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Meaning of Seeing a Snake in Your Dream



Meaning of seeing snake in dream

Our dreams hold a very important part in our life. We spend eight or more hours sleeping, and whatever we dream about in that time period reflects on us and our life. According to Islam, good dreams can be of us seeing some friend or meeting a family member in our dreams. Bad dreams are caused by the devil, “shaitan.” These can be nightmares, unsettling dreams, and dreams of creatures, etc.

Dreams can also be caused by our subconscious holds no importance since they are made up of our brain. A lot of the time, we see certain animals in our dreams; many people report that they have seen snakes too. What does it mean when you see a snake in your dream?

Dreams of seeing a Snake in General

If you dream about a snake, then it may be a sign of your inner stress and anxiety. It can also mean that the dreamer is scared of something happening in his life. It can also mean that the dreamer is healing from something, like a snake shedding its skin; the dreamer has overcome some form of sickness.

Dreams of Snake Shedding its Skin

A snake shedding its skin is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. If you see a snake shedding its skin in your dream, then it can mean that you will soon encounter something which may change your life for the better. A snake shedding its skin also represents a new start, which can mean that the dreamer will overcome whatever he has going on in his life, and he will soon be on the path of new and better settings.

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Dreams of Seeing a Snake in Water

Seeing a snake in water has many different means, according to Islam.  Seeing a snake in water means that the dreamer is self-fulfilled. It can also mean that the person has come to know or revealed a part of his perception. It means that the person has encountered some good and positive experiences by which he is now feeling fulfilled and happy in his life. Seeing a snake coming out of water can also mean that the person has or soon will come out of some problem or difficulty that he has faced.

Dreams of Being Bitten by a Snake

A snake bite is extremely poisonous and can cause great harm. In a dream, if you see a snake biting you, it may symbolize that your enemy or someone who plots against you may succeed. A snake bite symbolizes defeat on the side of the dreamer. It can also mean that the dreamer will get hurt if the snake bites hurt and are painful. If the dreamer sees that the snake is biting his loved ones, then that means that anything or anyone can hurt or harm his loved ones in his life.

Dreams of being Chased by a Snake

Since snakes can represent pain and discomfort, being chased by a snake can mean that the dreamer is trying to run away from certain situations or problems in his life which are causing him pain. It can also mean that whatever the dreamer fears is happening in his life, and he is trying to run away from it.

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Eating a Snake in Dream

Eating or seeing yourself eat a snake in your dream can represent that the dreamer is taking money or other facilities from his enemy. It can also mean that you are doing that without the presence of the enemy, and you may have a chance to beat him. If you see your loved ones eating a snake or from it, it means they are betraying you, and you should be careful.

Dream of Holding a Snake

When we hold a snake, what are we doing? Overcoming our fears and defeating them. When we see ourselves holding a snake in our dream, it can mean that we will defeat and overcome any difficulty in our life. It also means that we will be calm and controlled while doing that, and we will also use the same technique to defeat our enemies. Holding a snake symbolizes great strength and willpower, so if you see yourself doing that, it means you are strong and have great strength.

Seeing Different Color Snakes

If you see snakes of different colors in your dream, the meaning of your dream can vary depending on the color. For example,

  1. Red and white snake: it means that you will face a problem with sentimental choice.
  2. Black and green: means that you are with someone who is not the right person.
  3. Green and yellow: represent love for our loved ones.
  4. Orange and white: represents internal balance, spiritually evolving.


Snakes are vicious and harmful creatures; seeing a snake in your dream can have multiple meanings. It can represent growth and new beginnings or give you warnings about your future life. It is always best to involve a professional dream interpreter to be sure of your dreams and to be prepared for whatever negativity can come to your life.

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Dreams are a window to our life, and they can not only warn us about any future problems, but they can also give us a sign of happiness and show us strength and power. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to look into the meaning of your dreams instead of ignoring them.