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Dreams of Seeing Dead Person Alive



dream of seeing a dead person alive

We all have dreams which leave us confused and baffled. Some would disregard these dreams, but others will be curious to find out what they mean. Our dreams indeed represent both our present and future. They can also warn us from certain disasters and unpleasant situations. Dreams are usually of three types:

  1. Good dreams
  2. Bad dreams from the devil 
  3. Dreams from our subconscious which are often meaningless 

Although dreams hold great importance in our lives, most people can interpret or understand what they mean. So, what do specific dreams represent?

Dreams of a Dead Person or Ancestors

Seeing a dead person in your dream is rare. According to different scholars, seeing a dead person happy in your dreams means that the person is in a good place. These dreams can indicate what will happen to you in the future and they also tell us about the state of the dead person. What the dead person does or gives in the dream can represent different things. 

Dreams of a Dead Person in General

In general, seeing a dead relative or your ancestor in your dream represents that you desperately loved them. It also indicates you miss them a lot. It is a clear indicator of how you have not gotten over the shock of their death. It also means that you have not accepted their death even if they had died a long time ago. 

Dream of Seeing a Dead Person Crying

If you see a dead relative or your ancestor crying or being distressed in your dream, then it means they are not in a good place, and they did not die as a Muslim. It also means that the dead would account for their evil deeds. 

The best thing to do when you see a relative dead crying or being unhappy is; to pray for them and their well-being.

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Dream of Talking to a Dead Person

Talking to a dead person can mean two things:

First, when a dead relative converses with us in a good and peaceful manner, it is a sign of good things coming your way. 

The second one is; a dead person informing you about something unfortunate. Then it is a sign of the bad things which may come your way.

Dream of a Dead Person Alive in their Coffin

The coffin represents tightness and captivity, and if a person sees their dead relative alive inside a coffin, it means the person will face difficulties in his life and will find himself in situations that he cannot control. It can also represent an unsolved or distressing matter which bothers the dreamer.

Dream of a Dead Person being Happy

If you see your ancestor or a dead relative appearing happy and peaceful in your dream, it represents that the person is in a good place. It may even mean they lived a good life according to Islamic principles. Seeing the dead being joyful can also mean they are happy for the person dreaming about them.

Dream of a Dead Father

In Islam, our father represents confidence and good regards. So, if we see our dead father in our dreams, then it means that we will fulfill our goal sooner or later. Seeing your dead father in your dreams also represents that if the person was struggling with any difficulty, or if the person was sick, then that person will soon overcome the hardships and sickness.

Dream of a Dead Mother

Seeing your dead mother in a dream has a much deeper and stronger meaning than seeing your dead father. If a person sees his dead mother in their dream during times of great difficulty, then it means that help will come to the person soon. If the person is waiting for someone to arrive then, seeing their dead mother indicates that the awaited person will arrive shortly.

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Dream of Dead Grandparents 

Dreaming of a dead grandparent can represent low self-fulfillment of the person himself or something in his life. It can also mean that the person is unhappy with the way their life is progressing at that time. Dreaming about dead grandparents can indicate that the person may lack the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to live a successful life.

Dream of Dead Person Offering You Food

If you see your dead relative offering you food, it represents two things. If you accept the food in your dream, it means that the person spent his life earning good and halal money. 

If you decline the food a dead person offers you, then it means that the person did not earn fair and halal money.

If a dead person gives you clothes and you wear them, it symbolizes the clothes to portray loss and sorrow. If you do not wear those clothes, then it represents that the dreamer will die shortly.

Dream of Dead Person Giving Gifts 

Seeing gifts in your dream represents happiness and joy. If you see a dead person giving you gifts, then it means that you will receive good news soon and that you will find happiness and joy in your life ahead. Gifts also represent something new and joyful coming into your life. So, if you see a dead relative giving you a gift, then it means that you will come across a new and happy beginning. 

Dream of Colors of a Dead Person’s Clothes

According to different sources, the clothes of a dead person can also represent many things. 

  1. Green Clothes

If the person appears to be wearing green, it represents that the person died as a martyr. 

  • White Clothes
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If the dead person is wearing white, then it means that they are in a good and happy state.

  • Black Clothes

If the dead person is wearing black, red, yellow, or blue; then, it means the person is not in a good place and might be distressed or unhappy. 

Dream of Traveling with a Dead Person

Traveling with a dead person is not a good sign. If the dead person asks you to follow them to an unknown location, it means that the dreamer will die soon. If the dead person forces the dreamer to go to a place where they do not want to be, then it means that the dreamer will fall ill.

Dream of Digging the Grave of a Dead Person

If a person sees himself digging the grave of a dead relative, it means that the person will follow that relative’s footsteps. The person will follow the dead person’s footsteps in both religious matters and worldly affairs.

Dream of Washing the Dead Person 

Washing a dead person in a dream means that the person will repent soon under the undertaker. In your dreams, if the dead person asks someone to bathe them, then that means that the dead person wants that person to pray for him. 


Dreams can represent many things. Many people believe that dreams hold great importance in both religious matters and scientific matters. In Islam, specific dreams and the situation of dreams can represent both good news and can even inform the dreamer about their death. Although some dreams stem from our subconscious, they are meaningless. We do recommend consulting a religious scholar if symbolic dreams upset you.