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Meaning of Seeing Gold in Dream



meaning of seeing gold in dream

We all see dreams everyday and it’s a very common thing. The moment we wake up, most of us forget 90% of what we see. However, sometimes, we see dreams that have a very strong and secret meaning hidden behind. According to Vedic scriptures, dreams have the potential to predict future events. This could be bad or good which depends upon the type of dream one sees. Dreams can tell us whats going to happen in the near future. Dreams can have the answers for a lot of our questions that are related to the future.

Today, in this article, we’ll talk about one dream that seems like it’s very common but its actually not. This dream is about seeing Gold and what is the meaning, if one sees Gold in his dream. Let’s find out.

Dream of seeing Gold in General

Gold in general represents wealth, status, royalty, prosperity and success. While, Gold also represents King, Kingdom, Value, power and opportunity. Seeing Gold in dream in general is a very good dream. This kind of dream indicates that one will gain wealth and money in the near future. However, the Gold dream has several variations as you may see yourself, finding gold, stealing gold, receiving gold and many more. We’ll discuss all of those so read further. In a dream, seeing oneself melting a bar of gold denotes that one will be prosecuted for doing a horrific deed and will become the talk of the town.

Dream of seeing Gold Jewellery

Seeing Gold Jewellery in dream means that one will earn lots of wealth or wealth gains in the near future. If one sees oneself wearing a gold necklace, it indicates power, authority and status. While, if one sees jewellery in dream, it means that one will be fortunate and one’s wishes and dreams will be fulfilled in the near future. If a person sees that his gold jewelry is being stolen or lost in the dream, then it indicates obstacles, struggles in the business or career of the native.

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Meaning of finding lost Gold in Dream

Finding gold in dream is normally considered to be inauspicious. The reason is because Gold is something which is very valuable and it’s earned though hard work and perseverance. Therefore, Finding someone else’s hard earned gold is considered not to be a good dream. However, losing your gold and again finding it in your dream is considered to be a good dream. It denotes that your ventures, goals and ambitions will be soon fulfilled. While, you will see success in the near future.

Meaning of Buying Gold in Dream

If you’ve ever dreamed of buying or wearing costly gold, it’s a good sign. It foretells a series of good luck for you in the future. This dream often symbolizes a luxurious lifestyle that you can afford. It might also mean that you’re happy in your romantic relationship. It might also be a sign of good fortune that you will encounter unexpectedly.

Dream of Gold being stolen

It’s not a good omen if you had a dream about someone stealing your gold. It typically means you’re surrounded by individuals who are dishonest and deceitful. It’s possible that some of the people you care about will try to take advantage of you or steal something from you.

Dream of seeing Silver turn into Gold

Seeing silver turn into gold means increase or growth in the financial status of the dreamer. While opposite is the case if Gold turns into Silver.

Receiving Gold in dream

Receiving gold in dream means that the dreamer can face financial losses in the near future. However, taking gold from someone means that the native will find success in the near future and the loved ones of the person is faithful. While he gets success in whatever he does. Receiving a golden bar in a dream indicates that you will lose money or your business.

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Wearing a Golden ring in dream

Dreaming about wearing a gold ring is a sign that you will achieve greatness and wealth. While, it also means that the dreamer might get into a committed relationship. The dreamer will benefit something in the future. It also indicates success in marriage. Receiving a typical golden ring indicates diminishing religious faith, unless it has anything engraved on it.

Seeing Minted Gold in Dream

Minting gold in dream is not a good dream. It represents the evil or negative energy that brings forth destruction, death and misfortune.

Seeing Pure Gold in Dream

This is a very auspicious dream and it denotes purity, chastity and sincerity. It represents the good and honest personality of the dreamer.

Dream of Burying or Hiding Gold

Burying or concealing gold in a dream symbolizes a desire to conceal something important about oneself. Not wanting others to have access to or control over what you consider valuable. Unwillingness to share something valuable.

Dream of seeing one’s hand turn into gold

In a dream, if one’s hand turns gold, it means it may be paralysed. In a dream, seeing one’s eyes turn gold foreshadows blindness.