12th lord in 12th House Foreign Settlement – PART 1

Foreign Settlement is a very complicated topic in Vedic Astrology and it can be really tough to indicate any signs of foreign settlement by just looking at the 12th house. However, there is one condition where the predictions for foreign settlement become really really strong and that is when the 12th lord is in the 12th house itself.

Now I will not say that this is 100% percent guaranteed that the person will settle abroad but there is at least a 50%-60% chance of the person settling abroad with this Yoga or combination. The reason being this Yoga will most definitely take a person away from the homeland or from his home, meaning he could go away to a foreign country for work, study, or business. Most of the time, such people stay away from their home for a very long time, say 5 to 10 years or even longer. Due to this, if the person is a student, there is at least a 90% chance for the student to settle abroad if his education goes well and his career is strong.

While, if it is a working adult who wants to settle abroad, chances are greatly reduced logically unless there are some additional combinations that make the person settle abroad. Most importantly, if the person has his 12th house connected with the 4th house, 9th house, and 8th house.

To really understand the concepts, let’s dive a little deeper into this Yoga or combination.

12th lord in 12th House Foreign Settlement

With this special placement, I assume that you understand the meaning of houses, the different houses, and the different signs and planets. Go forward with that, the 12th Lord sitting in the 12th house itself makes the 12th lord strong.

In normal instances, the 12th house represents isolation, spirituality, expenditure, hospitals and jails. It also represents the persons sub-conscious mind and psychic abilities, thus people who have their 12th house in the 12th house may seem to have a very high level of intuition, may possess psychic abilities and they may get into the path of Yoga and Meditation.

Because here we have to remember that 12th house makes a person, sometimes very lonely, especially if the 12th house is strong, the person may become lazy, may not have a knack of saving money, therefore, he spends a lot of money and most importantly the person will have a different level of imagination. You can say that his imagination level will be heightened to a great extent. Thus, such people can become extremely creative and deep thinkers and philosophers, they become great writers and novelists.

Let’s understand the aspects of 12th house lord in 12th house.

The beauty of Vedic Astrology is that without knowing or even including the planets, we can predict a lot of things just through houses and their lord’s condition. The first thing to notice about the 12th house lord in the 12th house is that there will be one direct aspect to the 6th house, no matter which planet sits in the 12th house.

This aspect of the 12th house lord on the 6th house is one of the most beneficial aspects of Vedic Astrology. Especially, if these are aspects of benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, Venus, and Mercury. As we all know every planet has the 7th aspect which means from whichever house, the planet sits in, it directly aspects the 7th house from itself. So, if we count 7 houses from the 12th house, we end up in the 6th house.

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This aspect guarantees one thing and that is protection from enemies. Protection from diseases and protection from debt. Such people will not have much trouble regarding health issues, they will be protected from enemies and they will be able to cover up their debt as long as they have good earnings.

If Jupiter is the lord of the 12th house in 12th house

The person will never have to worry about health problems at all. The person will have a long life because from the 12th house, Jupiter aspects the 8th house as well. Enemies won’t be able to do much harm to the person and most important, Jupiter unlocks the person’s capability to get “Moksha or Nirvana”, so if the native desires to do so, the person can achieve Moksha. The native should not wear any Mala on their neck as it will result in the weakening of their planet Jupiter. Jupiter here can make the person quite lazy, however, the person should always keep their bedroom clean and he should not eat food on his bed.

Speaking about foreign settlement, Jupiter here can make the person travel abroad. Many times, it is seen that the person may never stay in his hometown and due to some reasons, the person frequently goes abroad to study or work. Therefore, there is a pretty high chance for people who have Jupiter as their lord of the 12th house. It is only after much struggle and hard work, the person gets a chance to settle abroad. The person will get lots of opportunities to travel abroad and he may never work in his home town.

Careers like Import-export, online marketing, spirituality, and self-development, healing are some of the careers that people with this position get into. However, we cannot really conclude the fact that one will surely get into this career field as the 10th house and the 10th house lord is important to analyze as well. Sometimes, the person may do business in a foreign land or have a customer from a foreign country.

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The person will gain success and expansion of his business, the moment he associates himself in a foreign land. But regarding foreign settlement, the 9th house and 8th house must be connected to the 12th house.

Most importantly, the person will learn lessons of spirituality and Moksha, such people have a really big heart and they can give a lot to society and to the poor. According to Lal Kitab, such Natives with Jupiter in the 12th house, the more the person gives to the world, the more he gets back and this is an absolute fact and truth.

If you have Jupiter in the 12th house, I am sure, you have one of the biggest hearts in the world. You can be willing to give all of your wealth if situations arise so and that is the blessings from Jupiter. Therefore, in order to utilise this blessing, do good for the world, help the poor and you will soon realize that you are success keeps knocking at your door and wealth just keeps pouring into your home.

The only roadblock one can face is isolation as the person may feel isolated from the world and I’d say, the moment this happens to you which eventually it will go to the temple every day, work hard and focus on your goals and you will achieve greatness.

Because here Jupiter is trying to tell you that the enemy is not the world but you itself and if you conquer yourself, your emotions, mind, and body, Jupiter here can make you ultra-rich and famous in life.

If Saturn is the lord of the 12th house in the 12th house.

Saturn in the 12th house and being the lord of the 12th house creates a Vipreet Raj Yoga. Meaning, it is a Raj Yoga that takes a person to great heights only after some years of hard work and struggle. However, this Raj Yoga is still good because it’s better to get rewarded than not get rewarded. Saturn in the 12th house unfortunately creates lots of troubles in the person’s life. This is probably one of the bad positions of the planet Saturn and if Saturn is with Rahu or Ketu, it can make the life of the person very difficuilt.

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Especially, in regards to diseases, Saturn can give a disease that lasts for a very long time. Saturn can make the person work really hard in life and most of the time, such people don’t get any credit for their work. I would say, Saturn here makes a person understand what are the struggles of life and how to overcome them.

However, don’t be fooled by the bad effects as Saturn is such a planet that it turns a person into a solid hardened Diamond and especially, this Saturn in 12th house in its own sign, regardless of the problems, troubles, hard work, if you are able to pass through the test and phase of Saturn, you can achieve greatness at a level that none can imagine. Provided, you should work really hard. Hard work here doesn’t mean that you stress yourself every day, digging mud or filling papers over and over again.

To understand Saturn, Saturn is the planet of integrity, discipline, hard work, right judgment, working long hours, and most importantly the leader of laborers and workers. Here, misery and troubles don’t mean that your life will flip upside down. Sure, you may get criticized, people troubling you, not being able to get loans, frequent blockages in your project plans and so many other things. But if you patiently and courageously pass through all these things, you will achieve great heights.

Speaking about foreign settlement, Saturn here may take you away from your home town. Most importantly, Saturn can take you to a place where you work alone, or in hospitals or jails. People with Saturn in the 12th house are frequently seen to work at a job where they work for long hours. It could also be researchers, scientists, writers, surgeons, bodyguards, and so many others. Saturn can definitely take you to a foreign land and you may not be able to work in your hometown peacefully. However, when it comes to foreign settlement, only after some long years of hard work, then you may get a chance to settle abroad. However, if your 9th house and 8th house lord are connected with the 12th house, there is a high chance that you may just settle abroad.

One thing to remember about Saturn in the 12th house is that to get the best results, give opportunities to people, if you are at a higher posts, give opportunities to people who are in great need of money.

Part 2 Coming Soon.