases, people have experienced to gain prosperity or growth in business, a sudden increase in wealth and income from your business and this is a strong sign of Goddess Laxmi giving her blessings to you.

Guests suddenly coming to your house

Friends, whenever, any guests come to your house unexpectedly without any notice, then this is a strong indication of wealth gains and suddenly gaining money in your life.

Guests coming to any home is always considered to be auspicious, and one should always welcome them with love and a full heart. However, when this happens, suddenly, then it’s a strong indication that Goddess Laxmi is giving signs of blessings to your home.

Seeing lots of Beautiful flowers and jewelry in dream

This is a very auspicious dream and many times we see ourselves dreaming of us in a land full of beautiful flowers blooming in the bright sky. This is a strong indication of financial well being and wealth gains in the near future.

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Similarly, if we see lots of Jewelry in dream, this is also an indication that wealth will be coming to us in the near future and the fact that we are blessed by the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. That very soon, you will receive lots of blessings from Goddess Laxmi.

Seeing Beggars in the Morning

In the morning after you wake up, if you see any beggars across the street or if you have just moved out of your home for work in the morning and you see a beggar walking or sitting aside the street. Often times, we normally, ignore this sight and move on with our day.

However, this is actually an indication that Goddess Laxmi wants you to accept her blessings and is showing you that you will gain wealth and prosperity in the near future. One should always donate to the beggar if this happens in the morning.

This is a sign that Goddess Laxmi is going to shower your life with wealth and money in the near future.

Seeing War Victory in Dream

Friends, if you see that in your dream, you are fight in a war or fighting with someone and you win the become victorious, then this is an indication that Goddess Laxmi has bestowed her blessings upon your life.

Whether it is business or work, you are going to win in whatever field or goal you are trying to achieve in your life.

Seeing Dog eating roti or food in the Morning or while travelling

We as professional, we often travel a lot for work and business purposes. While, we see a lot of things and events happening everyday, if you see a dog eating roti or bread in the morning or as you move out of your house or while you are going to travel for work, then this is a sign that Goddess Laxmi has blessed you with her blessings.

This sight of dogs eating roti while travelling is considered to be very auspicious and is an indication of success, gains and prosperity in your work and business.

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Coming face to face or meeting a women wearing pink clothes as you move out of your home

Many times it so happens that as you move out of your home, you see a women wearing pink clothes and you come face to face with her. Or if you happen to meet a known women in your village wearing pink clothes and you interact with her, then this is an indication or sign that Goddess Laxmi has her blessings bestowed upon you.

This is a very auspicious sign and especially when this happens after you do your morning prayers and haven’t eaten any food yet.

Seeing a Person burning Alive in Dream

Many times in dreams, if you see a person burning or burning alive in your dream, then this is actually not a bad dream. The dream can make you scared or give you nightmares when you wake up, but this dream foretells luck and prosperity in the near future.

If you see this dream, then it is a sign from Goddess Laxmi that you will gain wealth or gain success in your business in the near future. It is a sign that you may gain wealth from someone in the near future.

Cows coming in front of your house door or seeing cows pass by in the morning as soon as you leave your house

If you happen to just leave your home and you see a cow right in front of your door, and the cow is making “Moo” sounds, then this is a very auspicious sign that tells us that Goddess Laxmi has her full blessings upon you and your family.

During this time, if you are going for work or business, then you will gain luck, success and prosperity in your ventures. This is a sign that Goddess Laxmi is going to bless you with wealth and prosperity in your life in the near future. It also an indication of getting free from debt, wealth gains from women and financial well being.

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